Best Sims 2 Expansion Packs

Out of all the Sims 2 expansion packs, which one do you enjoy the most?

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1 Seasons

Added my favorite neighborhood, and the music and atmosphere brought on in certain seasons makes the game a lot more comfortable to play. - airbb

Definitely the best one because the sims 2 is more like family oriented and this adds a good stuff into this style of playing.

Best one for sure because in addition to weather you get so much stuff with the game.

damn good

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2 Open for Business

I loved the idea about running your own home business and being in charge of everything to do with running and maintaining it. - mholland1997

I made a massive bed shop and hire an employee. Nothing sells and after ten hours my employee leaves and I then another time see her working in another shop - Sambazing

Love all the new items that come with it and always have myself a little salon on my downstairs haha

good game

3 University

Sims 3 University Life was so disappointing compared to Sims 2 University. Sims 2 Uni felt so much more realistic and was way more fun to me! Probably my favorite Sims 2 Expansion.

University was sorta a disappointment in the sims 3 because there was no chef and less majors so I think the sims 2 university makes up for it,

I loved the collage rock music that came with this game, it was also fun to join clubs and rent your own house in university.

This was the first expansion pack I ever played in The Sims 2 and it was a lot of fun! =)

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4 Nightlife

This is my favorite Sims pack of all time. They added cars (with actual animations), over 125 items, love the trailers music, it has something for everyone (partying, gambling, dating, just to name a few). So that's why The Sims 2 Nightlife expansion pack is my favorite Sims (and maybe in general since I only know expansion packs from the Sims) pack of all time.

Nightlife is definitely one of the most useful, fundamental expansions. Who doesn't like cars, community lots, and dating?

Dating, cars, better clothes - Definitely a top three for me

I love it for one reason: MISS CRUMPLEBOTTOM AHAHAAHA

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5 Apartment Life

It makes the game more realistic. I prefer building apartments instead of houses, since there's less building more decorating. Also that girl Michelle Tse, coming with this expansion pack, is my favorite townie of all the sims, her style rocks!

Just by looking at the packs and other thoughts it looks a lot better than many others
I am trying to get my sister to say to get this pack because it is much better but she doesn't want to

I always loved building apartments, and also I think this has the best way it does this. The other games could learn a thing or 2 from this

I really love its apartment living system, it's so real!

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6 Freetime

FreeTime adds so much to the game! It gives you a whole new experience and new methods to activities. The enthusiasm meter is a great addition to the game

I feel like FT adds a whole new dimension to the game. In addition to having a destined hobby that you can use to help direct your Sims' future, you get lifetime aspiration benefits AND secondary aspirations. It makes the game a lot more interesting.

7 Pets

You can become a werewolf. Enough said.

I love having pets in my game.

I love making them in CAP

I am a frog - Sambazing

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8 IKEA Home Stuff

I find an end table saying this this is nice then my friend realises that the exact same one from Ikea is next to me - Sambazing

Love the furniture :) best stuff pack out of the Sims series!

9 Bon Voyage

I think it awesome how you can go on vacation whats life with out a relaxing holiday or a fully packed adventure? And this also means you can get a beach hut as a bonus!

10 Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff

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11 Celebration Stuff
12 Teen Style Stuff

Was pretty good because you get some new clothes for your teens. But I think the new furniture that comes with it makes it even better some of it makes the sims room look twi e as better. 😘

13 Sims 2 deluxe

I LOVE the fact that it had a secret lot in pleasantview

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