Top Ten Best Sigourney Weaver Movies


The Top Ten

1 Alien

This masterpiece inspired a ton of other films. Ridley Scott and Sigourney Weaver at their best!

True classic of cinematography! Brilliant movie and Sigi was fantastic in it

2 Aliens

She got nominated for an Academy award for this movie, in Alien she was all scared n such. In this 1 she is a badass - roblist

aliens was the best of the series, and she even got nominated an academy award for best actress in a leading role

This list is all wrong. Aliens should be #1, Gorillas in the Mist should be #2, Alien shoulds be #3, The Ice Storm should be #4, and Working Girl should be #5. - nallimcamybloc

3 Ghostbusters
4 Galaxy Quest

its quite frankly hilarious and maybe even believable

5 A Monster Calls
6 Heartbreakers

Very fun, entertaining. Weaver looks incredibly sexy here

7 Ghostbusters II
8 Copycat

Criminally underrated project. It's a dark masterpiece in my book

My favorite serial killer thriller

9 Holes

Excuse me. LOL

10 The Village

The Contenders

11 Dave
12 Gorillas in the Mist

This should be in number 2, or 1 at least!

13 Half Moon Street
14 Imaginary Heroes
15 The Ice Storm
16 1492: Conquest of Paradise
17 Death and the Maiden
18 Alien 3
19 Snow Cake
20 Tadpole
21 Working Girl
22 The Year of Living Dangerously
23 Eyewitness
24 Deal of the Century
25 Snow White: A Tale of Terror
26 Alien: Resurrection
27 A Map of the World
28 Company Man
29 The Guys
30 The TV Set
31 Vantage Point
32 Avatar

How can Avatar not even be on this!?!? I mean she was definitely best in the Alien series but I would've said this is her number 3!

Number 4 or 3, why number 31, she done a very good job for this movie.

Best choice. Hands down.

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