Best Shrek Movies

The Top Ten Best Shrek Movies

1 Shrek 2

Easily the back in my opinion. The plot was less predictable, the characters were likable, cat Zorro (I know his name, I just like to call him that) is awesome, more attempts to have good emotional moments, and the jokes are better. Not to mention the animation is better. Overall, while like the 1st one, this is the best.

Best in the series

Wow, I'm surprised 31% said this one, I mean I like it okay but I still like the first one better because the plot is less confusing in the first one and the music is better.

This movie has the greatest lasting impact in the series. Everything about this movie is iconic from the characters to the songs.

2 Shrek

People only like the second more than the first because in this one they think Shrek is a jerk to everyone. But everyone thinks Shrek is a fat, stupid, ugly ogre. Till he meets Donkey who doesn't and the Donkey wants a best friend, and is not scared of Shrek like the people.
But one mistake Donkey was singing in the party when Shrek and Fiona were going away on their honeymoon too Far Far Away. But in the sequel is with them.

Hi, me again, sorry, meant to post for Shrek 2. SHREK 2 IS AWESOME!

That movie has inspired Disney to change Reboot Ralph to Wreck-It Ralph. - DA25

And thus, a legend was born.

3 Shrek the Third

This movie is a good shrek movie, I remember seeing it in theaters, then on dvd a few times - trains45

This movie was very relevant to the franchise. 1) Shrek and his family killed Fairy Godmother, so of course Charming will want revenge. 2) Charming may be a jerk, but he clearly knows how to tap into someone's desires and keeps everyone in line when he convinces all the villains to join him.

The only part of the movie I didn't like was the twist where it was revealed that Rapunzel was helping Charming.

This is the best Shrek movie, I hate that everyone hates this movie so much, because I found this movie a masterpiece. - darthvadern

Over hated movie, Shrek is getting a fifth movie anyway and I don't really care if there is 20 Shrek films its up to the directors, I mean look at Pokemon will they end up with a billion Pokemon "oh here comes the genwunner! " well I'm just stating a fact there is more Pokemon than you can count (In gen 1 we had ugly Muk, and Zubats in every cave) so in the end after Shrek 5 there could be more Shrek films than you could count in the next decades.

4 Shrek Forever After

I'll never understand why this one is so criticised. Last time I checked, this was the only Shrek film that didn't feel outdated. It's the only Shrek film that went for a more serious tone as well.

I might not hate this movie that much anymore, I think it's decent, but it's just so depressing to the point I don't want to see it. - darthvadern

This should be in number 3, Shrek 2 should be in number 2, Shrek 1 should be in number 1.

I love Shrek Forever After

5 Puss in Boots

Better than first and fourth ones - darthvadern

Come on this should be number #1 - coolgamert

The best movie

6 Scared Shrekless

I love this one, especially the scene where Donkey was screaming like a girl over a giant waffle.

I liek when sherk and dunkey do the funni

7 Far Far Away Idol

epic movie

8 Shrek the Halls

Watched this for Christmas. TWICE. It is funny and good - Lunala

9 The Pig Who Cried Werewolf
10 Shrek the Musical

Man that green dude is pretty cool I guess but he made my schizofrinia go off once or twice

The Contenders

11 The Ghost of Lord Farquad

Farquaad has been resurrected. - DA25

12 Thriller Night
13 Shrek 3D
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