Best Singers Born After 1995

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21 Amanda Nicole Roit
22 Grace McGee
23 Mariangeli Collado

The best 10 year old girl singer in the universe. When she grow up she might be a little Katy Perry and a famous karate girl.

This little angel is by far the best singer ever.
Just listen to her angelic voice and you will never want to her any other singer!

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24 Hollie Steel

Pleasure to know her, such a kind heart and talented singer! So much personality shines when she sings I can only hope her abilities get better as she gets older. Very talented and destined to be the next Julie Andrews or Musical star.

Hollie is the wonderful combination of a beautiful voice, a beautiful peronality and well, just beauty :) She sings like an angel and she has a big warm heart for animals and people in need. Thus lots of charity events. And she always have time for her fans even with a very tight schedule

Why has this been added? The votes are on the top ten list "best singers born after 1994"
Go Hollie! Hollie to win! She is 2nd on that one.

25 Anastasia Petrik

This child is God's gift to the world! Wholesome, always dressed modestly, a talent that captures her audience!

The most beautiful and talented child star on earth today. She is Our Nastya!

26 Caroline Costa

Caroline Costa have a beautiful voice!

27 Tania Cirilo Chiroque
28 Jasmine Thompson Jasmine Ying Thompson, better known professionally as just Jasmine Thompson, is an English and Chinese singer and songwriter.

Jasmine is the best singer of her age. In fact it would be impossible to imagine her age by listening to her voice only. Her best songs are "willow" "Run", "video games" (cover), in fact all her songs are her best! She is fantastic and deserves stardom.

"Let Her Go - Passenger (Official Video Cover by Jasmine Thompson)" on YouTube is an example of unique, quality vocalization and intonation.

The frequent positive comments pouring into her YouTube song "Let Her Go" illustrate the satisfaction and popularity of her listeners.

29 Lee Hi
30 Hannah Richardson
31 Carly Rose Sonenclar

She sould be number one she is 14and she has a voice like?. Look her up on utud you will see what I mean the thing she can do incrderbel she make me? Go carzy rember her because she will be a very big star.

32 Angela Vázquez
33 Annie Pattison

Annie Pattison is destined to be a mega-star performer with profound character. Her vocalization is very clear; her use of various musical instruments demonstrates versatility.

"It will Rain (Cover Bruno Mars) Annie Pattison" on YouTube is the reason this recommendation should immediately be considered.

34 Karoline Rhett

My friend with the beautiful heart!

35 Natalie Tuvey V 1 Comment
36 Miruna Pinzaru

Miruna Pinzaru performs with power and clarity; she is destined to be a significant contributor in the future!

37 Marina Dalmas
38 Diana Kalashová
39 Júlia Maciel
40 Cody Simpson Cody Simpson Cody Robert Simpson is an Australian singer, songwriter, musician, dancer and actor from Gold Coast, Queensland, who was previously signed to US record label Atlantic Records.
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