This is definitely the best expansion pack for The Sims 3. It gives you seasons and weather changes, which are not included in the base game. I really enjoyed the Seasons expansion pack for The Sims 2, but this is even better. It gives you a range of activities depending on the weather which is really cool. It allows you to partake in festivals depending on the season, you can go trick or treating, play in the snow, go snowboarding, swim in the ocean and lots more. In my opinion, this is the best expansion because it supply's you with a realistic view on the seasons.

I've been waiting for a weather type game for ages now and this is exactly what I wanted and so much more! Winter is by far my favourite season and I do love the hot dog costume.

I really want seasons so badly! You can have holidays, season festivals, and your sims can become ill from winter. (which I think is a realistic feature). Plus if you have University Life you can get a spring break! And your sim can die by getting struck by lighting, freeze to death, and I think you can get heatstroke but I'm not sure. Plus there is new objects, two new traits, and new clothes!

I LOVE THIS PACK! I haven't tried all of them, but I gave this one a try, and I don't regret it. I am also in love with the sims pets pack. But when I played, I usually stopped, did a different family and do the same thing over. Then, I came across this pack. It has all the season, all the weather and holidays. They have a festival for every season, u can get sick, throw awesome parties and get frostbite! (I would not recommend trying to get frostbite, it's terrible! ) It even has stray dogs and cats, not just horses! For people who love holidays and animals like me, I would get this one. Just remember to try other packs to!

You definitely should get this one, it adds seasons (DUH)! Tired of it being sunny all the time? Getting bored with the plain old sims game? Then you should definitely get this one! It adds lots of stuff! It can be snowing, raining, hailing and MORE! It also adds all of the fun holidays we love, Halloween, Easter, Christmas (or Hanukkah). It also adds a festival, that has lots of fun activities, snowboarding, skating, picture booth, hot dog eating contest, and more! This is certainly one you should get.

This expansion changes the whole gameplay, it adds so much to every time you play. It's really a lot of fun with all the festivals and stuff and the furniture looks gorgeous too! I never build houses anymore without any of that furniture. It's just the best!

Best one! You get so much with Seasons like different types of Party's and festivals. Also you get much more actions for example Ice skating or building a snowman and getting a spray tan! The downside is you don't get another town but still it's a must have!

I think its the best because it has lots of stuff to get on it it also has allot more features then the others, it can be the best, but if you think its not, its you're opinion, 12 percent of the people had it as number one so I am sure its the best, it also has soccer in it, we all love soccer, you can also do tanning which is also so cool

This expansion pack is the most in-your-face when it comes to what it adds to the game. Weather has a great effect visibly and audibly, it affects your Sims in a variety of ways big and small, and it changes the landscape and the range of activities that can be done as seasons pass.
The new objects and clothing category are also big additions. From ice-skating to jumping in puddles to catching snowflakes on your tongue and using umbrellas to ward of hail, this expansion pack has a lot to offer!

So much fun and lots to do! This is a great expansion because it makes every other one much more fun. Although I don't like it when it turns into Winter on Island Paradise. I think that it is my second favorite and comes with much more stuff to do than the other ones. I still haven't even done everything yet,

I think seasons is the best expansion pack yet. It makes things far more realistic and it bring more and more features to the game. It would not be the same without this expansion pack - worth every single penny. Would still buy it if it was more expensive :) Its a total must buy.

I think this EP makes the game very realistic, not just adding seasons but holidays, festivals and one of my favourite features... ALIENS! A must have EP if you play Sims 3 and love playing in a realistic style!

Well Seasons add an element to the game that other expansion packs don't. You finally have a purpose to wear really puffed up clothes and you can customize your Sim to what you think is appropriate for the weather. Also because you can be sick. The hospital has more of an effect

Spring is immensely colourful, Fall is very eventful, Summer is lively and hot, and Winter is just all around peaceful and beautiful. Rain changes your sims plans on eating outside for a picnic and instead drink hot cocoa inside. Snow covers the ground just itching your sims to play in. The whole neighborhood comes together each season for festivals, parties, and fun gatherings.

Every game should have weather in it.

The seasons had so much more activity to the town! Central park becomes a festival during each season and your Sims can throw more parties, like a gift-giving and a costume party! There's also many new items available too! I absolutely love it!

This is adds way more content then we simmers expected. You can see the rain falling of the roof or take your sims to the festivals in town. You can also go trick or treating and do many more things with a holiday for each season.

I have Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Seasons and University life.. This one is definitely the best, it changes the game entirely and is the most game changing our of all the expansions.

Really good! I especially love the variety of events and all the different types of parties that you can have like gift giving parties and costume parties. Really great expansion pack and I totally recommend it!

The Sims 3 Seasons is the game to beat! Now that they have added weather, the game is so realistic! Every Winter, I always put Holiday House Lights on my house, because they look amazing! Love this expansion pack!

This is the best, adds so much to the game. Seasons, Pets and Generations are must haves they make this game so much fun than it already it is. If you do get bored of the Sims 3 I also would say Sims 2 is also amazing!

Sims isn't sims without seasons! Can you imagine a world without storms and sunburn? Actually island paradise is nowhere near as good without seasons, because you can't get tanned without it... or sunburn!

Amazing Texture's And Ways Your Sims Can Enjoy Themselves, I Believe This Expansion Pack Is The Best Of Them All. You Have Festivals Which Is The Best Place For A Proposal!

I'm about to get it today and all the research I have done today has really helped! THANK YOU! I am really looking forward to playing it now and that story was amazing! Really sad but still amazing!

You'll get over being a vampire, and having a cool new job. But you won't get over watching your sims have fun In the seasons. Watch as your sims grow, while the seasons go by! (Seriously, it's fun.)

Seasons brings life to the game. It makes every day a little different, with either fog, rain, or sunshine. It gives the game a bit of that magic that definitely changes how your sims live.