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Help me and everyone else decide what is the best expansion pack and which to spend their money on!
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1 Late Night Late Night Product Image

Definitely the best game of all the expansions. The developers really captured the a real artistic element of the city while allowing simmers to get fully involved in a variety of new activities. This expansion however like all the others lacks in something and in this one it is other life stages. Pretty much nothing is added for the toddlers and children although teens have a bit more to explore since they are treated as adults kinda. Apart from that it definitely gives a brilliant city style life along with many features as mentioned before such as vampires and celebrities, but also the amazing new features such as hot tubs and clothes. This and generations if you only can afford 2 are the must haves for game play.

This is the world's best expansion pack!
Childs can now have TREEHOUSES, and they get a cute new awesome park that I absolutely LOVE taking them to! My people have two twin toddlers and they other love everything that generations have given to them. Their teen agers love pranking people, egging houses, using chemistry to create amazing things, etc.! You may have no idea how awesome it is until you truly try it! Don't waste your time with Late Night, which I currently number one. If you're like me, like my comment, and then I'll know just how many people agree with me that giving canes to elders, giving treehouses and new park items for your homes to toddlers, bringing pranks to teens, bringing dress-up to children, and many more things are awesome!
Like my comment so that I know that you are pro generation!

I love how in this expansion you can get piano, bass and drums as well as guitar and start your own band. Also, the new town Bridgeport is awesome because it is a city and you can live in an apartment or high rise (houses are still avaliable too). There are a lot more outfit options on offer for teenagers upwards and there are a lot more mansions than the other towns to live in. Also, playing as a vampire is awesome because you can build skills faster at night, move faster at night, raid storers and hospitals for plasma fruit and live on blood boxes and plasma fruit. I would definitely buy this!

This is a great view on how life in the city is like! Your Sim can earn celebrity points and get free gifts just for being a celebrity! It also comes with amazing new furniture like hot tubs, bars, etc... You get gorgeous new hairstyles and clothes so your Sim can fit right in! Your Sim can be transformed into a vampire by a close fang friend, so you can experience what its like to rely on the moon as your only light. All-in-all, the Late Night expansion pack is definitely one I'd recommend!

2 Generations Generations Product Image

I absolutely have fallen in love with the Sims 3 Generations Expansion Pack! Were you seeking to improve your people's family way of interactions? Thanks to Generations, everything having to do with that is improved!

Want to teach your teens how to drive a car?

You've got it!

Want an AWESOME park for toddlers and children to be taken to to have an absolute blast?

Yep, that's Generations.

Want tree houses, slides, mini-playgrounds, and more to be added to your Sim's store for you to purchase and have in your own backyard?

Yep, generations has it all!

And not to mention the doll that your people can use to make Imaginary Friends with that only they can see, unless you make them real!

One of my favorite things about Sims 3 generations would be the fact that there are more options in the interactions menu.

Did those rebellious children of yours stay out after curfew AGAIN?

Well, now there's more ways to scold ...more

Generations is definitely my fave expansion pack, (I've got ambitions, world adventures and late night). I like to focus more on the family life in sims 3 rather than the career or going out. So generations expands on family life, I love the fact that parents can scold children, put them in time out. Before children had nothing to do in the game, now there are more interactions, they can pretend to be kings/queens, play costume dress up, afterschool activities, have imaginary friends. Also sims now have a reputation for relationships which before would go unnotice, so I think that makes the game more interesting. Finally, they have brought back wedding parties from sims 2, but what's even better is that you can throw bachelor parties, spray nectar bottles, so much fun! This is a must have if you want to expand the family life element of the game!

! I have seasons, university life, ambitions, world adventures, late night and generations.. I find that these expansion packs go together best.. I especially like World adventures with generation cause, sometimes you just need a little vacation with your family.. Or a honey moon, with your newly wed.. Also ambitions goes with this, because of laundry.. I find it hilarious to have a stay at home mom, and have ambitions in your game... My sims, constantly have to do laundry, and the mom, is always so stressed, I find it sooo realistic... Seasons goes well with any game, especially Generations, because of the parties, and Christmas is a day about family... I always have a big family dinner for Christmas and Thanksgiving in my game, I have a huge family, and they're all so cute when together... I especially like when sims die, not in a bad way, but because of generations you can have funerals and with seasons, it's more likely to rain on these days of celebration of life. I've already ...more

I love generations because of the endless possibilities! Your family can actually keep on going for generations! Without generations, your sims (usually children) don't have as much fun and they usually do quite pointless things. Generations gives you the chance to make your kids go to boarding schools, join clubs (which gives you extra skills), have imaginary friends, be prom Queen/King, and it gives an excellent new job! Babysitting! Generations has endless possibilities, and endless fun. Play pranks on adults, become a rebellious sim, who cares about rules!
I would get Generations if you would like more of a family life.
If this sounds good for you, I recommend Generations to you!

3 Seasons Seasons Product Image

I LOVE THIS PACK! I haven't tried all of them, but I gave this one a try, and I don't regret it. I am also in love with the sims pets pack. But when I played, I usually stopped, did a different family and do the same thing over. Then, I came across this pack. It has all the season, all the weather and holidays. They have a festival for every season, u can get sick, throw awesome parties and get frostbite! (I would not recommend trying to get frostbite, it's terrible! ) It even has stray dogs and cats, not just horses! For people who love holidays and animals like me, I would get this one. Just remember to try other packs to!

This is definitely the best expansion pack for The Sims 3. It gives you seasons and weather changes, which are not included in the base game. I really enjoyed the Seasons expansion pack for The Sims 2, but this is even better. It gives you a range of activities depending on the weather which is really cool. It allows you to partake in festivals depending on the season, you can go trick or treating, play in the snow, go snowboarding, swim in the ocean and lots more. In my opinion, this is the best expansion because it supply's you with a realistic view on the seasons.

This game is the best I have all the expansion packs except for late night and supernatural but this one is amazing the festivals are really fun and the aliiens can make meteors come anytime anywhere! Which is pretty epic. My favorite season is spring because I like the sound of the rain it sooths me. But all the seasons have something special about them. You could have a feast party or gift giving party which is my favorite also bring festive cheer with holiday lights. YOU SHOULD GET THIS ONE

This expansion pack is the most in-your-face when it comes to what it adds to the game. Weather has a great effect visibly and audibly, it affects your Sims in a variety of ways big and small, and it changes the landscape and the range of activities that can be done as seasons pass.
The new objects and clothing category are also big additions. From ice-skating to jumping in puddles to catching snowflakes on your tongue and using umbrellas to ward of hail, this expansion pack has a lot to offer!

4 Supernatural Supernatural Product Image

Seriously? You can be a Witch, a Werewolf, a FAIRY, or a ghost, or a Vampire (if you don't have that one other game) and a Genie (if you do have that one other game)

As a Witch, you can have spell casting duels and turn people into toads or cast a love charm!

Werewolves can make you a small fortune with their hunting abilities, and I admit, I love to watch them scratch the furniture!

Fairies can shrink down! And they have their own houses! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR AWESOME! They can have house parties and normal sized humans who can't shrink down to show up? Well, they can just dance outside!

This game offers a lot of new options, why wouldn't you choose this game?

A must-buy for those who like Occults. With the inclusion of witches, werewolves, and fairies, and the return of Vampires. (now with the ability to create them in CAS) gives a lot more options for families. Also, if you already have Showtime, you can also create Genies in CAS.

No, thank you.
Don't even think about asking me that.
Go howl somewhere else, buddy! Get out of my town!
Who wants to have members of the supernatural family pounding on their door asking to eat them or turn them to their own kind?
Nobody does.
Because nobody wants to ruin their town with witches and spooky things, all due to the stupid "moon cycle" thing.
Uh, no thanks.
Well, I'm sorry, but this expansion pack was a waste of programming. I'm not going to get it, and same with my friends. I just want my people to live in a happy, undisturbed town.
That's ALL I'm asking for!
No spooky things, just happiness for my Sims.

The really cool thing is when you get twins, and say, for an example if the mother was a witch and the father was a vampire, then one of the twins would be a witch and the other would be a vampire. There is also a new skill to learn: Alchemy, a powerful craft for making mad experiments with strange elixirs... This expansion really delves in with supernatural creatures, involving special powers and furniture for fairies, vampires, genies, ghosts, witches etc. This game would be a great addition to your Sims 3 collection if your hoping for a special kind of a creature and new and fun activities fit for them!

5 University Life University Life Product Image

A nice way to get a head start in careers, while still being able to socialize with those around you. Three social groups with special careers associated with them, smart phones, the Social Networking skill, the Science skill, the return of Plant-Sims, five different degrees to choose from, you have a lot on offer.

Short, cute little story

My two sims, Claire and Oliver Peterson, are the children of the billionaires Tiffany and Mark Peterson. The two kids were raised well and had a lot of skills Claire was more musically and artistically inclined and Oliver was logical and more handy.

They got full scholarships and went to Uni as YA Claire was in Fine Arts and Oliver in Science and Medicine .

Oliver became apart of the nerd social group and was a total outcast. He talked rarely to no one and just played video games and studied in his spare time alone in his dorm room.

Claire got caught up in boys and her hormones and ahem...let's just leave that here...

After a while, a guy named Terrence at the comic book store started talking to Oliver and the two became instant best friends. They would study together, play video games, hang out, and participate in science projects.

Claire finally accepted a guy's constant beg to go on a date. They had nothing in ...more

I love this expansion, with a juice peg, a bonfire, and many other ways to party it allows you to have on fun night. Another neat thing about this expansion is you can do laundry, have a social status, and have your own smart phone. The smart phone allows you to take pictures from your sims point of view and even text friends. There are three groups jocks, rebel, and nerd, Although they don't define your sim it gives them other capabilities such as doing your school cheer, quizing other people, and doing graffiti. If that isn't cool enough the campus is amazing! It includes a coffee shop, a comic store, a diner, the buildings, sororities, houses, and dorms.

This EP is amazing! Very first one I ever got. Now I have generations, which is probably my second fave, ambitions, which is probably my third, late night and into the future. love this game so much. I have one thing to add- PLANT SIMS! Have you ever wanted to have your sim jump into the ground to get hydrated? No? Well MAYBE THAT'S JUST ME THEN.

If you love the idea of choosing a major for your sims, reading nerdy comic books, going bowling, tagging walls with a little bit of spray-painting-magic, or just livin' in the dorms and throwing crazy parties, this EP is the one for you. Oh, and it bring laundry into the game if you don't already have ambitions. Amazing. A MUST HAVE!

6 Island Paradise Island Paradise Product Image

A lot of exclusive things, like dive lots (utilized with the new Scuba Diving skill), Resort Lots, House Boats, new pool equipment, boats, and a lot more aquatic items. However, when installed with Pets and/or Supernatural, Isla Paradiso can lag out a lot. The easiest solution to this problem is to use mods, otherwise, play with caution.

The Island Paradise EP is one of the most graphically impressive expansion pack's of them all. My favourite addition would have to be the Scuba Diving, and the impressive detail the designers put into it. The sharks add an element of danger, and a new way to die! Another aspect of the Sims 3 Island Paradise I love is owning the resorts. It is amazing, and really actually gives you something to design to your heart's content. The only part of the Island Paradise I dislike is how slow the houseboats are- always buy an additional boat to get around!

I haven't got this game but seeing a lot of very enjoyable lets plays I think it is awesome. You can be s mermaid scuba dive, build a house boat, travel on the sea, build your own resort, be ba lifeguard, find and build on your own private island! Not to mention the cool clothing and furniture like the all-In-one bathroom meaning you can shower and use the toilet at the same time! There is also a new death too! Death by shark! And that's not even everything there is just so much more to discover with this game and it is number one on my to get list!

I know it's new, but it actually offers so many new gameplay features! Not only is it set on a beautiful, colouful island, but the houses are stunning! You can scuba dive, find treasure, discover uncharted islands, own a resort (customize it however you like), water ski, become a mermaid! And so much more. You also don't need a bunch of different expansions to make this enjoyable, it's like a whole new game all on its own. I absolutely suggest this game to any players who want a fun, tropical environment with loads to do :D

7 Pets Pets Product Image

A nice getaway from the "important" stuff. Personally, I don't play with pets that much, but for those who would love to, there is a lot of offer. Dogs, Cats, and even horses are feature with their own traits. Wild Horses and Stray Cats and Dogs run amok. Oh, and also Deer and raccoons just... because. Loads of new "smaller" pets too, like Rodents, Turtles, Reptiles, and Birds.

Are you looking for the best Sims 3 Expansion Pack out there? Well, look no further than RIGHT HERE! The Sims 3 Pets Expansion Pack has everything--and mean it...EVERYTHING--from kittens to puppies, from cats to dogs. Horses are also a wonderful addition to the family. You can create a pet for your household, or you can simply just adopt a pet from the shelter. But, if you adopt one from the shelter, hover your mouse over it first and check out their traits! Make sure that they're not destructive--otherwise they might chew, scratch, and/or destroy your furniture! Anyway, the good thing about creating a pet for your house is that you can determine what you want to pet to look like (you can make them pink, purple, any color you want! ) and decide what their traits will be. Recommended traits: non-destructive, loyal (for dogs), shy (if you want them to just communicate with their family rather than everyone else), etc. The Sims 3 Pets is a great expansion pack, and I recommend it for ...more

Sims 3 Pets is absolutely, totally, amazing. It is not just your average cat, or dog too. There are horses and geckos and chameleons and squirrels and birds and so many different types of animals! It also seems that there is a lot more stuff, not just things for your pets, too, there is things in it that seems they should belong in supernatural, but it is in pets! Things that should be in seasons are in pets! It is truly a lovely game! Also, you have the ability to find wild animals and tame them, and you are able to find wild animals that you can't tame, yet really add depth into the game, like wild deer. This expansion is one of the best available, and I would seriously recommend this game to a friend, family member, or even a random stranger who likes pets or/and the Sims franchise!

I am a crazy cat lady in real life, so my people obviously own tons and tons of cats! LOL!

But they also own dogs, horses, birds, fish, a chipmunk, a squirrel, and a bird. There have the time of their lives! The people AND the animals!

If your people are bored and sometimes find themselves with nothing to do, then get them a pet! Make sure to provide the pet with all of the things it needs, or the social worker will come and take it away! Oh no!

Your people can become happier based on interactions had with the pet, have life-time wishes based off of something to do with pets, and build relationships from bonding with the pet. It's great! My people have had the times of their lives with their pets, and they love that 100%

I would recommend the pets expansion pack to those who love animals and everything to do with them. And, even if you somehow magically hate animals (impossible) in real life, the Sims 3 Pets Expansion Pack will still be a blast, as people I ...more

8 Ambitions Ambitions Product Image

Good for those into a more involved career style. Rather than sending a Sims into a rabbit hole for a while, you are actively controlling the Sims actions. Inventing, Sculpting, Styling, Tattooing, Investigating, and Fire-Fighting are some of the new careers. The medical career also got an upgrade as well, so your not always in the hospital. Plus, with this expansion, you can also net yourself a free 1000 SimPoints for registering it.

In Finland this is named "Unelmaduuni", literally "Dream Job" or "Dream Career", and that is what Ambitions offer. The new skills, Sculpting and Inventing, are well executed, visually pleasing, the Self Employment is a great new option if you wish to make money via your Sim's hobby, and the new Twinbrook neighborhood has nice marsh-y areas fit for hermits and eccentrics as well as luxurous manors on their own separate island. I'd say that this, Into the Future and Supernatural are the top three powerhouses to first flesh out your game, then Late Night, World Adventures, Showtime and Generations, order insignificant, to get spiffy new stuff, and last Uni Life, Pets, and Island Paradise, the former two of which have annoying quirks and irritating bugs (though ItF has some too), and IP has top-notch visuals but experiences serious lag on lower-end computers.

Gotta say it made the gameplay way less repetitive. Firstly, working finally isn't just your Sim disappearing for a few hours inside a prop building with the fun motive going down - most of the week, but you actually do something on-screen. Plus the inventing skill... Get to the 6th level and have lots of fun blowing stuff up. Dayum, thought Grand Theft Auto was hardcore ;P

The Sims 3: Ambitions introduces new career opportunities and control mechanisms into gameplay. Manipulation of Sims' career progressions, actions and interactions during their working are feasible. Additional career pathways introduce a diversity of skill sets available for acquisition. These features, which were absent in The Sims 3, give players greater control of their Sims' career pathways, choices and lives

9 World Adventures World Adventures Product Image

Three new worlds to explore and uncover their secrets. Pretty good. Three skills relating to each world: Martial Arts for China, Photography for Egypt, and Nectar Making for France. It doesn't have a lot of items though. It's alright, but there is better. Make use of the free 1000 SimPoints when you register it.

The expansion pack focuses on travelling to various areas in a manner similar to previous expansions The Sims: Vacation and The Sims 2: Bon Voyage. Sims are able to travel to simplified versions of France, China, and Egypt. At these locations, sims are able to participate in adventures to earn rewards and benefits. Sims are also able to level up in new skills: photography, martial arts, and nectar making. In addition, the expansion pack provides new objects, socials, wishes, and opportunities

This is an absolutely wonderful expansion pack. I feel that it's really the most unique in layout and feel from the base game town and you receive three worlds to explore, compared to the single locale in other EPs. There's a nice element of goal based gaming that you can take or leave thrown in as well. Plus, since it takes up zero base world time, you can go to Egypt on a single day off and make some extra money "exploring" tombs and doing quests to supplement a young Sim's day job and to pay for the trip itself.

I. Love. This. Sure it takes up far too much space, but the uniqueness of it is just amazing. So far from the expansion packs I've noticed, a lot of the so-called new features are really just rabbit holes. On one hand I like them 'cause it means that slower computers can handle them, but on the other I don't because it's a lot of money wasted on very little. But World Adventures is actually about you doing things that you can see and control. It's awesome!

10 Into the Future

A must buy for Sci-Fi Fanatics alike. Plumbots, Hoverboards (known as Widcarvers), Time-Travel, and more Advanced Technology makes a wonderful time.

You can alter the timeline in the future based upon your actions in the present. Travel back and forth and no time passes in the present while you're gone. Create or buy plumbots that can repair, cook, clean, socialize, entertain, give massages or even get their own job to earn you extra simoleans! Turn your future city into a utopia or a dystopia for interesting effects. I also like the fashion, items, city and extra features offered with this one as well. Definitely the best.

You get to go into the future but then you can come back and change the future! The new furniture and clothes etc.. are really cool and you can play a brand new instrument (laser rythmicon (sorry of I spelt that wrong) the best thing is now you can build plum bots who you control and get trait chips for. You can also discover a crashed ship and fly in a jet pack. It is awesome! Excuse me I'm off into the future!

It new so I think that it should be in top 3 right now. YOU CAN CHANGE THE FUTURE! Adding hover cars AND hover boards!? JETPACKS!? I've been waiting from the beginning of the sims for them to make an expansion JUST like this! Only slight downside is that it's should have more plum it customisation options. Other than that, TIME TRAVEL! But they should have had traveling too the past too.

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11 High End Lot Stuff High End Lot Stuff Product Image

Although the stuff your sims can purchase from this pack are expensive, it's well worth the money. It looks amazing in any household and it matches because it's all new and high-tech like stuff you may get from the future without actually having to be there. (Nobody cares about you, Into the Future Expansion Pack! We all love High End Loft Stuff, thank you very much! )

This doesn't count. This isn't a real expansion; it's just a stuff pack.

This is one of the best stuff packs!

I rgret I even bought this.

12 Showtime Showtime Product Image

A bit weak in my personal opinion. If you like rising from the bottom as a Singer, Magician, or Acrobat, then it will be for you. However, it is a bit exclusive to what it's trying to do. Plus, a lot of the items are blocked by the SimPort system. If you don't have friends on, well SOL. At least there are Genies and special interactions with each career. I mostly played as the Magician, so I can tell the story of a Stage Magician rising to become a Wizard. Speaking of Wizard, if you have the Supernatural expansion, you can make Genies in CAS.

Rocking' out like maniac is the best thing to do in the sims 3! Showtime well recommended!
But if you're looking for great rock stars names, I've got them!
Here is a small list:

Free skies
Heart throb
Singer bee
The classic
Fear the fall
Fearing falling
Happy hills
Shoe frill
Downtown area
Downtown steam
Heart death
Death meowers
Happiness hills
Great downtown
Lover of the heart
Kathy douglass
Glass breaker
Corny joke
Faithingly awesome
Daringly awesome
Hope feelers
Heart toucher

Want more awesome names? Type in BEANS! At the top and I will!

This expansion pack is by no means the best, simply the one that doesn't get boring easily. Tired of your 'normal' job? Become a singer. Tired of being a singer? Become a magician. Tired of being a magician? Who cares, there are tons of things to do, even if you don't have any other expansion packs.
It's simple and fun how you can have your sim easily start a family while having a job-- simple and a lot easier than the base game jobs!

It's very exciting when you have activities for your sims to do! And that's what showtime is. It might not be the best expansion. But that doesn't matter. Your sims can be famous, they can live in a new town called starlight shores, and ride in a limo. Your sims can be an acrobat, an singer, and a magician. There is a lot of surprises in this expansion!

13 Master Suite Stuff Master Suite Stuff Product Image

This one is the most amazing stuff pack there is and can possibly ever be! This gives more furniture (mostly for the parents...if you're looking for kid stuff, that's in generations, my favorite expansion pack! )
Thanks! Best one ever--get the grow-ups something SPECIAL for their awesome room, then get generations for their kids that they make... :0

I really love this expansion its come with cool sleep wear

This include really cool outfits and housing items

14 Dragon Valley Dragon Valley Product Image

This isn't technically an expansion; you don't need the disk. You have to buy it off the Sims 3 website and type in the code. When I bought Dragon Valley, I never actually got it to work because it didn't need a disk and the disk was just EA's version of a horrible money grab.

Dragon Valley is great to play with Supernatural, otherwise it's kind of weird to have non magic sims playing around with dragons etc.

I got this for Christmas one year; those dragons are pretty great.

U should of bought the disk because I saw it at the store noob :/

15 70's, 80's and 90's Stuff 70's, 80's and 90's Stuff Product Image

If you also have Generations, it's so funny to have the children watch their grandparents with a strange face as they boogie on the dance floor!
Your a weird-looking' star, grandma!

Love the new outfits and hairstyles lol!
They are so funny and old and strange 70's 80's and 90's! Lol!

We need this as an expansion pack for 2019

Stuff Pack; not an expansion.

16 Movie Stuff Movie Stuff Product Image

Beside this is a stuff pack, it actually add something to the game

When I saw the trailer I was hooked and you can be so famous I have other cool ones so to add this on to them might make a big change

17 The Sims 3 University The Sims 3 University Product Image

I think it's good. It lets you take your sim to college and meet other sims as well

For what reason Is there 2 University life’s

18 Town Life Stuff Town Life Stuff Product Image

This stuff is amazing and is a life saver!

19 Barnacle Bay

I love Barnacle Bay--I have indeed fallen in love with it! You can explore many of the pirate-themed restaurants and buildings to get the whole feel of the place, and make sure to go down to the beach and shop at all of the downtown shops before you go!

It is not good

20 Sunlit Tides

Very good I recommend it

The place is really beautiful and it is good as Isla Paradiso but this one is better because it has better details

21 Monte Vista Monte Vista Product Image

Adds a great new world with new venues and plenty of new foods to try!


22 Date Night
23 Hidden Springs Hidden Springs Product Image

How is this not higher up on the list? Yes, it's only a town, but it a beautiful map with waterfalls and emerald green grass, all of the npcs have interesting backstories and best of all, it comes with The Fountain Of Youth! This is super good because if you (Like me) want the other sims in the town to age while your sims don't, you can! Just take a drink, and eternal youth is all yours! And yes, if you have Supernatural you can just buy the potion but not everyone is into that kind of expansion.

I have it but can't play it I'm so mad cause I can't get the game to start I need help

It reminded me of the movie secret graden

Thisvis a good town

24 The Sims 3: Pets The Sims 3: Pets Product Image

I Love this expansion pack, you can buy pets and get them delivered to you house, then you can buy animal needs like hay, straw, beds, foods, and when your pets are dirty you can bathe them and this was my first ever expansion pack I bought and I don't regret it!

I really do like sims 3 pets however I found it quite hard to keep the horses alive

I love this one you can have pets and it is really cool

Love all my sims pets, and how real they seem to be

25 Midnight Hollow

It's dark, gloomy, Gothic and Victorian. My type of town

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