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1 Lazy Eye

This song is great on many levels. I love a song that catches me with every instrument, plus vocals, plus lyrics and is catchy. This song has it all, and the video even adds to the song. One of my top 10 favorite songs of all time. I learned it on all instruments I loved I so much.

Insane... Specially the acoustic one...

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2 Panic Switch

Frenetic and full of energy. This band should have been massive.

Awesome sad song ever

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3 The Royal We UListen to Sample
4 Kissing Families UListen to Sample
5 Substitution

Find the video. Song will move to your top 5. Worth looking.

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6 Growing Old is Getting Old UListen to Sample
7 There's No Secrets This Year UListen to Sample
8 Well Thought Out Twinkles

I totally agree that it should be on number one. Basically, it stands out from the rest! Isn't it obvious that so far this is their best song?

How is this song not at least in the top 2-3? This was one of the songs that originally put this band on the map. It is raw, angsty, and epic. #1 in my book.

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9 Dots and Dashes (Enough Already)

I like the way it moves. Intriguing lyrics. - kriq05

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10 It's Nice to Know You Work Alone

Most interesting song!

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11 Catch And Release

This is a song that elegantly tells a story of love. The amazing timing of the drums, guitar, and violin brings it all together.

Great riffs, this song should be top ten! Saw them at a free concert in Raleigh and this song rocked.

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12 Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)

This is a great song.
Simply outstanding! C;

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13 Melatonin

Like this one so much "three-minute-mellow-pop-wise"; Substitution´┐Ż's a close second

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14 Sort Of UListen to Sample
15 The Pit


Why is this song so low? It's amazing! People should really listen to Q101.1 alternative station on the radio!

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16 Draining UListen to Sample
17 Checkered Floor

Just a great song

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18 Future Foe Scenarios UListen to Sample
19 Surrounded

I had to put this one on the chart.

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20 Cannibal

God I love this song so much... - Ananya

When the king
comes down to speak..
With animals..,animals..
With his claws...Out
for a feast
a cannibal..
when we crawl
out to the brink
To meet and greet with a wink...
pull the rug out from underneath..
a cannibal..
who is gonna break the ice?
No room for shallow alibis
or do we keep on playing nice?
Hmm until the next time
hey, it's too late
I've been here before the change
this latest...
If the king bows to our feet
a cannibal ' s, cannibal
who is gonna break the ice?
No room for shallow alibis
who will be the first to bite
or do we keep on playing nice?
until the next time. - Ananya

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21 Rusted Wheel

Intensive emotional song with fabulous lyrics

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22 Circadian Rhythm (Last Dance)

Great song

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23 Three Seed

Three Seed is one of the best songs I ever heard. It starts off with a cool bass intro and transitions into a melodic masterpiece with a amazing bridge. Definitely should be in top 5.

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24 Little Lover's So Polite

First song I heard by them. - JCHOW

A great tune I don't no I just like it.

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25 Mean Spirits

This song is one of the most up-tempo songs off of Neck of the Woods, their new album in 2012. It has such a great rhythm to it...

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26 Skin Graphs UListen to Sample
27 Seasick
28 It Doesn't Matter Why UListen to Sample
29 Make Believe

Great Solo, should be in this top.

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30 All the Go Inbetweens

Great Song - also dream tempo should be in

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31 Common Reactor UListen to Sample
32 Booksmart Devil UListen to Sample
33 Dream at Tempo 119 UListen to Sample
34 Friendly Fires

Stunning vocal performance. - kriq05

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35 Nightlight

Familiar but new. - kriq05

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36 Broken Bottles UListen to Sample
37 Connection UListen to Sample
38 Creation Lake UListen to Sample
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1. Panic Switch
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1. The Royal We
2. Panic Switch
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