When this does come out in October, I am definitely going to buy it because having pets definitely makes life more fun, so if you implement it into The Sims 3, you're going to get mass amounts of fun. - MissChainChomp

I just love having pets in my game it's so much fun I love it. I already have it and I just love everything about it. Buy it! There is so much things you can do with pets it really cool!

Sims 3 Pets is absolutely, totally, amazing. It is not just your average cat, or dog too. There are horses and geckos and chameleons and squirrels and birds and so many different types of animals! It also seems that there is a lot more stuff, not just things for your pets, too, there is things in it that seems they should belong in supernatural, but it is in pets! Things that should be in seasons are in pets! It is truly a lovely game! Also, you have the ability to find wild animals and tame them, and you are able to find wild animals that you can't tame, yet really add depth into the game, like wild deer. This expansion is one of the best available, and I would seriously recommend this game to a friend, family member, or even a random stranger who likes pets or/and the Sims franchise!

This is an OKAY expansion pack. I mean, It can be a hit or miss type of deal. I like to keep my sims free and unbound to work and labor. I only got ONE pet for my sim, and it's the equivalent to taking care of nine toddlers with only one adult sim. It can quickly become a CHORE for your sims, so consider buying with caution.

Pets do add realism to the game, but when it becomes too realistic and waste away your sims lives just so the pet can eventually die like you didn't just spend your time with the pet trying to avoid social care is when I draw the line lol.

I really like it because I love animals and have always imagined having horses on my "farms" - farms with no animals but - I used to make stalls out of random building supplies that I had. But I am now so happy because I can have pets. Especially horses. I love horses. The only issue is that they don't have the dog breed labs. I love labs and can't get them in the sims. Why?

This is my favorite expansions because it adds pets! If you love animals, then you will love this pack. I enjoy creating whacky animals with odd colored fur. You can literally make my little pony with the new horses! The customization is unreal! In my opinion, the new world Appaloosa Plains is stunning while not being laggy! You can own a farm down by the river, or live in the little village near the town! It is very cool how you can train your horses and enter races for money! With all cats, dogs, and horses, there are so many options and traits to choose from! Make sure to discipline your pets for being bad and encourage them to be good, so that they can gain or loose certain traits! When I am creating pets, I usually give them the non-destructive trait so that they don’t destroy my house! Trust me, if your simm is busy, when they come home from work they will witness a very trashed house, as they can destroy anything from chairs to beds. This is why if you have a working sim it ...more

The best expansion pack! While others may add new furniture or scuba diving or vampires, this pack adds an entirely new experience. It allows you to have your favorite furry friends from real life into your game as well! There are so many breeds of animals, and you can even ride your horses around town! This pack also adds a lot of new furniture, clothes, and hairstyles, not to mention many traits and lifetime goals. You can buy and sell pets at any time! definitely a must have!

Pets is so cool! Before I got this expansion pack I couldn't adopt a pet, like a dog, or a cat, or a horse, and I couldn't even buy a bird cage! This confused me because I saw a friend of mine adopting a dog on her s3 world, but it never worked for me! But the sims 3 pets comes with dogs, cats, horses, and finally, A BIRD CAGE!

I always wanted to get a pet dog for my sims family so I looked it up and BAM there it was! I love this expansion pack so much. It gives you the option from cats dogs horses rodents lizards and birds. The kids love playing with Belle (the dog) and teaching her new tricks. I just really love it.

It's the best! Sims 3 has a lot of features that should be in it, one of them being pets! It adds cats (I am such a cat person), dogs, horses, and just the environment! It now has chipmunks and deer! One of the best things ever added to sims 3!

I have Pets, Island Paradise, University Life, Ambitions, World Adventures and I LOVE all of them but my favourite has to be Pets I mean you can have horses, cats, dogs, and lots of other things you can also see a unicorn! I'm a unicorn breeder!

BEST EXPANSION EEVUR! It totally adds lots and lots of new activities to do! You can train horses and have them race, you can have dogs and train them, you can have cats and train them. You can make them have baby cats, baby dogs, and baby horses! You can even have fish, birds, squirrels, and more! Definitely get this one. You would be very happy with it. You and your sims will have SO MUCH FUN!

Awesome! I made a stable on my lot and my sim-family became ranchers! They had horses, 2 dogs and a barn cat! My dogs were a boy and a girl, the girl was a German shepard and the boy was a black lab. My cat was a mix and I had lots of horses. Get PETS!

I played this game at my friend's house and I loved it! You have so many choices, with animals and all. The only thing is, I can't play it at my house because I can't install it. I loved playing it at my friend's, though!

This is number one right here! You can have farms, horses, dogs, cats, and most exciting, unicorns! Plus there is three new traits, new toys for pets, and a station where you can train your horses!

Pets should be #1! There are so many things you can do with you Sims' pets in general, never mind everything that comes with them! The hunting, the space rocks, the dog and cat parks, everything!

I love The Sims 3 Pets! I would definitely recommend this expansion pack because pets just add so much more to your sims life, and you get to control pets and make them look and behave however you want just like normal sims! Pets can even learn skills as well I love pets definitely my favourite EP!

This is the best expansion I have ever played it has horses wild animals and even farms! I can't wait for the sims 4 version (if there is going to be pets in sims 4) it is definitely the best game ever!

This one is so cute! I love it because you can play with your pets if you have nothing else to do, which happens pretty often to my people! Thanks you for creating this game, I LOVE my five cats! Lol!

I absolutely love this game! I am a massive horse fan as it is so this game is right up my street. It adds more flavour into the Sims lifestyle and gives you awesome opportunities like adopting a unicorn.
I also have Sims 3 Late Night and Supernatural. I find the combination if the three to give me a nice balanced game with loads of cool stuff.

I loved this addition to the sims 3 as it creates a whole new aspect to create a sim. you can add so much detail to your pets and define every inch of them! I love this expansion pack so much!

This is one of the two expansions that it feels like they put the most effort into, the other being World Adventures, and this one doesn't lag the game to death, so it's my favourite.

This is number one. This has a lot of cool things and you have pets. I have about three dogs and a cat. I love this expansion pack. I should not be number seven

I enjoy this pack not only because you can have a cat or dog but because you can be a cat or dog. It also allows your sim to be a vet and you can own a horse ranch. Best pack by far

The Sims 3: Pets is the fifth expansion pack for The Sims 3 on PC and Mac, and is the second console game in the series. It was released on October 18, 2011 in North America