Best Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Segments

Which is the best segment from the annual Simpsons special? Is it Nightmare Cafeteria? Or Fly vs Fly? click this button to find out, at your own risk bwhahahaha.

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1 A Nightmare On Evergreen Terrace - Treehouse of Horror V

In a parody to The Nightmare On Elm Street Movies, Groundskeeper Willie stalks the children of Springfield Elementary in their dreams, until Bart and Lisa try to put a stop to this - JasperB

Willie's cruel one liners are even better than Freddy's "Pleasure to rake your acquaintance! "

Look it's me, Willie. ROAR, BOO.
Oh no, wait come back. I left me gun on the bus.

2 The Shinning - Treehouse of Horror V

Easily number one. Instead of having jokes about love being the solution it is T.V. and it is one of the best if not the best spoof of all time and it is of one of the greatest movies ever.

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3 The Devil and Homer Simpson - Treehouse of Horror IV

Homer sells his soul to the Devil (Ned Flanders) for a forbidden donut - JasperB

Homer: I would sell my soul for a donut The Devil: ( Ned ) That can be arranged... Homer: Mmmm forbidden donut

4 Citizen Kang - Treehouse of Horror VI

Kang and Kodos decide, to gain power, to run for president on earth - JasperB

5 Homer3 - Treehouse of Horror V

Awesome TOH, probably the best segment (though Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace could have a little better if they toned down the over the top nightmare fuel) - truespongebobfan

Classic! Its funny how insanely expensive that episode was at the time. 3D technology was REALLY young. - VADERtheIMPALER

Homer is transported into another dimension while hiding from Patty and Selma - JasperB

6 The Thing and I - Treehouse of Horror VI

Bart discovers that he has an evil twin named Hugo who is hiding in the attic. - JasperB

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7 Terror at 5 1/2 Feet - Treehouse of Horror IV

While Catching the school bus, Bart sees a Gremlin on the side who is taking apart the bus, however, no one believes him... - JasperB

This had me scared out of my wits for some reason

8 Time and Punishment - Treehouse of Horror V

The world's physicists are saying, "I told you so". That's what makes this funny. Really, really, really funny. Simply hilarious.

Using an old toaster, Homer goes back to the time of the dinosaurs, and accidentally changes the present day with hilarious outcomes - JasperB

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9 Hungry Are the Damned - Treehouse of Horror

The Simpsons are captured by a spacecraft and Lisa discovers that Kang and Kodos, the aliens onboard, are planning to eat them. - JasperB

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10 Dial Z for Zombies - Treehouse of Horror III

Bart and Lisa accidentally raise the dead and a plague of zombies run wild in Springfield - JasperB

The Contenders

11 Nightmare Cafeteria - Treehouse of Horror V

The Children Of Springfield Elementary are one by one being hunted down by Skinner and Lunchlady Doris to be cooked and served as lunch - JasperB

That's definitely the scariest but its funny

This one is the worst

12 Lisa's Nightmare - Treehouse of Horror II

I love this one so why is it not in the top ten?!

Is this the one with the Monkey's Paw? - Knucklewood

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13 The Raven - Treehouse of Horror
14 The Fat in the Hat - Treehouse of Horror XXIV

It is called all the places you doh stupid.

15 In the Na'vi - Treehouse of Horror XXII

In a parody of Avatar, Bart and Milhouse are sent to Rigel 7 to retrieve a valuable mineral called Hilarium.

16 Send In the Clones - Treehouse of Horror XIII

Peter Griffin was among the clones

17 Fly vs. Fly - Treehouse of Horror VIII V 2 Comments
18 Life's a Glitch, Then You Die - Treehouse of Horror X V 2 Comments
19 Starship Poopers - Treehouse of Horror IX
20 The Diving Bell And The Butterball - Treehouse of Horror XXII

This is the worst segment by far

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1. The Devil and Homer Simpson - Treehouse of Horror IV
2. Time and Punishment - Treehouse of Horror V
3. The Thing and I - Treehouse of Horror VI
1. A Nightmare On Evergreen Terrace - Treehouse of Horror V
2. The Shinning - Treehouse of Horror V
3. Citizen Kang - Treehouse of Horror VI



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