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1 Munbe Vaa Munbe Vaa Cover Art

Very nice song I love the music and the golden voice of shreya ghoshal

The melody song of decade.. I just keep on hearing this song.. What a voice!

The prelude of this song by A.R.R. is awesome and shreya ghosal's voice along with this awe inspring music will ever be the best of her.

I just loved it... what a voice I love her voice n also love her

2 Bairi Piya

She is queen of melody. As always this song of her is fantastic. I love her voice. I have heard most of the songs of her.

She makes this song sound even more beautiful

This song is one of the most popular songs in the world

THis the cute of her which leads to her to got a firstnational award

3 Teri Meri

It's the first best romantic song in world

I love this song and the beautiful voice of shreya too...

I've only listen to this once and I liked it at that moment. amazing voice

She sings very softly and it sounds very nice

4 Saans Saans Cover Art

I love this song because Shreya Ghoshal sing it and I think that no one can sing song this much nice. Love you Shreya...

I think no one can sing this song better then shreya. Congratulation shreya with many many love

I could listen to this all over again and again

This song is very nice and Romantic. I like it

5 Sun Raha Hai - Female

Man, have you listening to her charming voice in this song! The Instrumental Part Caught it up beautifully, but her heavenly voice was just soul-trapper! I used listen to this song whenever I felt down or needed a cheer, but I don't do that nowdays because her voice just makes me emotional! Though it is really difficult to choose the best song from over 251 (and counting! ) beautiful songs sung by her, but I feel that yeah, this song is my (current as she I going to bring out more mind-boggling songs in the future) Hindi Song. Love you Shreya!

It's such a soothing, refreshing and fantastic melody... And that to in the voice of our favourite (actually my) shreya.
... Her voice is so captivating and relaxing
... I love all her songs... because the songs she chooses to sing are all melodious and heart touching.. Words are less to describe her voice... I'm a big fan of hers... May she sing even more melodious songs and always keep on getting appreciation from all! Love you

She is one of the most fabulous singer of all in my opinion...I can listen her songs at any time atany where...I want to achieve such an outstanding place in front of this society...I think she is the best female singer presently

This is undoubtedly the best song by shreya ghoshal. The music is mind blowing and combine this with her honey coated vocals and boom! You get a masterpiece

6 Barso Re Barso Re Cover Art

Best of all her songs.
I could listen to this song anytime and sounds much more beautiful in rain.
For me this should be her number 1 song.

Honestly I tried singing this song the way she does. But it was impossible. No one can sing so amazingly like her

This is not only Shreya's best but also one of the best of Bollywood

No one can else sing this type of song

7 Don't Say Alvida

She is queen of melody. As always this song of her is fantastic. I love her voice. I have heard most of the songs of her. I would request please add bairriya song in the list its also a very nice song. shreya ghosal all the songs are best. Don't miss her voice... she is so good.. Wow... What to say about her. No words

It is my lovely song of her

Queen of melody once Again...

8 Dola Re

I can recognize her voice straight away because there's no one in the world who could sing like her

I love this movie this is very imotin s l

9 Nagada Sang Dhol

I really love her voice, I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it her pitch is perfect. You just feel like hearing this song again and again

I love all songs of shreya ghoshal but this song is amazing you people would not beleve that she can sing like this really guys this is superb.

First of all, I am a mad fan of her more than that in that song her voice was really good, perfect just outstanding...

I really love this song. It is the ever green song of Shreya ghoshal

10 Chikni Chameli Chikni Chameli Cover Art

I am the fan of shreya. I am 18 years old. I lives in Italy. She is the best singer for me.

I am the fan of Shreya. I am 13 years old, I lives in Mauritius. Her voice is like... What to say wwooh!

This peppy song will always be one of her best. Just lobe her voice in this song.

What a voice... ! Wow

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11 Dagabaaz Re Dagabaaz Re Cover Art

I m a vry big fan of shreeya ghoshal n lijed her all songs. Shreeya d whn you'll come to Nepal 4 concert we r waiting

12 Jaadu Hai Nasha Jaadu Hai Nasha Cover Art

This is by far the best and most intense song I have heard from the said singer

I think that this song is the second best of shreya ghoshal after bairi piya.

This song should obviously be higher.

This is the best song of Shreya

13 Go Go Govinda Go Go Govinda Cover Art
14 Agar Tum Mil Jao Agar Tum Mil Jao Cover Art

Hi! Shreya ghoshal. I am Nikita. I love you and your voice. I am your biggest fen.

Hello shreya I am a big fan of yours and I love this song very much

Hi! Shreya I am Nikita. Your biggest fen. I love your voice and song

What a song. The emotion in her voice can't get any better. also a captivating tune by Anu Malik. It should be top 1.

15 Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi - Female

This song is very touchy...Thanks to Shreya Ghoshal! I love it too much... I think she has got the sweetest voice.

Love the song. She brings so much emotion into it.

The best song for true lovers

Wow tune. Love you shreya.

16 Silisila Yeh Chahat Ka

Best of the best singer, with the most beautiful start to her musical career!

It is my one of my favourite. Thanks shreya to sing this song

I like this song... What a lovely voice you have.

I love this song and I m a big fan of yours

17 Bahara Bahara Cover Art

'_' Shreya's voice is so sweet and awesome.. Her voice is the best in the world...

One of the best songs sung by Shreya Ghoshal

Very nice sensational rhythmic song

Love the voice and the song too!
couldn't really decide which song I like better : bahara,bairi piya or sun raha hai na tu
also her bengali songs are lovely too!

its very hard not to like her songs.

18 O Bekhabar

This should be in TOP 10... What a voice...

Great song but not so popular..

Yarr shreya you r best singer this is superb song

Bht payari awaz hy aap ki awaz sun kr dill jhumm uthta hy we love you so Mich

19 Suna Suna Suna Suna Cover Art

This one is the best shreya is the goddess

This song is really very very nice song

u gave life to this song being the soul of the song

Best singing shreya mem proud of u

20 Chori Kiya Re Jiya

Chori kiya re jiya... love you Shreya. I could listen to this song like 20 times a day...

Her beautiful voice judt touches the heart

My favorite song by SG

Shreya voice is the best from all the other singers I no
Her voice is so sweet and her songs are the best
Love you Shreya
From Shriya Ramauthar

21 Lag Ja Gale

So sweetly sing by shreya than original

I love this song and love shreya ghoshal

The song is all time best so sweet song.

My favourate shreya singer l love her song &voice

22 Abhi Na Jao Chhod Kar

I am fan of Shreya Ghoshal
I love her voice...

23 Kabhi Jo Badal Barse

I love this song so much I can't express...hats off shreya

I love this song very much and I love you sherya ghoshal

I m in love after this song

Nice voice

24 Hangover - Female

Fantastically fabulous
your voice is just like a humming bird

It's awesome men... Pick it up... She just mindblowing...

Vote this song

This song is to much fantastic

I love tish song

25 Samjhawan

This song is really hot touching and I sung very well. I love you so much shreya I wanna really meet u once

Samjhawn is number 1

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