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21 I Wish You Were Here
22 This Fear of Gods

Way ahead of its time and simply brilliant. Nothing like it really both then and now. Simple minds at their most creative.

23 African Skies
24 Speed Your Love to Me

The song with the greatest content in terms of my experiences of Love

In my eyes a great song should be up higher

25 Book of Brilliant Things
26 The American
27 I Travel V 1 Comment
28 Home

Honestly, this is there BEST song. I fell in love when I heard this.

When I am sick. I play this single every time.

29 Changeling
30 Rockets
31 Street Fighting Years
32 This Is Your Land
33 Stand by Love
34 Stay Visible

One of their best songs ever! I would put it in top five, but it is not even in top 30! An underrated song for sure...

35 Come a Long Way

This one's so catchy and powerful that definitely deserves sky-rocketing to the top 10 beyond any reasonable doubt. such one of the greatest examples this band has it.

36 Seeing Out the Angel
37 Today I Died Again
38 A Brass Band In African Chimes
39 Up On the Catwalk

For all the great songs they produced, this is by far their best song. A perfect masterpiece! Go listen!

40 Oh Jungleland
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