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61 The Record of a Fallen Vampire

I can't even believe that this is categorized "Shounen". This manga is just too damn beautiful.

Yes, the earlier chapters are a bit confusing and the art is quite "Shoujo-ish" but it became better and better every single chapter, and in the end the art completely transformed. I was surprised how much it changed when I compared the first chapter and the final chapter.

The story is just really deep, with lots of plot twists. This is the first time I cried in a manga after reading 100+ manga. Naruto, Bleach, etc, is nothing when compared to this manga. I have re-read this manga 4 times, and I cried every time, it's just beautiful! The more serious I read it, the better the story, so read it seriously.

Since this is about the best shonen manga, this is the one, but sadly it's under-rated. READ IT! IT'S BEAUTIFUL! I bet you can't find any manga more beautiful than this.

62 Crepuscule (Yamchi)
63 Ranma 1/2 Ranma 1/2

How Ranma 1/2 ended up in number 41 really puzzles me! It is one of the oldest and most classic action packed and comedy filled anime to come out, it has Kung fu actions, romance, and of course thousands of comedic scenarios! This anime portrays a young pig tailed boy in search for a cure for his "condition" of turning into a hot red headed pigtailed girl when splashed with cold water and turns normal with a splash of hot water. This anime has many hilarious characters that you'll grow to love throughout the seasons and it has uncensored boobs ;) laugh out loud definitely recommend it for anyone out there.

Only because is the only one that ALWAYS make me happy, no matter what... every chapter, always... is perfectly balance to make you laugh

Funny yet serious in some parts. I'd pick it up anytime and read all I want ^^

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64 Rave Master

It's an old series but it's by the writer of Fairy Tail

My favourite manga of all time, it is simply amazing. The characters are loveable, the pace is fast, and there is a ton of action and comedic moments.

Just the best manga ever! Funny, nice story, a must have

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65 Flame of Recca
66 B-Daman
67 Maison Ikkoku
68 Claymore Claymore

Is this seriously ranked 51? This is one of the best mangas in my opinion. It has great art (although a bit gory at times), great plot and has many emotional ups and downs. I highly recommend reading this and if you don't like it, just drop it no harm done.

This shouldn't be on Shonen List... LOL

It should be the first! There's no more to say

Actually I think this one is seinen but its still great

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69 Sket Dance

Sket dance is awesome! The characters have a sense of humor and always makes you laugh. The plots are not bad since it has a mix of comedy in it. Y

One of the most awesome mangas I have ever read! The bond between the characters is one of the most spiritual ones and makes you cry!

70 Dr. Slump
71 Negima (Magister Negi Magi)

Far from being only a harem manga, the story so so well puzzled that you don't expect AT ALL that that comedy manga whould be the best shonen you can read... lots of action, big and so particular characters that grow so hard across the story, so realistic and brave... big philosophical questions and answers, super cute and brave female characters... and all with cute romance and comedy every chapter...

Wonderful story if you want everything in one perfect series

Really great action manga despite of the ecchi stuff. It really shows that magician can also do close range combat. If you search for epic fight, this is one of your option. Although the great battle scene only appear middle to end of stories.
You will also find that the writer really rush to finish in the end. It is becouse of some problem with the publisher I think. But fear not, it has sequel called UQ Holder, with different main character though.

72 Deadman Wonderland Deadman Wonderland

One of the best manga I've ever read. A veritable roller coaster of emotions.

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73 Angel Densetsu
74 Heaven's Lost Property
75 Mushibugyo

It is really awesome comedy action anime.

76 Slayers
77 Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
78 Yu-Gi-Oh: 5D's
79 Yu-Gi-Oh: Zexal
80 Peacemaker Kurogane

Shinsengumi fiction story. It's really funny and in the same time it's dark.

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