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101 Itchy & Scratchy & Marge (Season 2, 1990)

This is one of the most hilarious episodes ever. I can't believe it's not on the list. "Lemonade? "Please! "... "But the third bowl of porridge, was just right."

Come on people!

102 Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire (Season 1, 1989)

Come on this one started them all! I know the simpsons used to be shorts but this was the first ever REAL episode!

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103 To Courier With Love

The best gags and one the best songs "Chubby Dude in a Tiny Car". - jrodz

104 This Little Wiggy (Season 9, 1998)

This is in my top ten so why is it not in this! It is really funny and has some hilarious Ralph Wiggum.

105 All Singing, All Dancing (Season 9, 1998)
106 Treehouse of Horror XIX (Season 20, 2008)
107 Children of a Lesser Clod (Season 12, 2001)

Pokemon, Pokemon? With the pokey and the man and the thing with the guy comes out of the thing and he makes a bahhh dahhh! badahhh! buhh aahaa!

108 Mom and Pop Art (Season 10, 1999)

AMAZING EPISODE. Homer trying to build the grill is the funniest simpsons moment ever!

109 Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment (Season 2, 1991)
110 Moe'n'a Lisa (Season 18, 2006)

The thing with the car was the funniest Simpsons moment ever, in my opinion.

111 There's Something About Marrying (Season 16, 2005)
112 The Crepes of Wrath (Season 1, 1990)
113 Midnight Rx (Season 16, 2005)
114 Itchy & Scratchy Land (Season 6, 1994)
115 Homer the Moe (Season 13, 2001)
116 Jaws Wired Shut (Season 13, 2002)

This made me laugh and it's a bit depressing. I feel bad for Homer... a broken jaw must really hurt

117 Lisa the Skeptic (Season 9, 1997)
118 Bart the Murderer (Season 3, 1991)

The first episode with fat Tony, Bart bartending for the mob, and that awesome dream sequence where Bart is running away from principle skinners dead. Also the part in the dream when Bart is in jail you see homer holding a sign outside that says KILL MY BOY. Just one of my all time favorites.

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119 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge (Season 11, 2000)

This episode scared me when I was little.

120 She of Little Faith (Season 13, 2001)
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