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41 A Better Place

You got to be kidding me. This at 69. This should be second after my heroine

This should be in the top 10 at least. Incredibly catchy and mellifluous song.

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42 The Weak and the Wounded
43 Bleeds No More

I love this song. I feel the passion behind it, and relate to it every tine I hear it.

44 We are Not the World

This is the most honest song I've ever heard!
" We fight for billionaires who bomb out city streets"

45 My Disaster

This song is so underrated. By far one of their best.

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46 Bodies and Words
47 Replace You

This song is powerful and full of memories

48 Always and Never

Always and never is just an incredible song. Ten years ago I heard it for the first time and I still love it!

Its just amazing, also the first song I heard by them, got me hooked on

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49 True Romance
50 Worlds Apart

What? Its literally worlds apart to the top ten.. I really loved this song the 1st time I heard it.

Come on one listen to this song and your hooked. It's just great.

51 In Silent Seas We Drown V 1 Comment
52 Already Dead

It's very sad, and I love it!
It tells a lot about fake friendships and hatred!

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53 Last Days of Summer
54 Wish I Could Forget You
55 Fist Wrapped in Blood
56 Go Your Own Way
57 You're All I Have
58 Vanity and Greed
59 In a Place of Solace

Silverstein's most creative song since The Artist and I Am The Arsonist.

It's not all about fast riffs, though. It's the emotion that this song bleeds!
Definitely somewhere in the top 10!

60 On Brave Mountains We Conquer
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