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61 16 and Pregnant
62 The Andy Milonakis Show
63 Paris Hilton's My New BFF
64 MTV World Stage
65 Spider-Man: The New Animated Series

Umm this is a great action show that is 1000000000X better than Jersey shore

66 The Hard Times of RJ Berger

This show is way better then Jersey shore and is definitely way funnier

67 Road Rules
68 Finding Carter
69 The Brothers Grunt The Brothers Grunt The Brothers Grunt is a Canadian animated comedy television series by Ed, Edd n Eddy creator Danny Antonucci that originally aired from August 15, 1994 to April 9, 1995 on MTV.
70 Supernatural Supernatural This haunting series follows the thrilling yet terrifying journeys of Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who face an increasingly sinister landscape as they hunt monsters. After losing their mother to a supernatural force, the brothers were raised by their father as soldiers who track mysterious more.
71 Crank Yankers Crank Yankers Crank Yankers was an American television show produced by Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel and Daniel Kellison that featured actual crank calls made by show regulars and celebrity guests, and re-enacted onscreen by puppets for a visual aid to show the viewer what is happening in the call.
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1. Teen Wolf
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3. Jersey Shore
1. Rob and Big
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3. Jackass

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