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21 Your Sword Versus My Dagger
22 Medication
23 If You Could See Into My Soul
24 SOS
25 Darling Harbour
26 Born Dead
27 Discovering the Waterfront

Wow, didn't expect my favorite song by silverstein to be so low. Guys listen to this song! It's fantastic!

One of their best songs off the album of the same name. Very melo in the beginning but gradually builds up to an epic, angsty end. - funness

28 Brookfield
29 Help
30 My Dagger Versus Your Sword

COol song including screams and instrumentals... Nice screamo song

Why is this song so down low on the charts? This song is amazing, it deserves to be higher!

This should have a higher spot in this list

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31 Red Light Pledge
32 Giving Up
33 The End

! This song is awesome! By far my favorite Silverstein song!

34 California

Such a great song with a good catchy chorus

35 Je Me Souviens

This was a song that got me through the end of high school. Coming home every day started to feel like coming back from the war. This is a song about coming home. - gone-sovereign

36 A Hero Loses Everyday
37 The Sand Will Turn to Glass
38 Still Dreaming

It's emo style no screamo part. It has also meaning, you know romance could be deep sometimes not in literal meaning. Just enjoy you'll find out!

39 Rain Will Fall
40 Kill the Lights

So powerful, bonus track from 'This is how the wind shifts"
I get energy listening to it.

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