Best The Sims 3 Plus Expansion Packs

I want know what is the best The Sims 3 Expansion Packs (Plus).

The Top Ten Best The Sims 3 Plus Expansion Packs

1 Seasons

It makes the game more realistic along with base game, so you have all the real weather contents! - simsfanss

2 Supernatural
3 Pets

There are so many things to do with dogs, cats and others in pets.I mean there are skils for them and can also do wacky things such as eating trash (for dogs) and drinking toilet water (for cats). They have traits and can be controlled.I find this the funniest expansion pack ever.

I love puppy's that is why I like this pack

"Pets" is unbeatable.

4 Showtime

You can be a genie :) that's all

This pack is amazing!

I love show time

5 University Life

''You can go to college which is amazing! ''
''It just makes it more realistic''

6 Generations
7 Ambition
8 Late Night

Be a vampire and a celebrity!

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