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1 You're Going Down

This is their best song and one of my favourite also. Makes me move every time I listen to it. Sp rocks

The music video contrasts the actual song by using children and water guns. However, the video closely resembles 'Saving Private Ryan', a very serious war movie. It suits conflict perfectly.

Cause one of us is going cause one of us is going down

This sounds like a rivalry song

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2 All the Same

I like it because this song is about a man who loves a girl, and what happens is that the girl comes to him when she falls, and he lifts her up, and she leaves him and she finds someone else and she falls and, yes it is a infinity circle and in the end he know's that she is just going to leave him and he isn't going to lift her again, sad...

'black or white, wrong or right, if I close my eyes, it's all the same. ' these lyrics are true. You can't differentiate between two things if your eyes are closed. His voice is perfect for this song, and the guitar is great.

This just should be number one!

3 Riptide

This song talks about how people need to mind their own business and focus on their own families. No one has right to tell anyone how to live their life, and this song informed that.

This song has no competition for sure... The base guitar guitar at the start z just sick and the chorus is epic. "i wont justify the way I live my life" serious meaning too - fmukitale

I just love this song

4 Maybe

Chances are, you've heard this song before. Absolutely anyone can relate to this. Everyone has their insecurities that they don't want to show anyone. If we all let go of those, our world would be a better place and people wouldn't be scared of not being accepted.

So I definitely agree with you cause I'm know to this song
And like you said people can relate to this song! Not only that, but it's one of bests songs in history of my life!

Perfect song. My favorite. Talks about our self image. How things tends to affect us more than they should. We just keep letting things run by because of our insecurities. We always say it�'s time to do something and change, start doing things differently, giving life another chance, but the fact is that we never really try. People always judge, and most of the times they don�'t know enough. The song says all of this in a perfect rhythm with beautiful lyrics. Maybe it�'s time to change, yeah maybe it is.

Has a great message, very inspirational

5 Howard's Tale

Really great song in my opinion.

I agree. My favorite song by them.

6 Odd One

Awesome Piece Of Work.
The instrumentation is class apart.

7 Pitiful
8 War

Really inspiring song for the gym

9 What are You Looking For?

Anyone who has ever gotten into a fight with their boyfriend or girlfriend will relate to this song. The lyrics basically say that you need to think carefully as to your partner in life will be. This song speaks about reality.

10 My World

This song is aimed at people who have been left behind by someone. You can easily relate to this song. This song made me cry.

This song is so fitting for a depressing moment. I honestly think because of the sad story it should be number one! Also; why isn't survive on here? come on guys!

Yeah you people have this at No.8 I'm insulted should without a dought be in the top 5 - OasisFeelsLove

How is this so far down? It is one of their best!

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11 There's No Going Back

This is the best song they have because they use their voices as a very useful tool.

I love the vocals in this song, but most of all, I love the message.

This song is really good. The chorus is so catchy.

Great song love it!

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12 I Hate You

This is the second song I've known by them and it's honestly my favorite I think it should be #2 because I totally agree that You're Going Down is #1

Really interesting piece of work

Describes the cycles in every single friendship/relationship I've ever had.
"every time I end up breaking you, you change into something worth keeping."
I break my friends sometimes and then I regret it and want them back.
"every time I'm close to saving you, you change into a sin worth believing."
Every time I don't break my friends. they break ME.

13 So What I Lied
14 Anywhere but Here

If you lost someone important, you'll understand. It's hard to be in the same place where you have so many memories. Don't blame yourself. The lyrics speak to you and Shim's voice is perfect for this song.

THIS SONG IS AWESOME! It should at least be number 5

Especially that part which goes "from paranoid to paradise! "

15 Cancer

Awesome song, it makes you think what really is your purpose to this world. Or humanities purpose to the world. Are we its steward or its cancer?

16 Survive

This song is adrenaline! Amazing when running, or climbing! Amazing in general!

17 Poison

Great ballad with great metaphors. Great vocal range by Shim.

18 A**hole Father
19 Should've Known Better

This song is about an angry relationship that is tough on both of the members. The hinting of cheating and the harsh tone of Shim's voice suits this song well.

... How can you listen to Sick Puppies and now love this song? Come on, their music is great overall, but this song definitely takes the cake for me. - Kitty1353

I don't understand why this song isn't a single. It's fantastic! Chris does amazing on the drums, while Anazi plays her heart out on guitar. Shimon couldn't have sung it any better. His voice adds harshness and makes it sound better.

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