Island Paradise


Isla Paradiso has lots to offer, compared to other towns. It has dive lots, hidden islands, other small islands, the krakren, resorts, houseboats, allows you to own as many houses as you wish, and MERMAIDS! The dive lots are really cool as the are underwater caves and treasure to be found. But of course you have to be aware of the sharks! The sims 3 Island Paradise is 100% worth buying and it has the fun you can't get from any other sims expansion pack! If you don't own it BUT IT NOW!

I was planning on waiting until the prices went down to buy this, but after reading reviews I couldn't wait any longer. It was worth every cent. I have this, Generations, Late Night, and Pets and I think this and Generations are the best by far. With so many new features and clothes, Island Paradise is definitely a must-have for any simmer. The only problem I have is that all the houses are kind of far away from the town, but that's an easy fix.

Oh man, I only got the game because it was number 4 on this list. And I'm still wondering why I didn't get it sooner. Just make sure you have a good running computer and you'll find yourself immersed in the graphically intricate piece this pack is. From the lots to underwater to the outfits and objects and the variety of fish and activities, you'll never get bored with this pretty game.

After almost a year of installation, I'm still in awe.

Island Paradise was a beautiful and fun experience, I loved having my sims live there. For my adventurous ones they would scuba dive and maybe even get into a fight with a shark! For my cowards and laid back ones they would sit back and enjoy their resort. One time I bought mermaid kelp and I was going to turn my sims daughter into a mermaid, but I looked away for five seconds and the doofus ate it! :0

Island Paradise is an amazing game. It has so many things to do such as scuba diving, finding treasure, finding caves, fighting a shark, discovering new islands, and my favorite - Creating your own resort! There are also houseboats that are so adorable, I love this new feature. It even comes with a new town, Isla Paradiso. I have used all the Sims 3 expansion packs and this one is my absolute favorite.

I haven't got this game but seeing a lot of very enjoyable lets plays I think it is awesome. You can be s mermaid scuba dive, build a house boat, travel on the sea, build your own resort, be ba lifeguard, find and build on your own private island! Not to mention the cool clothing and furniture like the all-In-one bathroom meaning you can shower and use the toilet at the same time! There is also a new death too! Death by shark! And that's not even everything there is just so much more to discover with this game and it is number one on my to get list!

Beautiful new town, and clothes and hair. You can own a resort, live on a houseboat! Too cool. New people to friend, and many more! I understand why people to not like. you can become a supernatural creature, a mermaid! This is the first time you can scuba dive and apparently you can have an easier birth at home. Anyone who's looking for a new expansion pack, this is it.

This game is amazing! I'm still crazy about it! We get so much more activities for our sims to do along with a gorgeous new town. From the extraordinary houseboats (and the ability to make our own) to water boats and skis to the kraken, this game will keep me playing for years to come!

I have to say, this is my favourite! Before it came out, I really wanted to own a hotel and have mermaids, and in here a resort isn't too far from a hotel, and there are mermaids... I would go on and say everything I love about it and why but it would take me forever to write :D :)... Definitely an expansion to get

This is the first expansion I got and I wouldn't change that because of the many thing you can do such as scuba dive have houseboats and run your own resort. I really want late night and university now though

This game is seriously so awesome! The fact that you can build your own resort is so fun and finally they can swim in the Ocean! Also, your sim can become a mermaid. And they can own more than one house with the new real astate option. Plus you can live on a house boat. There are so many new thing to do and try in this expansion pack it's crazy. Believe me you won't regret it

The only thing I really do not like about Island Paradise is when you have mermaid, and they are pregnant, my mermaid swam to the hospital to give birth... They also swim everywhere they go, it takes a lot of time as well... You can't even upload mermaids to the exchange.

So fun, I love the mermaid feature and the island is so cool. the house boats are a massive bonus, I think this is a good option. I don't know about you but I always like expansion packs with new hair for my sims, this has lots of new features for your sims in create a sim

It's crazy the things that you can do in this game! It was my first expansion pack and the fact that you can turn into a mermaid and have mer-children drew me in! Not to mention that there is the Kraken which is only too difficult to discover!

Haven't played it yet, but it sounds like a whole new unique world, and I can really picture myself as being some millionaire in a white suite, owning lots of 5 star resorts, having a mansion of a house boat and woohooing and skinny dipping with a different beautiful mermaid every night in a huge pool with a fountain. But I think the Islands name is a bit lame ( hah! That rimes! ) and I would rather change it to the Thirsk World Empire's Tropical Islands of Ultimate Power and Blissful Beauty, or something like that.

I love this expansion pack, especially when I can become a resort owner.. It's pretty fun as I can collect 4000 simoleons (I think I spelled it wrong!? ) but I personally think isla paradiso is a beautiful world ;)) my favorite

This expansion has so much in it from houseboats to mermaids it's so fun, there is a lot to do like run a resort and unlock islands you can also own more than one lot now and the real estate system is much better.

I love this game it's so fun! You can scuba dive, see sharks, unlock secret islands, and own 5 star resorts! There are house boats and lots of fun jobs like a life gaurd or hotel owner!

This expansion pack is AMAZING! I love the way you can make your own resorts! And have private islands, mermaids, and lifeguard career! LOVING THIS EXPANSION PACK, worth the 30.00 DOLLARS! SO WORTH IT!

Its so Cool! You Can Have A Houseboat and you can be a lifeguard you can meet mermaids as well! Get island paradise its so good and id recommend it to anyone its the best expansion pack ever!

The island is beautiful and there are lot's of things to do you can scuba dive own a resort have a house boat discover treasure and even become a mermaid this expansion pack is so good

Every one was saying Whats the point of the ocean so maxis made this awesome pack with mermaids shells and best of all paradis in the all new isla paradiso

I love the new options! You can build a resort, you can turn into a mermaid by eating kelp, you can scuba dive and snorkel, you can boat and you can live in a house-boat. MY favorite!

Absolutely Amazing. Scuba diving and resorts change COMPLETELY the gameplay. Treasures, water ski, MERMAIDS (and their babies too! ), customization, and 3 new funny and raging deaths! Not only it is on a beautiful island, it adds so much to all the beach lovers out there (and some that hate beaches too! ). Has so much loads to do! :D

It offers a lot of new features! Like owning a rest and becoming a mermaid and finding treasures, scuba diving, shark attacks, It has a lot of new, very exciting adventures!