I love seeing my child sims playing pretend, I love how my teens have so much more to do like learning how to drive (which I am currently doing myself), going to the prom, sneaking out late, throwing parties, pulling off pranks, and getting punished if caught.

Last but not least I love how my adults have mid life crises and my elders walk around with canes and show their friends their grandchildren. I love playing with large families so this expansion really "expanded" my game play in ways that I always wanted. The absolute BEST EXPANSION PACK!

Doesn't life get old and boring when all your people have to do on their free time is just sit around?

Well, thanks to the Sims 3 Generations, they can actually enjoy the time that they spend with each other! They'll have more interactions available and be able to bond more and more quickly, and live awesome lives!

The following are awesome things for each stage:

-Baby--The family can now enjoy them more, thanks to being happier and getting more free time and happiness...yay!

-Toddler--They get more interactions and they are so happy at that age that you may be more likely to be able to pick their traits when they age up...super awesome!

-Child--They can "play pretend" much fun to watch!...which is basically when they just dress up in little costumes and's more fun with more than one kid playing at the same time!...they can also take certain classes such as ballet lessons after school, possibly preparing them for their career ...more

I think that Generations is a great expansion pack because it has a lot of new added features to it. I added it after I added the Pets expansion pack and I noticed there was a lot of new things. My first impression when I saw the box, was that it wouldn't have a lot of new features, but, I was very wrong! You can even try and tell your own story when you were a kid growing up with your parents (if you are a parent yourself now! ) or if you are a kid like me, and you can play the game how you would like your future to spread out (although it might not happen in your life, you can imagine it! ) You can go to prom and maybe be prom King or Queen, have an imaginary friend and EVEN send your kids to boarding school! It is an amazing pack if you want to focus on the family more. Before children had nearly nothing to do with the game, but now, they have lots of interactions, they can pretend to be Kings & Queens, dress up in costumes, do afeterschool activities and have imaginary friends. ...more

! I have seasons, university life, ambitions, world adventures, late night and generations.. I find that these expansion packs go together best.. I especially like World adventures with generation cause, sometimes you just need a little vacation with your family.. Or a honey moon, with your newly wed.. Also ambitions goes with this, because of laundry.. I find it hilarious to have a stay at home mom, and have ambitions in your game... My sims, constantly have to do laundry, and the mom, is always so stressed, I find it sooo realistic... Seasons goes well with any game, especially Generations, because of the parties, and Christmas is a day about family... I always have a big family dinner for Christmas and Thanksgiving in my game, I have a huge family, and they're all so cute when together... I especially like when sims die, not in a bad way, but because of generations you can have funerals and with seasons, it's more likely to rain on these days of celebration of life. I've already ...more

I love generations! When I play Sims 3 I focus more on the family life instead of careers and skills. Generations is perfect for a simmer who loves the family aspect of the games. There's tones of new clothing and CAS items for the kids. Teens can now go to prom and can be crowned prom king or queen, get humiliated, or even dance with your crush. You can also get dates to prom or go by yourself but wait her way you get to drive in a limo! Parents have the interaction to scold their child this is good because your kids can finally be taught a lesson. Oh and you can't forget the after school activities, these can give your child an early start on gaining skills and help them discover what career they would be interested in. And daycare! Your sims can now take care of children all day long, starting from toddlers, then taking care of children after school. Generations is definitely the best expansion pack!

It is amazing, I love the way there is prom and that you can film everything. My most favourite part is that you can have twins; it makes the family better, and a better game. I love seeing my child and teen sims playing pranks on their parents. Also I love they way there is now strollers, so you can go on walks with your children!

Last but not least I love how my adult sims have mid life crisis and that you need to but things for them to make them happy. I love the way elders can now have canes and they have them everywhere they walk! BEST EXPANSION PACK!

I love generations because of the endless possibilities! Your family can actually keep on going for generations! Without generations, your sims (usually children) don't have as much fun and they usually do quite pointless things. Generations gives you the chance to make your kids go to boarding schools, join clubs (which gives you extra skills), have imaginary friends, be prom Queen/King, and it gives an excellent new job! Babysitting! Generations has endless possibilities, and endless fun. Play pranks on adults, become a rebellious sim, who cares about rules!
I would get Generations if you would like more of a family life.
If this sounds good for you, I recommend Generations to you!

You play sims for a real life senerio, and with generations you have an even more realistic life than ever before. You can go to prom, have an imaginary friend, and even the elders have canes now. You play sims to make your dream life to get married, get a huge house, have kids, and even have grand-kids. You play sims for real life, and Sims 3 Generations gives you more of a real life than ever before.

Okay Generations by far in my opinion is the best. I enjoy watching my sims grow up and savoring every moment they have with not only their friends but with their family! I love watching the children play dress up or play with their imaginary friend. I enjoy watching the teens and their prankster type of lifestyle. The adults are seem hilarious with their midlife crisis because my parents themselves are going through it, wanting to look "cool" and drive the "coolest" vehicle.

I think this was only thing that The Sims games were missing. At first when I saw trailer I thought how lame this is, but when I download it it was THE BEST THING EVER! It has more stuff for kids and entertainment, you can have public wedding, playground... The best you have PROM and you can get king or queen! You can play back memories, if you have much kids you can send some of them to boarding school, have imaginary friends! IT'S THE BEST EXPANSION PACK!

Adds more reality too the game, in fact it should be in 3rd place

It is good because it puts more activities in your game. Teens can get in trouble, get put in time out, and even grounded! Your sims can even graduate. You can have better wedding parties, teens can go to prom, and have imaginary friends. If you get tired of a child, you can send them to boarding school.. Elders can have canes. This expansion might not be the best, but it's one of my favorites!

This is the best expansion pack there is! From turning your imaginary friend into a living person to playing up in your tree house with your friends, Generations has EVERYTHING! I vote Generations! How about you? Do you have Generations? If you don't you should REALLY consider it, and get it now before Sims 4 takes over and it disappears. Sims 3 Generations--how will your child grow?

Generation is a world of adventure. It's a real life story. You can play it just like you play your life. You can go to boarding school, elders can have a cane! And also your kids can have imaginary friends! How cool is that! I recommend generation, although it was very hard to choose for ambitions as you can play your work then, still I would pick generations.

Adds so many things to the game that just make it so much more fun! Couldn't play without and is by far my favorite, however if you don't have any other expansions, I recommend something more like Pets or possibly Late Night to add something a little more substantial to the game, like a new town. Defiantly worth it for your second or third expansion.

When you think sims do you think fairies? NO, do you think vampires and late night bars? NO, do you think making a family? YES. I love this expansion pack as it adds ways to get married instead of just eloping and you get a lot of other things such as imaginary friends, a floating bed (lifetime rewards only), family inheritance and more. Its much better

Generations is an amazing expansion pack. I definitely recommend it. It adds a lot to your game. There is so much to do and so much to explore. My favorite part of Generations is that you can enroll your kids in Military schools. They can earn new traits and one back a better person. I also love that your adults can have mid life crises and have bachelor and bachelorette parties. I definitely think that EA out did themselves when they were creating this. It is absolutely extraordinary.

It is adding a huge variety of things to in each age group! You also get lots of new clothes to wear, an imaginary friend for infants that you can transform into a real sim, loads of new cool items and family homes... I just love it! There's also lots of new cool things added, like a water slide, teens can pull pranks now, bunk beds, tree houses, sand boxes, and those springy things that kids ride in the park! If you love making huge families, you will love generations. generations is of course my favourite expansion.

Do you love:
Tree houses?
Children and items for them?
Awesome kids room items and wallpaper/flooring?
Watching happy parents watching their young children grow up?
Generations to go on and on and leave legacies?

If you love all of those things, then get the Sims 3 Generations! It's the best expansion pack there is! It allows you to get further into families and generations and relationships. I would recommend it for those who LOVE all of the things I wrote earlier.

Adds so much to the gameplay and gives family life a realistic tone. Children and teenagers particularly are given significantly more activities to do. With this expansion pack, watching my little families grow has become my favourite part of the game! If you love the family aspect of the Sims 3, then this is definitely a must-have.

This is basically an 'Expansion Pack'. Late Night? The novelty wears off. Ambitions? Proffessions do nothing but get on my nerves now. Seasons? Should have been in the base game anyways. Supernatural? Tell me again why the genre is called LIFE-simulation. I could go on. Fore base gamers who want ONE EP, this is for you! Take the time to learn all the features Generations offers, and you'll never uninstall it. EVER.

I think The Sims 3 Generations is a good expansion because it let's you add on to your sims phases of life letting them have more opportunities, living life to the fullest. Before in the game the phases of life were really dull and not much of a choice with the babies, but generations changes all that you can live life anyway you want!

The sims 3 generations offers much for every age group for example: Toddlers get strollers and a new interaction older sims do to toddlers "Attack the claw" and Elders also get canes and some new interactions like "Boast about Grandchildren" The sims 3 generations offers so much I recommend it!

Its great and I mean honestly get it its worth every penny adds so much stuff (which maes it fun and seriously you wont regret having it
P. S If your needing to choose between for example late night or generations I recommend generations for family simmers and late night for PARTY ANIMALS!

After purchasing the sims 3 starter pack (the sims 3 game with late night & high end loft stuff), I decided to get this one on Amazon. I heard a lot of great stuff and I loved the LP's on YouTube that were centered around this EP. There's some cool stuff that your sims get to do, teens can learn how to drive, you can now throw bachelor and bachelorette parties, you can even go into the day care profession. I was excited that some babies would get imaginary friends through the mail when they are born. If you like playing the Sims 3 based around families then I'd suggest this expansion pack for you.