Best Shotguns In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


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1 SPAS-12

The SPAS-12 is a popular shotgun due to its high damage and outstanding range. Since the update which reduced the range of the Akimbo Model 1887s, it has become one of the most used shotguns in online multiplayer.

WHY IN THE WORLD IS SPAS LAST!?! The Spas DESTROYS every single other shotgun in the game with its incredible power and unbelieveable range. There is no contest with the Spas because it just DOMINATES!

The damage and range are almost as good as the M1014's damage and range, so it's good for starters.

2 Model 1887
3 AA-12
4 Striker
5 M1014

This shotgun has no bad points whatsoever. Just as good as the spas 12 but allows a back up shot immediately. To win every match equip marathon, lightweight and ninja with the m1014 and just run at the enemy base. They will NEVER see you coming!

The M1014 is the beatiest shotgun ever because it is so powerful, accurate and also surprisingly has some good range with it. Second should be SPAS-12 because before I unlocked M1014 I used SPAS-12 and it was very good and helped me a lot.

6 Ranger
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