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1 Tomorrow

Undoubtedly the no1 track of silver chair's Discography Collection!

classic aussie tune. best silverchair song by a mile.

I don't know what to say... I just couldn't agree more... This is probably the best chair song ever...

PLEASE LET ME VOTE FOR THEM ALL! Tomorrow shows such promise, with poignant lyrics, impeccable vocals and full-on hardcore instruments. LONG LIVE THE CHAIR!

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2 Emotion Sickness

Neon Ballroom makes me cry. Since I consider it silverchair's last good album, it showcases the band's lyrics and vocals at their strongest.

Very technical song that combines many musical aspects. By far the most beautiful of Silverchair songs.

Gorgeous song... The first time I really understood that Daniel Johns wanted to take his song writing skills to a new level.

Probably the most complicated song-writing in a silverchair song and for me by far the best.

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3 Ana's Song (Open Fire)

Beautifully written song with a lot of meaning.

Love everything about this song! It makes me happy every time I hear it. Definitely my favourite silverchair song!

This song gets me every time I listen to it, by far the best silverchair song!

This might be my favorite song PERIOD. So much passion and pain in it. Amazing.

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4 Straight Lines

Absolute banger

This is an inspirational song about walking confidently and clearly thorugh life, it describes Daniel Johns, their lead singer to a tee.

This is by far their best song no doubt! Its different from other mainstream rock songs and yet it's so melodic

I remember singing this song when I was 4 years old. The best

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5 Miss You Love

This one, together to Ana's song and emotion sickness, sure are the best

Amazing song, it made me relaxed.. I loved silverchair, I liked alternative musics! ' - michaelafan

It's an amazing perspective on love
I love the way you love, but I hate the way I'm supposed to love you back.

Puta, this song should be in number 1. tomorrow, at 2

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6 Freak

Love This song

One word, amazing

This song is an awesome grunge track! The vocals sound close to kurt cobains the heavy use of the crash during the verses gives this song a heavy grunge feel! Surely one of the best 90's songs. - dragon13304

Awww, this is brilliant! So catchy, and the video, if you haven't watched it, is AMAZING!

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7 After All These Years

This song is so personal and magical to me, it is my therapy. I suffered from Anorexia Nervosa and Depression for most of my adolescence and this song just helped me so much to let go of "all the troubled times" just as Daniel did. So emotional and honest. Makes me love Daniel Johns all the more

Legendary song

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8 The Greatest View

What a great mixture of different genres within the one song. Silverchair's best ever chorus in my opinion

Just a wonderful song, with a wonderful tune

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9 Anthem for the Year 2000

Such an uplifting and inspiring track. Really shows their talent.

Driven, simple, effective, emotional
Grunge at it's best

Great song!

As 'the youth' I would like to say they capture that angsty, rebellious feel perfectly. Hands up those who want silverchair to lead the revolution? *RAISES HAND*

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10 Israel's Son

Better than half the damn list lmao

I'm under 20 years old (13) and think this is the best song. It's just so meaningful, it shows a really mature view on the atrocities of war.

I can't believe this song isn't #1 or #2? What the heck are you guys listening to? The only thing I can gather from this is everyone on here is 20 years old or less

Street Fighter Animated Movie.

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11 Pure Massacre

Why this song isn't in the top ten! You need to listen again...

This song should be next to Tomorrow or higher


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12 Shade

Love this song one of my favourites off frogstomp

Awesome song, very underrated one of the best songs by one of the best bands

Kick butt. Awesome voice and guitar.

Great song by an underrated band.

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13 Spawn (Again)

This song must be in the top tens, vocals in this song is crazy!

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14 Faultline UListen to Sample
15 Cemetery

Te most Weird and original in ages. Great lyric

16 Waiting All Day

Faraway chorus. Very good

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17 Suicidal Dream

This song gets such bad press because of the lyrics. They don't understand it's about teen depression, not Daniel feeling like that. It saved my life.


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18 Roses

The best song for me I love its lyrics I alway cry when I listen this nice song

This song is really amazing I don't understand why people don't konw it for me is the best song of Silverchair and Grunge. Its lyric is really amazing and its beat is like a song from the heaven

19 Learn to Hate

The loud/soft dynamic just makes this song

Someone has to vote for it

20 Tuna In the Brine

Brillant song. A piece of art.

Agree so much with the last comment. I think this is their best song.


Such a creative and catchy of the greatest songs ever

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21 Without You

Awesome Vocals, Brilliant Bass, Unbelievable Drumming, Rockin Guitar and just the whole combination!

Can't believe so low on list... best 'Chair song ever!

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23 Black Tangled Heart

How is this song left completely off the list!? Great song, and a perfect combination of classical music and hard rock. - Smitty97000

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24 Abuse Me

This song deserves to be in the top 5 for sure

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25 Slave

My favourite love crunching the guitar to this

Best drop d tune song by them for sure

This song is one of their heavier songs. I love it - Sabbath

26 The Door

Unreal song, cannot recommend this song anymore if you're a fan of other Silverchair songs like Ana's song

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27 One Way Mule

How is this song not in the top 3? How is tomorrow and Freak in there? Because they were on the radio? One of the top 3 best bands in the 1990's should get more love than this.

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28 Across the Night

Nice hooks, great vocal gymnastics.

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29 Findaway UListen to Sample
30 Acid Rain
31 Lie to Me

Classic Grunge track off freak show deserves to be in the top ten

32 Do You Feel the Same

Such a great song.

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33 No Association
34 Low UListen to Sample
35 Reflections of a Sound UListen to Sample
36 Madman UListen to Sample
37 London's Burning
38 If You Keep Losing Sleep UListen to Sample
39 Asylum

This song sadly can't be found anywhere iTunes or google play. It was part of the second disc to the "Diorama box set". This song was brilliant, definitely deserves a place on the list.

40 All Across the World UListen to Sample
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