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Connie Talbot (Born November 20th, 2000) is an English child singer, who rose to fame as a finalist on the first season of Britain's Got Talent. She is currently active as an independent music artist on YouTube.


She has an incredible voice! She can even sing songs allot better than the original artists. I really like her, and she deserves to win because she sings so beautifully and I could listen to her voice all day! I am a big fan of Connie Talbot.

Connie Talbot Has the sweetest voice I ever heard. Her singing is just perfect. She make every note. One song she sing so good is Rolling in the deep at the Young Voices in UK. I love to listen all the time. She sing with heart and she getting into her songs. She has Gift that every few people has. Love you Connie!

Connie Talbot is greatest singer.
Connie's voice and smile, has the power to makes people happy. So I have got a happy every day from Connie. And, gently anyone, Connie is always smiling. So, song is not only good, Connie is a great person. So, We are Conniefriends loves Connie.

Connie is a singer who has a voice that has character. Moreover, she was very friendly to fans. She called to his fans as friend. In twitter, she always reply mention the fans if there have a time. I think she's so kind, humble, and very lovely. I love that.

Connie Talbot is not only an amazing singer, but a sweet, young child who is giggly and full of life. She wants to make her fans happy all of the time, and is constantly just being herself. Not to mention that her singing is heavenly. She is down to earth, and just... Connie.

Connie is a great singer. She is a phenomenon. I'm doing my best just to promote Connie Talbot in our country here in Philippines. Can't wait 'til she sounds when she is 16. She sings in a perfect pitch and cute at the same time. I became her fan since the day I saw her on BGT. She's so unbelievable.

Connie don't need to practice for something she only sing and put her video on you tube she don't care what others will say but maybe she know that all of us love her so much. She don't need make-up to win our hearts she is just natural and we all love her

My friend and I have been listening to Connie for years and I often choose listening to Connie Tablot covers over the original version! She is absolutely lovely, charming, and purely fantastic. Her voice has matured tremendously as she has aged and it shows through with each new cover she provides via-Youtube. I cannot wait to see how she has advanced within five years time. She always wows me. She can truly sing anything.

Connie has an incredible talent, she is not Only the best singer cute she makes people happy when she sings. Connie has a very bright future ahead of her. Looking forward to her new album out soon.

She is one of the most talented singers in the world. I watched a video that she imitated Adele to sing Rolling In the Deep from which I deeply believe she can sing even better than Adele in the near future. Keep it up.
And her songs have a strong appeal, such as Heal the World, Imagine, Count on me and her new song Beautiful World. When listening her songs, there is always a strong power that can purify my mind and remove negative emotions and I always feel so eased. Listening her songs is a kind of enjoyment.
Thank Connie for giving us such beatiful songs. I vote for her and hope she can be the best singers of 2013.

Connie is definitely one of the best singers of her age but also is just as good as seasoned adults. She inspires many with here beautiful voice, as well as her beautiful soul. She is very caring and giving. She is also a true musician in my eyes, as she is very accomplished on the piano and is also very good on the guitar for a short time of learning. She also has written some beautiful songs and lyrics for her age.

I love Connie's voice and I Know that she will be a great performer singer. She has a powerful voice that I think even she doesn't know that yet. I just hope she feels music better than she shows because her voice is tremendously good.

Connie is a great singer and a great human being. I love the way she sings every song, her voice is soulful and emotive. I will always love her and support her.

I think that connie has the best voice in this world.. She is an amazing singer and she is a wonderful person.. When you hear connie's voice you feel in peace.. She is like an angel brought to life. If you don't like connie's voice is because you are not a b

Connie is an amazing singer with nice personality. I think she is very very friendly. Connie said she don't like call her fans 'fans' but, they are 'friends'! Yeah :D connie is wonderful! Really talented!

Connie is the most talented girl I have ever seen and heard! Her voice is very deep, strong and full of emotions. We are waiting for her concert in Poland! Keep going, Connie!

Connie Talbot is Amazing, Gifted, Stunning, Charming, Awesome. How would you expect a 12yr child to be that incredible? And also I love how she entertains her fans throughout the world. Thumbs Up to Connie Talbot

Connie is supremely talented, beautiful, yet perhaps the most soulful of contemporary singers. She sings of deep love and touches your heart with hers and it is totally unforgettable. She has just begun her full development. Connie will likely be one of the greatest artists of all time.

Connie like my best friends. She don't like to call me fans but friends. Go vote her because she is amazing singer and have kind personality:) Thanks, sonya xx

Connie Talbot is unusual. Musically gifted, totally comfortable on stage, charming, warm, and beautiful she exudes star quality. All of this at only 12 years old. Great in the recording studio and even topping that off with being a mesmerizing live performer. Just watch this little beauty, she will become one of the world's great entertainers.

Connie Talbot is an amazing singer, she has a truly %100 god given talent, and a peerless vocal talent. She will have the same long music fame time as Britney Spears, because people won't dislike her, she will grow up and will get better with more years of experience. I love her

Connie has singing and performing in her DNA and, in addition to her fantastic talent, she has a personality that people connect with and enjoy immediately. It is unbelievable, but at 12 years old, Connie has been singing professionally for half her life and has released four albums and two singles. Connie is one very remarkable young lady.

Connie Talbot is really amazing! Her voice is so sweet and don�'t have comparation with other voice. Her voice is powerful but sweet and pacific at the same time. I and a lot of people think the same. She is a beautiful girl with a really good talent. Personally, I don�'t like the pop, but the form on she sing... Is different and glad to hear it

Connie is the best singer in the world. She is my little angel. Her voice is beautiful. Connie is the best.

I love connie so much! She is the best singer I never heard before! My idol is only connie! I will always support you connie, because I love you so much!