Where Did the List of Rarest Silly Bandz Go?

Over the past couple of weeks, TheTopTens list of Rarest Silly Bandz was one of the most visited lists on the site. In fact, last week when Yahoo! featured an article on Sully Bandz on their homepage, TheTopTens received an extra 6,000 visitors in a single hour.

But here is the problem; the list of Rarest Silly Bandz doesn't really work on TheTopTens. As has been pointed out, the list does not fit the criteria of a subjective top ten list because "rarest" is a quantifiable, factual value. It may be the case that nobody actually knows what the rarest Silly Bandz are, but if someone were to take counts of all the different types of Silly Bandz in existence today, it would be possible to correctly order a list or rare Silly Bandz starting with the Silly Band with the smallest population. It is not a matter of opinion.

Because of this, we have removed the list of Rarest Silly Bandz and redirected it to the more appropriate list of Best Silly Bandz.

Another note on Silly Bandz is that "Silly Bandz" is a branded term referring to molded rubber bands created by a specific company. Their site is located at www.sillybandz.com. This is important to bring up because a lot of people are submitting rubber band designs on the Silly Bandz lists that are actually Zanybandz, Crazy Bands, Bama Bandz, or some other Bandz type of product. Please make sure to only submit the correct type of shapes to the Silly Bandz list and if you have other types of bands that you want to list, feel free to create a new top ten list that is appropriate for those bands as well.


The rarest silly bandz list was rong. - visitor

This is reasonable, because, it seemed that they were not facts, more, they were opinions of an uneducated silly band fan. - KittyKitty156

who cares? theyre just silly bandz - visitor

Yeah "Silly Bandz" is funny because it has become a generic trademark. Bandzwiki.com talks about that on the Silly Bandz profile page http://www.bandzwiki.com/wiki/Silly_Bandz - visitor

Wait wait wait so, Silly Bandz think that its using their property?

I find that hard to believe, because there is lots of trademarked property on this website! ☻☻☻☻ - Flowerwave

The rarest silly bandz list was wrong. - mleat97

You should have changed it to "Best Rare Silly Bandz". - Pikachulover1

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