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101 Kris Kristofferson

What he only won "writer of the year" like 5 times in a ROW- Belongs in
the top 10 at least - ifnotforgrace

Probably the most underrated singer/songwriter of all time (by those not in the biz)

The genius of Kristofferson escapes many. But that is ok.

His lyrics are right up there with Dylan's.

102 Laura Nyro Laura Nyro

Laura Nero has the best voice of women, creative lyrics and wrote her own songs.

She was one amazing songwriter. Bob Dylan liked her chords apparently.

103 Kyo (Dir en grey) Kyo (Dir en grey) Kyo is a Japanese musician, poet and singer-songwriter. He is best known as the vocalist of the metal band Dir en grey. He has been with the band since its inception in 1997 and was formerly in La:Sadie's.

He's lyrics ARE amazing & he should be #1! - Niikura_Akonya

104 Veronique Sanson
105 Aria Tesolin
106 Dave Grohl Dave Grohl David Eric "Dave" Grohl is an American rock musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer. He is best known as the drummer for the grunge band Nirvana and the vocalist/guitarist for the alternative rock band Foo Fighters.

The man was in two of the best bands ever and wrote and performed the entire first Foo Fighters album. Half the people ahead of him on this list have their songs written for them or don't have a single instrument in their songs

Dave Grohl is not only the former drummer of one of the defining bands of the early 90s grunge movement, but his current band Foo Fighters has been on top of the world for over two decades now. How is he not even in the top 100?!?

A top 50 writer for certain! Great talent!

107 Martin Gore

He's a genius! Sensitive yet human, mysterious yes so universal! Sublime!


108 Patti Smith Patti Smith Patricia Lee "Patti" Smith is an American singer-songwriter, poet, and visual artist who became a highly influential component of the New York City punk rock movement with her 1975 debut album Horses.

Of course patti smith is at 65. I should be glad shes this high.anyway, in my opinion, shes the only person who comes close to dylan in terms of lryics - RecklessGreed

109 Matt Bellamy Matt Bellamy Matthew James "Matt" Bellamy is an English musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and compose most famous for being the main vocalist in alternative rock band Muse.

Why matt in 106.. he must be in the top 10! Just listen soaked by adam lambert and uprising by muse... he is guitarist of decade in Q MAGAZINE...

what? 83?! His beautiful voice combined with his creativity is pure art, he really deserves to be much higher.

What an amazing MUSEician (pun intended haha), Matt is easily the best guitarist to come out of the early 2000s. Not many can match his distinctive, beautiful voice either.

110 Arsen Dedic
111 Dan Fogelberg

Underrated, as always. Really had a beautiful voice.

Not one better at blending words and music.

112 Marvin Gaye Marvin Gaye Marvin Gaye was an American singer, songwriter, and musician, and is regarded as one of the greatest singers of all time .
113 Amy Winehouse Amy Winehouse Amy Jade Winehouse was an English singer and songwriter known for her deep expressive contralto vocals and her eclectic mix of musical genres, including soul, rhythm and blues, and jazz.

Amy Winehouse toward the bottom? What is wrong with people? She spoke to lots of women when no one else could. She deserves to be at least in the Top 20, and definitely before Taylor Swift! Whoever put Taylor on such a high rank needs to listen to real music.

114 M. Shadows M. Shadows Matthew Charles Sanders, better known by his stage name M. Shadows, is an American musician, best known as the lead vocalist, songwriter and founding member of the American heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold.

Why is he on this list at all? I don't want to live in a world where M. Shadows is barely outside of the top 100 songwriters of all time.

115 Steve Earle
116 Michael McDonald
117 Karla Bonoff V 1 Comment
118 Kate Bush Kate Bush

This Woman influenced a fleet of female singer songwriters and should be right at the top of this list, which has no real value. She was the first woman to reach number 1 spot with a first self penned song :Wuthering Heights.

She is consistently amazing, so much better than all the people above her!

119 Anthony Kiedis Anthony Kiedis Anthony Kiedis is an American singer and songwriter best known as the lead vocalist of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers, which he has fronted since its inception in 1983.
120 Tom Waits Tom Waits Thomas Alan "Tom" Waits, born December 7, 1949 is an American singer-songwriter, composer, and actor. more.

perfect. Witty lyrics of Dylan with the most innovative and experimental music you will hear. Pure genius.

Very original artist who is a somewhat aquired taste... But when you've listened to a couple of hours of his work you'll begin to realise what a genius he is and will be looking at more of his music.

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