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41 Battle Cry Battle Cry
42 Big Girl Little Girl Big Girl Little Girl
43 Helium Helium
44 You've Changed You've Changed

Best song from "We Are Born". Deserves more recognition. I has a powerful message about changing as we age, yet those changes just make us better.

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45 The Church of What's Happening Now The Church of What's Happening Now
46 Move Your Body
47 Fair Game Fair Game

The most underrated but best sia song

48 Taken for Granted Taken for Granted
49 Kill and Run

A great song for a great movie (the great gatsby). I just love everything about this song!

This is a song that shows Sia's vocals a lot and is an excellent movie soundtrack

50 Little Black Sandals Little Black Sandals
51 Where I Belong Where I Belong
52 Dressed In Black Dressed In Black

So weird.. I Thought I'll found this song in the top 5

I don't see why this song is not in the top 3... - cheansay

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53 Golden Golden

This song really deserves to be on the chart. Vote for it. It's a beautiful one. Love you Sia.

54 House On Fire House On Fire

My personal favourite in "This Is Acting"

This song made me feel more confidence

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55 Moonquake Lake Moonquake Lake

Not my favourite, but it's still good

56 Reaper Reaper

Super catchy and addictive melody

57 The Fight The Fight
58 Day Too Soon Day Too Soon

Makes me so happy listen and watching this... Best song sia

So beautiful that you can't help but smile when listening to this song

59 Salted Wound Salted Wound

Can't believe this song is not even top 50

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60 Angel by the Wings Angel by the Wings V 1 Comment
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