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61 The Fight
62 Cellophane

One of the slower songs on Sia's new album "1000 Forms of Fear," but a very vocally driven song that thrives with the symphony of Sia's emotions through her vocals. If one listens closely, there are barely any instruments playing.

Incredible even without that many instruments.

63 Jesus Wept
64 Angel by the Wings

Amazing new song

65 Day Too Soon

Makes me so happy listen and watching this... Best song sia

So beautiful that you can't help but smile when listening to this song

66 Bang My Head

This song is overlooked... But don't let that prevent you from checking it out. You won't regret it.

This gotta get into the top 10

Bang my head is such an amazing such. I;m bewildered it low on the pecking order. One of Sia's very best

67 Salted Wound

Can't believe this song is not even top 50

Beautiful lyrics. Erotic.

Romantic songs

68 Confetti

One of her best songs

Cool, too cool and so strage... she divorced one month later


69 One Million Bullets

This song is moving and it's one of her best

70 Beautiful People Say
71 Midnight Decisions
72 Bring Night

I refuse to believe that "The Bully" or "Hostage" are better than this song

73 Footprints
74 Beautiful Calm Driving
75 Academia
76 Wolves
77 Lullaby
78 I Go to Sleep

Probably. Even better than that original of The Kinks.

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79 Don't Bring Me Down

One of Sia's most beautiful songs

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80 Push (Feeling Good On a Wednesday)

Contrary to popular belief, this was not sung by Randy Marsh or Lorde

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