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41 Who Shot Mr. Burns?: Part 2 (Season 7, 1995)
42 Homer Alone (Season 3, 1992)
43 Bart the General (Season 1, 1990)
44 Holidays of Future Passed (Season 23, 2011)
45 Girly Edition (Season 9, 1998)
46 Moe Baby Blues (Season 14, 2004)
47 The Yellow Badge of Cowardge
48 Radio Bart (Season 3, 1992)
49 Treehouse of Horror XXIV (Season 25, 2013)
50 Separate Vocations (Season 3, 1992)

It is so funny to see how close the teachers are when the teachers edition goes missing

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51 Homer to the Max (Season 10, 1999)
52 Itchy & Scratchy Land (Season 6, 1994)
53 The Springfield Files (Season 8, 1997)

This is probably one of my favorite episodes of The Simpsons because one night when he was totally wasted he had to walk home and all sorts of freaky things started to go on around him then he walked through the woods and he saw a alien and that alien was Mr. Butns it was so funny - michaelwalton

My favorite episode without a doubt. Homer thinks he sees an alien in the woods. Nobody believes him at first, but then the town sees it too later in the episode and it turns out that it's not an alien at all but just Mr. Burns, Homer's boss. lol!

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54 The Frying Game (Season 13, 2002)
55 Trilogy of Error (Season 12, 2001)

This episode is very hilarious. Also Frankie Muniz is in this episode' she plays a boy that Lisa likes.

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56 The Bob Next Door (Season 21, 2010)
57 Two Bad Neighbors (Season 7, 1996)

Funny quote time. George: I'm going to do something your dad should have done a while ago (spanks). Homer makes sale and his reaction Homer: (sings) oh oh oh table 5 table 5 oh oh oh table 5ive. Best episode

I love it when George Bush starts fighting with Homer, and I love the part where Bush spanks Bart, LOVE IT

George Bush and Homer fight, best simpsons moment for me, 10 out of 10

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58 Lisa's Date With Destiny (Season 8, 1996)

It's really funny at the end when Homer gets in trouble for soliciting - FloydtheCat

59 Homer The Heretic (Season 4. 1992)

Arguably one of the greatest Simpsons episodes, should be in top 10 for sure

Closely followed by Homie The CLown then Trilogy of Error.

Homer: "I Wear Short Shorts! "
That Line Makes Me Laugh All The Time - JPK

60 Lisa Gets an 'A' (Season 10, 1998)
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