Skullkid755 I want Shrek to be president. Yeah, you all know that about me! Well, wanna know why I want him to be president? Well let me tell you, here in this post. I have decided to start a campaign for Shrek to be president, first starting with the post you are reading at this very moment. If you wanna get Shrekt, insult this post! But know deep down, that Shrek is love, and Shrek is life.

If Shrek will be president, he will warn us of his swamp. No one will ever go into his swamp again, except those he is fine with. We will be able to not get killed by him for going into his swamp since he warned us of it. Donkey will keep guard, and Fionna will watch over Shrek. Shrek is a great ogre who warns us of bad swamps, well one that he owns. That's why he should be president.

If Shrek will be president, he will give fairy tale characters equal rights. Gingerbread men will not go eaten. They will be free to walk into bakeries and walk out uneaten. Fairies will not be ranted about on the internet. Even if one says "Hey look listen" it will not be harmed. Shrek is for fairy tale equality. That's why he should be president.

If Shrek will be president, we will become ogres. The good thing about being an ogre is that you are both love and life. If we were ogres, we will never kill, we will never fight. We will argue, but not fight. We will not be enemies. Ogres won't be discriminated against since everyone will be one. Shrek will turn us into ogres. That's why he should be president.

Now for why I really want Shrek to be president. It will be because, we will be closer to the internet. When Shrek becomes president, we will all be MLG. Memes will be our energy source. We will speak MLG. Wont' that be kool to the k m8? Even if it is rekt, at least we won't be speaking a new language where every definition shares the same word. Shrek will make us all MLG. That will be gr8. That's why you should "VOTE 4 SHREK".

This is why you should vote Shrek. He aint bad, he is kool to the w. He's wild to the z. He's MLG to the COOL. He's will make an awesome president. Wanna be an ogre? How about help gingerbread men? Or maybe avoid his swamp? Then vote for Shrek. Just know, that if you vote for Shrek, you are not being afraid to admit that you are gay.


Lol. - Skullkid755

Lol that's funny - HollowArrow

Here's how I rank the candidates:
1. The General
2. Batman
3. Shrek
4. Harambe
5. Arm-Fall-Off-Boy
6. Hulk
7. Hulk Hogan
8. Black and Tan Coonhound
9. 〽️
10. Gelbin Mekkatorque

What is your order? - RalphBob

Same I guess. - Skullkid755

So Shrek is only #3 on your list? - RalphBob

And Trump and Clinton are in the bottom 2 - Martinglez

I want Marth to be President. - visitor

Vote shrek, and lesbianest I'm not gay.

- ProPanda

I knew this would be funny. Damn it Leroy, I'm always right. - Therandom

Oh you got my name wrong you know what that means? You're gonna get Skullkided! - Skullkid755

No I won't. - Therandom

Haha this is...LOL. - leafstar

Gg m8 - Nateawesomeness

Cool. I'm voting for Shrek. What if he doesn't become Prez. After my valuable vote? - visitor

Great post lol - Martinglez

Screw that, Ezio Auditore 2016. We will all be assassins and take down the Templar Muslims and Koreans - bobbythebrony

Nah nah nah, Gordon Freeman 2016. He will use his crowbar to destroy aliens and robots and zombies! - Skullkid755

No, Trevor Phillips 2016 - bobbythebrony

I change my vote to Ezio. Ezio 2016! - Therandom

Nope, Skullkid755 for president. - Skullkid755

Also, shrek is my most favorite anime. - Therandom

Shrek 2 is my favorite food. - Skullkid755

You're a weaboo now Father Matt - StephanTheIdiot

No way. Shrek is one of the few animes that don't make you a Weaboo. - Therandom

Only if he resurrects Harambe - Puga

He will, with his ogre powers of Shrek. - Skullkid755

I want Buzz Lightyear to be president. - visitor