Best Sigur Rós Songs

The Top Ten Best Sigur Rós Songs

1 Hoppipolla

An hymn to every beautiful thing in earth... just perfect

An incredible song! I need to stop listening to this in order to preserve its greatness. I don't want to get sick of it.

An explosion of light, memories, just tides of emotions in the skin, that and more maybe Hoppipolla.

Beautiful song... This is what feeling sounds like

2 Svefn-G-englar

The greatest song EVER made. Every time I hear it, I get a chilling sensation in my bones... Absolute beauty.. An Epitome of perfection.. Thank you Sigur Ros for this song... Perfection Personified...

10 minutes is not enough O_O - mattlol

I feel this song is really over-rated. That being said, it's still amazing and blows most songs out of the water, not including Sigur Ros songs of course.

If somebody asked me what is perfection, I would play him this song. Its exceptionally beautiful.

3 Glosoli

Listening to Glosoli is like watching a sunrise, and I don't mean that in a 'this song is really good' kind of way. Listening to Glosoli is literally like watching a sunrise. The simple, yet powerful bass line represents the dawn of day. The sun is barely at sight, but still manages to turn complete darkness into something brighter. As the song progresses, the light turns brighter. By the end of the song the sun is fully exposed. The sounds of what seems like a million completely different instruments creates an experience that cannot even be compared to what most people consider music. Glosoli is simply beautiful.

When that drum, that's amazing! What an incredible song!

This is the song that brings a simultaneous smile to my face and tear to my eye as the haunting lyrics collide with the crescendo of the drums and then the silent twinkling leaves me in awe of the emotional masterpiece this song is. Gets me every-damn-time!

One of the best songs ever

4 Saeglopur

Maybe there's something special about this song. I can't stop listening to it once it's started.

If you love this Song then you gotta listen to its remix version by crash overdrive remix

Imagine a ferry through the Mediterranean to Italy. The sun rising, the love of your life, and this song.
Fast forward two years and imagine marrying that person to this same song.

My wife walked down the isle to this song, so can't vote for anything else as was most perfect moment in my life!

5 Staralfur

This should be in the top 3 for sure. As should be half the songs on this album. This album is the best by far, and this song is one of the many reasons it is. And I agree with the statements below. The part where they incorporate drum sounds, to sound like fireworks is amazing, and the climax right after that is the best part of the song.

Everything about this song is amazing. The part right after the fireworks is my favorite. This song doesn't get old!

An elf. Who would have expected it.

This needs to be pushed up to the top.

6 Varúð

First time I listened to this song, I got the chills. I looked up the meaning of the title, which meant "warning". I then listened to the song once again with the translated lyrics. That buildup and the climax at the end: warm, atmospheric, big, yet gritty, distorted and intense. It was contradicting and conflicting, and it depicted the title and lyrics perfectly, just like a silent and muffled scream. This song is desolate and haunting, yet beautiful and peaceful. The feels just cannot stop for this one.

This is no lie or exaggeration... This song is the most immensely beautiful piece of music I have ever heard. I stand by that statement. I'm not kidding.

As much as I love untitled 4, its nothing compared to this unbelievable piece. Listen to this and you wont hesitate to vote for this.

This song makes me imagine myself as a villain in the first movie of a trilogy, the song that is played for the final battle in the movie. And we all know that the villain in the first movie of any trilogy is the most hardcore.

7 Olsen Olsen

This song relaxes me, and gives me energy at the same time. It's hard to explain. If I listen to this first thing in the morning, it's going to be hard to ruin my day.

It is incredibly beautiful! When the flute comes on it instantly makes me tear up of joy. The song sounds hopeful and relaxing at the same time.

I feel optimistic while listening to this one. I'll blast it before heading out for the day.

So beautiful... That bass lines relaxes me all the time. This song gives me peace and its incredibly beautiful and awesome!

8 Untitled #1

Amazing.. So many say untitled 8... I could not disagree more...1 3 and 4

This song is absolutely the most wonderful thing I've listened to. It saved me from my first and only case of depression. Vaka (Untitled 1) is simply the most beautiful composition I've heard in my sigúr rós fandom. thank you for saving me

9 Untitled #8

Wow, I thought this would be further up. The long buildup and the drums... Yeah. It ties with about 5 others as my favorite

It's quite unlike them in the fact that is so intense. It is still my favourite song by them.

Absolutely is a top three! Ethereal, evocative and throws a powerful blow of reality all over you.

Deserves to be in the top 3 at least. Best intro and ending

10 Viõrar Vel Til Loftárasa

I cry without fail every time I hear this song, definitely one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. While it might be sacrilegious to try to pick a best Sigur Ros song, I would definitely pick this song if I had to, and I am.

This song is a true masterpiece. It's hard to imagine any song comparing to the quality of this one. This should be much higher on the list. Quit listening to Olsen Olsen, and Staralfur so much and give this one a few spins when you are in absolute silence, and can take it all in.

Climax at end is other worldly. Akin to arriving at the gates of heaven finally after a life of toil and disappointment.

The more I listen to this album, the more this becomes my favorite Ros song. I think it might need to be number one.

The Contenders

11 Untitled #4

A perfect beautiful masterpiece from start to finish - uZi91

Most powerful and full of energy song ever

So calm, everyone should check it out!

12 Ára bátur

A very nice opening anticipating the final 5 minutes most emotional of my life

An anthem for the soul

This will be at my funeral, that's the only thing I want when dead

Incredible build-up. One of very few songs that left me crying.

13 Agaetis Byrjun

A song I want to have played in the background while I die the most peaceful death possible...

Underrated on this list by a long way. Their most intimate song.

The most comforting song I've ever heard, makes me feel good.

How is this not higher?

14 Festival

Imagine yourself being stuck in life or maybe not even being where you had planned to be by now. This song describes the feeling of finally seeing the light.

Especially at the end of the movie 127 hours, this is just amazing, Hairs on the back of my neck prickle every time.

This song is what made 127 hours to have a perfect ending! The build up, the deepness, the conclusion is just very moving and tremendous!

In my humble opinion the only reason 127 Hours is thought to be a particularly good movie (Danny Boyle knows his music). Breathtaking - kallikrein

15 Ny Batteri

Even the drums in this song are emotional

This is the song that influenced Radiohead's All I Need which automatically makes it awesome. The broken cymbal used from Downtown Reyjkavik actually makes the song sound perfect

I'm a fan of Sigur Rós since 1999! I have all the albums and listened to them many many times. And the one track I never get tired of is Ny Batteri. So sad they wrecked it on Inni (live album). The horns and the drums make this song delicate and powerful at the same time! Love it!

16 Gong

One of the most oppressive and anxious songs I know, in the same lines as a lot of Radiohead songs, but somehow leaving you with a feeling of deep peace, of relief.

Take the time to listen to this song

17 Milano
18 Brennisteinn

Sigur Ros's Industrial influences make this song their best - DarkBoi-X

Such a powerful sound is achieved in this track, I'm surprised this isn't higher

I think this song deserves to be in top 10!

This was the first song I liked from Sigur Ros. It was love at first sound

19 Inní mér syngur vitleysingur

Just goes up up and away to the heavens where everyone and the angels are jumping with joy!!

This song.. I can't describe it by words.

20 Hún Jörð

Epic and haunting, and a perfect balance between light-hearted angelic singing, consistent and masterfully done drum work, and sludgy, heavily distorted guitar riffs, this masterpiece off of their least appreciated works definitely needs more attention

21 Untitled #3

Samskeyti: I am attached to this song at anothet level. This is my 'Go-To' song. I listen to it when I am sad, when I am happy, when I am happy, when I am drunk. It is so beautiful that it makes me cry. I have asked my family/boyfriend to play this when I cry. It is brilliant. I do not like any other song in the world as much as I like this.

22 Mea Bloanasir
23 Flugufrelsarinn

I forget to breathe when I listen to this, the sheer beauty of this song is unreal. I can feel the icelandic landscape... how is this not on top ten?

Listen to Kronos Quartet cover - you will see just how good a piece of music this is.

By far their best song!

One of the best sigur ros songs, hope it will climb up...
you have to check it out

24 Myrkur
25 Dauoalogn

This song is on repeat indefinitely. If you haven't heard it yet, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Such a beautiful song. It's one that I can listen to over and over again.

This is how I imagine angels singing.

26 Untitled #6

One of the most emotionally stirring songs I've ever heard. The last part feels empowering to say the least

Instrumental at the end - wow - crikey why is this so low down the list.

Almost made me cry, stunningly beautiful.

Simply the best song of all time.

27 Varðeldur


Best sigur rós söng bý far

28 Isjaki

Fantastic, emotional, smooth and beautiful.

The Industrial influences are great here too. - DarkBoi-X

Best song made by them definitely. This is the song that actually got me hitched to sigur rós. The music is just divine

Energetic, cool, abd dramatic. expresses the force of an iceberg perfectly. if you read the lyrics it gets you to think a lot

29 Von

One of the most beautiful songs ever composed.

30 Rafstraumur
31 Vid Spilum Endalaust
32 Gitardjamm
33 Heysatan
34 Hjartao Hamast

I absolutely love this song! The song is such a mixed bag, but in a good way. It is quiet, and hard at the same time. It is full of tension and emotion.

35 Fjögur Píanó

It's heaven.. do try it..

36 Untitled #2

Man this one just does it for me

37 Samskeyti

Magical... I won't say a lot but you try it once and feel it yourself.

38 Fljotavik
39 Hljomalind
40 The Rains of Castamere
41 Stormur
42 Svo Hljott

Most underrated Sigur Ros song.

43 Með Suð Í Eyrum
44 Eg Anda
45 Ekki Mukk

This is top 5 for sure.

Top 5 for sure

46 All Alright

One of the best songs off of "Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust". Can't believe nobody has added this one yet. Really beautiful and subtle piano work, and Jonsi's vocals are at his best yet again.

47 Kveikur

The most intense and energetic song on the album it is named after. Brilliant!

48 Yfirborð

This song is unbelievable. One of their very best.

49 Rembihnútur

Such an underrated song! Slow builder yes, but the payoff is absolutely beautiful! I don't know whether to cry or laugh with joy. Sigur Ros at their best truly creating music that can fit every mood with every song!

Sums up life, and every aspect of it.
Even though it is pretty much the least popular song on Valtari, it will always be my favorite.

50 Valtari
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