Paul McCartney

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Sir James Paul McCartney is an English singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer . With John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, he gained worldwide fame with the rock band the Beatles, one of the most popular and influential groups in the history of pop and rock music .


Absolutely the greatest musician of the 20th century and definitely the greatest songwriter of all time. When you're talking songwriters, Sir Paul along with Bob Dylan and John Lennon must come to your mind first. The way he creates melody, the easiness he combines it with beautiful lyrics, the fact that he has written amazing songs of all types of music, like rock n roll, pop, folk, hard rock and even metal(!) and that he is the most successful personality in the history of the business places him many steps above the other two. Bob Dylan himself admitted that McMartney is the only musician he is in awe of. John Lennon once explained Rolling Stone magazine the difference between him and Paul: "Paul is more of a melody writer and I am more of a groove writer. He likes writing songs about love, happiness, sadness and generally catching the audience's feelings, while I am more the guy that writes songs that express myself ". Moreover, "Yesterday" the most covered ...more

Paul is worried about his writing legacy - he says he wrote everything, belittling Lennon's contribution - which is probably nearly true. McCartney is truly the greatest composer along with Bach and Mozart. In fact more memorable than Bach Mozart. A big head, but I would have a big head with his degree of inspiration.

I will give Dylan his due for being a great songwriter but McCartney has him beat really by your own admission he is the most successful songwriter in history. That should say it all. He wrote more great songs than Lennon and even on some of Lennon's best songs Paul co-wrote many of those. I could agree with McCartney as number 1 and it is a toss up between Lennon and Dylan for the second spot and I would give it to Lennon because of the fact both were great but Lennon wrote more hits.

Considering that McCartney wrote the bulk of each song of his works with Lennon. It is Paul who is#1. He wrote Yesterday, Let It Be, The Long and Winding Road, Hey Jude, The Fool on The Hill, Two of Us, Blackbird, And I Love Her, Eleanor Rigby. The bulk of the Beatles beautiful songs for the most part were written by Paul.

Paul is the greatest song writer of all time. Lennon and Dylan are trash in comparison. The only reason Dylan is listed as the best according to The Rolling Stones magazine is because he's a Jew Ney Yorker, just like writers at the rolling stone magazine. People praise Lennon's imagine. It's not even a great song. People say it's the best piano ballad of all time, McCartney is the king of piano ballads. He's written Hey Jude, Let it Be, The Long and Winding Road, and others. Compare McCartney songs to Dylan's and Lennon's. Paul's are better. Heck, Jimi Hendrix covered Dylan's All Along the Watchtower, and Hendrix's version is the only one most people know about.

Paul McCartney is the greatest and most successful composer of all time... PERIOD! 1. Paul McCartney, 2. John Lennon, 3. Bob Dylan... Thank god for Paul Simon, Carole King, George Harrison, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and Brian Wilson too! - frank

Who is the most inventive and most talented composer, singer and musician of all time beside Paul. No one. I love John, his acolyte, and not so much Bob Dylan but lets face it, who composd the biggest hits with the Beatles, Wings and solo? Who composed many classic album? Who composed for so many artists many other hits? SIR PAUL. He is simply the best of all. No doubt.

He has written over a hundred great hits. Show me another songwriter with the same or a better output. Perhaps, only Bob Dylan or Paul Simon can equal him.

I am a huge Beatles fan, and I love john. But honestly, if john lennon was never murdered, Paul would be more recognized and number 1 on the list. Even with the rock and roll hall of fame, he should've easily gotten in the year he was eligible. And this is coming from a guy who's favorite Beatle is ringo, and second favorite is George.

Paul is great. After all the great songs he's written, Too Much Rain from Chaos and Creation may be his best song ever. Until he writes something even better.

If any of the Top 10 Lists deserved to get NO1 - Paul McCartney or John Lennon should be No1 and No2 - they are to far ahead of the field except for Bob Dylan.

This is all subjective and so the only thing that's objective is who had the most success as a songwriter and McCartney is number 1 -- end of issue.

For me it's the best songwriter before john Lennon, Hey jude, yesterday, let it be, maybe I'm amazed, live and let die, helter skelter...

Gotta love John, but Paul is the best songwriter and melodist of all time in my opinion. He is truly an inspiration!

Paul should be number 1 his melodies and lyrics are the most influential and beautiful in the history of music.

Paul McCartney, hands down, is THE best singer/songwriter of ALL time, no comparison to any other, period.

I am a singer songwriter with chart success in SA. Paul is way ahead of anyone else in terms of songwriting. If you look at the structures of Dylan or Lennon songs chords bridges choruses etc they don't compare to paul. And we talking about 40 / 50 songs. He s not number 1 all time for no reason. Let the facts speak for themselves guys. Paul is also a better singer than the other two.. Vocal range tone technique.

He can do anykind of music and be successful with every kind. Who can do that. He also one of the greatest bass players and he has a great voice range. He is the modern Mozart. No doubt and no competition.

The most naturally gifted melodist the world of pop has ever known.

Check the facts he is the most successful songwriter of all time or at least from 1890-present.

It's one thing to be in an epic band but it's an other to be a legendary song writer

He produced music with artists that didn't even fit in his genre. He is the best.

He is hundred times better than Josh Groban who leads the ranking.

Not much comparison. The Beatles are the greatest. John and Paul.

Paul should be 2 only behind John.