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1 Chandelier

Such a meaningful song and video. It deserves this years grammy.

Haven't heard any other song quite like chandelier

Just mind blowing, how does she hit those notes?

Amazing song with beautiful lyrics sung beautifully based on reality gives meaning to your life. amazing song really good

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2 Elastic Heart

This song is so beautiful and the video clip is a powerful work of art. Putting gender aside we see 'two Sias' battle it out as they try desperately to escape the cage. There is mirror movement yet such contrast in their dance. In the end only the young innocent Sia can break free leaving the savage, angry Sia within. Music these days no longer seems to capture me emotionally, but there is something about this song, something that is so heart wrenching, listening has become an addiction. Once you experience it you will crave this song and video clip the way you crave the air you breathe.

I did this song at my dance concert it gives back memories

Beautiful lyrics, beautiful video. This list gives me a good idea of what other songs by Sia to check out! - keycha1n

Sia is my favorite artist of all time and this is my favorite song that she has made so far I think it should be number 1, plus I love the hunger games

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3 Cheap Thrills

Genius. Outstanding. The best.

It is sooo good!

Yeah it should be at top of the list

I don't need no money... as long as I can feel the beat. It's just awesome

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4 Breathe Me

I found this song through the final episode of Six Feet Under, and though I will always have that bias, it's a bangin song

Still remember the summer I discovered this song. Remember listening to it the first day back at high school, absolutely gutted so I was haha - perfect song to soak up the sadness. In all seriousness though, this is a go to song for me as I find it really soothing.

Hands down her best song ever

um yes

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5 Titanium

This song is a song so ya...

Titanium is sia best song hands down and it's the song that made her famous

Two great artists singing together making a very powerful song

I love this song I always sing it

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6 Alive

I'm surprised this ain't at the top of the list! :O

Just listen to it, and you will understand why it deserves to be in this list.

Anyone who has been through depression after someone you loved betrayed can relate to this song. You feel you won't ever feel happy again but one day you look back and realise that as Sia sings that person took it all but you are still breathing, you're alive. And you have a life to live and fight for.

Vocals and the meaning of the song. Despite everything that you have been through, you're still're ALIVE.

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7 Fire Meet Gasoline

Such an explosive song


Should be #1. The lyrics and the rhythm are just awesome

This should totally be #1!

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8 Bird Set Free

Please put number one best song not number 8

The prechorus truly defines the feeling of a person in deep depression specially the steel voiced line..."I don't wanna die" and the chorus defines the pride she takes in her freedom

Such a masterpiece.

The most beautiful song of sia...

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9 The Greatest

This is what REAL art is.

Best song

This song is the greatest

Happy to see this song number 10 only after 5 days of being released hope to see it number one soon! For now it's number one on my play list such an amazing powerful sad happy

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10 She Wolf

Such a beautiful song

Such a lively song. Makes me wanna stop what I'm doing and starting jumping. Should be higher on the list

Great song should be first or right behind Titanium

I feel like this is such a powerful song... I LOVE IT!

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11 Unstoppable

It is just perfect

To all those who are just scrolling down the songs... Do this.. Listen to this song... And then think about any other song sia had made... Believe me. This is the best song of sia

This song is way more awesome than the rest on the list... The hell!... How come it is so below on the list?!

This makes me think how strong I really am even though half the time I don't know how strong I am until I listen to this song. I love you Sia thank you for bringing out my inner strength!

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12 Soon We'll Be Found

Yes! It is underrated

Atmospheric, magical, sinply brilliant. I love it!

Such a beautiful, unique, and emotional song

It's so beautiful that Sia used sign language in the video!

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13 Eye of the Needle

Why isn't it in the top ten? Are you people crazy? Move it up to the top ten

Seriously needs more votes. How is "Burn the Pages" better than this?

One of her best songs! How is it not in the top ten?!

Sweet song. Pure Sia ballad

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14 Guts Over Fear

Why this isn't a huge hit? It's better than these ones with rihanna

Sia is so good on this track and slim slays it

The chorus is phenomenal and speaks volumes

This is one of Sia's most inspirational songs.

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15 Wild Ones

Best Song Ever Eeard!
Best collaboration ever thought in history of MUSIC'S WORLD! $hould be in the TOP 10'$ LIST//

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16 Buttons

This is so good!

Love it so much! - Joaopuffle1

Surprised this song wasnt a huge hit

LOVE IT! Quirky and original.. this song is over 10years old so is truly before it's time

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17 Clap Your Hands

My little sister loves that song

One of her best back catalog

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18 I'm in Here

It's such an emotional song that has a very mysterious and cool melody

It's a very emotional song and I really like it

I can relate to it so much... story of my life

Very emotional song that I can relate to in many ways, also one of Sia's best song

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19 Burn the Pages

Sia later

This is beautiful but also super upbeat.


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20 Cloud

One of the best of "we are born"

I listen to this like 50 times a day

Very emotional. When you're. Singing. Along to it

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21 My Love

Almost like a ballad. This song takes me to beautiful, ancient China when I listen to it, and never fails to lift my mood. Thank you Sia, for this exquisite work of art.

Very emotional and beautiful song. Always give me goosebumps when I'm listening to it

Most underrated song in her amazing catalog.

Definitely underrated. Amazing song.

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22 Big Girls Cry

Why is this down here? Definitely deserves top ten. More than alive lol

A really great song. So catchy with heartfelt lyrics. The only surprise is why it is so low down the list. For me, it is one of her stand-out tracks along with Chandelier, Breathe Me and Elastic Heart.

This one is so pretty. I can always feel the emotions she sings with! - keycha1n

Music is awesome, but the lyrics are destructively strong and touching. Sia does have one of the most pleasuring voices I have ever heard.

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23 The Girl You Lost to Cocaine

A catchy, upbeat song that tells a really sad story.

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25 Blow It All Away

One of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. Each phrase, each melody and line on the strings is perfection!

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26 Beautiful Pain

This song is so inspirational and just helps me when I'm feeling down. so beautiful

This song touches the soul. And I feel alive..


BEST SONG ON MMLP2! - Hotheart123

27 Freeze You Out

This should be on the top 15

28 Sunday


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29 Space Between

SO BEAUTIFUL! I've never cried to any song, and this song tears me apart... it's so sad :(

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30 You Have Been Loved

One of the most beautiful songs where Sia performs soft, sincere lyrics, and brings in her natural cracking, but yet stunning vocals into a positive perception.

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32 Free the Animal

Groovy and bouncy song!

Catchy song. Sia's one of the best song.

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33 California Dreamin'


This song was originally of The Papas and The Mamas. Sia did a cover of it AND BLEW IT AWAY. It is so beautiful that it haunts. The violins sing with unanimous melody to Sia's vocals.

Awesome cover of an old song adopted as the OST for the upcoming movie San Andreas

An absolutely INCREDIBLE cover of an already famous song. If you haven't heard it already, you need to listen to it NOW!

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34 Move Your Body

Absolutely stunning! Don't know why this isn't at the top of this list.

35 Broken Glass

A beautiful song, easily one of the best off of This Is Acting. It's beautiful and heartbreaking, and it has TWO key changes. The lyrics are gorgeous and poetic, and the music is so nice. It really shows that Sia doesn't just sing well, she's an amazing songwriter.

Worth a listen! From the opening, jing-jangly chords to the lyrics to Sia's pleading delivery is perfect! When she hit those key changes I cried my eyes out- never cried so hard. This song made me fall in love with her...and I went out to buy all the Sia albums I could find. But nothing really comes close to this one.

Why is this not number 1? It became my favorite song in a day and my friend overheard me playing it and told me that I found her new favorite song.

Anyone who's heard the song before has to admit that they love the key changes.

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36 Straight for the Knife

I don't really adore it but its Ok.

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37 The Whisperer

Ad as "Titanium". Love this so much. It's so emotional.

David guetta and sis at their best! Love this song

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38 Unforgettable

This song sucks dory sucks

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39 Never Gonna Leave Me

Powerful song

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40 Opportunity

This song is a real ballad from sia's arsenal it was made as one of the songs in the 2015 Annie movies soundtrack and is amazing!

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42 Hostage

Sia attempts an indy-rock song, and I can only describe it as perfection!

If this was a single it would go to number one straight away

This song is so undderrated I think its one of my favorite

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43 Fair Game

The most underrated but best sia song

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44 Dusk Till Dawn

I love this song. Should be top 10

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45 Battle Cry

This song is good

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46 Big Girl Little Girl

Big Girl Little Girl is different and awesome. I love the piano part at the end!

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47 Helium UListen to Sample
48 Dressed In Black

Best song hands down...

I don't see why this song is not in the top 3... - cheansay

So weird.. I Thought I'll found this song in the top 5

This song bring a lot of people back to life! Best vocals best lyrics best human being singing its sad to see her here

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49 Little Black Sandals

One of her best is cuteee - Joaopuffle1

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50 You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

Long title, amazing song

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