Best Simpsons Songs

What's the best Simpsons song? Is it the main theme or Can I Borrow a Feeling? Maybe Deep Deep Trouble.

The Top Ten

1 Main Theme
2 Canyonero
3 Can I Borrow a Feeling
4 The Garbage Man
5 Deep Deep Trouble
6 The Itchy and Scratchy (and Poochie) Show
7 They'll Never Stop The Simpsons
8 What Do I Think of the Pie?
9 The Poochie Rap
10 Homer's Rejection Song

The Contenders

11 Hitler and Her Majesty
12 We Do (The Stonecutter's Song)
13 The Kamp Krusty Song
14 Beer You Beer Me
15 See My Vest (Two Dozen and One Greyhounds)
16 I Am Their Queen
17 Happy Little Elves Song
18 This Log
19 Flaming Moes
20 Old Macdonald Had a Fart
21 Margerine

Parody of Glycerine - Jonerman

22 Do the Bartman

A chart song.

23 The Monorail Song (Marge vs the Monorail)


24 Oh, Mardi Gras
25 Sibling Rivalry - Bart & Lisa
26 We Put the 'spring' In Springfield (Bart After Dark)
27 Dr Zaius (A Fish Called Selma)
28 Kids/Adults (Wild Barts Can't Be Broken)

Childhood fave

29 Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart? (Homer and Apu)

This one is - cadespencer

30 High to Be Loathed
31 Duff Beer for Me

Bart:(annoyed) I wanna get off!
Aunt Selma: *irritated*We can't get off, we still have five more continents to visit. - MJfan119

32 Sexy Marriage Land
33 Everyone Hates Ned Flanders

Everybody in the USA hates their stupid neighbor
He's Flanders and he's really really lame
Flanders tried to wreck my song
His views on birth control are wrong
I hate his guts and Flanders is his name
F-L-A-N-D-E-R-S he's the man that I hate best
I'd like to see his house go up in flames
F-L-A, his name is Ned
E-R-S, such a stupid name
He's worse than Frankenstein or doctor no
You can't upset him even slightly
he just smiles and nods politely
then goes home and worships nightly
his leftorium is an emporium of woa
F-L-A, don't yell at Ned
D-E-R, his wife is dead
everbody hates that stupid jerk
Springfield rocks with homers joyous loathing
filling clubs with angry valentinos
you don't have to move your feet
just hate Flanders to the disco beat
he's your perky, peppy, nightmare neighborinno
if you despise polite left handers
then I'll doubt you'll like that Flanders
or his creepy little offsprings rod and ...more - ShaunFan04

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34 Party Posse (Song by Them)
35 We Put the Spring In Springfield
36 We're Sending Our Love Down the Well
37 Kamp Krusty Theme Song
38 Drop Da Bomb (New Kids on the Blecch)
39 Baby On Board (Homer's Barbershop Quartet)
40 Happy Birthday Lisa (Stark Raving Dad)

Why is this #39? This song is a BOP!
Well, as far as T.V. songs go, anyway.

41 Riding On a Bug
42 The Monorail Song
43 Auto-Tune Disaster Song
44 In the Garden of Eden
45 Number Eight

You know Revolution 9 lol.

46 Jazz Man Part 2
47 Simpson’s Christmas Boogie

I Love It

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1. We Put the 'spring' In Springfield (Bart After Dark)
2. We Do (The Stonecutter's Song)
3. Dr Zaius (A Fish Called Selma)
1. Main Theme
2. Canyonero
3. Can I Borrow a Feeling
1. What Do I Think of the Pie?
2. Homer's Rejection Song
3. Hitler and Her Majesty


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