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Mariah Carey, born March 27, 1970, is an American singer, songwriter and actress. She is one of the biggest best-selling women in the music industry, with 18 number 1 records to her name. She is regarded as a sex symbol through her songs and music videos, and she is "well known" for her over-the-top more.


Mariah sings the highest notes and we all know it. She's a beautiful singer and I can't get "emotions" out of my head. I also love Ariana, Demi, and Michael but, I haven't heard them sing as high as Mariah. Not just that, Mariah rocks the low notes as well! The whistle note is hard for anyone to master especially adults. In my opinion, she sounds like an angel, even the whistle notes though they're annoying (and astonishing for you haters)! Go Mariah!

I mean, talking about her high notes, it really should be her in popular music, but... Adam Lopez as the highest note in all time. But, in terms of quality, Mariah is indisputably the winner, right or wrong? Whether it be her upper chest voice, falsetto, or whistle register, she slays the competition in one fair swoop without even trying. And for those who say she's all about the wistles and she would have never gotten anywhere without them, listen to "If It's Over" Live in the Grammy's, 1992 and I know it's in her prime but people constantly compare the newcomers and former great's primes to Mariah now other than comparing them to an age where Mariah and said singer are the same and then you'll understand why she slays. Just amazing. Love you, Mariah. #LambilyForLife

Mariah carey has the most highest voice all over world because she can sing higher even if in live show, unlike the other singers, they can't sing high songs in live they're just making some song arts to hide that they can't really sing their OWN song same as high that they sang in their record but mariah live or record she is fantastic and she deserves to be number 1 female singers at all times.

Her voice is like an angel she has a natural tune to her voice it makes me forget the things that hurt me and I become better, mariah carey is a brilliant singer and has the ability to blow someones mind with new songs that she brings out, I was shocked at obsessed and touch my body as she wasnt the type of singer to sing these songs but she did amazing and they really did suit her voice.

Literally no one eels can get higher than her. So who could beat her, oh that's right no one especially someone like Zayn. Mariah is the best singer of all high notes the one and only. If I had to pick a second to her it would be Christina Aguilera. I don't know why people have Zayn at the top of the list he can not get near as high or anywhere close to most other people on this list.

There are singers out there that can hit higher notes maybe but she has an amazing and unique voice that sounds great throughout, I love the way she puts her songs across and her technique. Other new singers tend to exaggerate the high notes and have a poor performance on the mid/low range.

I actually find her high notes quite annoying, if you wanna hear someone sing high notes like Mariah but who doesn't sound annoying then listen to Shanice instead. Mariah is the queen of overdoing it and now days her voice is totally shot. - DaWyteNight

No comparison. Loved her since I was 5 years old and didn't have a clue who she was. Her songs have been my saving grace growing up. I'm so grateful for her and her amazing talent that she has become a part of my life.

Mariah simply suits the title of queen of high notes. She can hit/sing those bone chilling high notes that no one can with relatively ease its like she just opens her mouth and all those notes come out, such a great singer

If I tried to hit those notes it would just sound like I was screaming. Ariana Grande also can hit those notes, but I feel like she's just doing an imitation of Mariah when she sings.

Mariah Carey is the diva of the 90's. Her vocal range is 5 octaves from a low husky note to an airy whistle. She rarely goes off pitch and cites Minnie riperton as her influence

I know Mariah Carey was have a more powerful voice and no one can higher their voice than Mariah Carey and all of my hope that Mariah is only one can sing a higher voice in the world

Mariah Carey is my favorite singer! She hits whistle register notes and is totally awesome. I personally CAN hit whistle notes, but not as soft as Mariah.

Mariah is the number one singer for me, because she is so pure talented. As I see on YouTube other singers try to sing mariah's song but they failed. No one can change her.

Hands down Mariah Carey! Besides all her chart toping number one hits (18 number ones and still counting) her songs she is less known for like melt away and "all I ever wanted" amazing! Yes a lot of singers can hit high notes Ariana Grande Whitney Houston Xtina but no one has the control or range Mariah Carey has no one...

Best Singer.. She has The best Voice Quality.. She's not just belting, she's belting wit melisma and resonance, that's makes her the best..

Mariah is a amazing vocalist! Especially when she was younger, but now that's she older she can't quite hit whistle register like she use to

I want to burn to see Zayn Malik got so much attention while he can only reach A5! These kiddo supporters really know nothing.

Maria is a great singer that's why I vote her and also I like her and I am the no. one fans of maria carey

Mariah is far better than any of these ladies next in this list she can sing very low registerd notes and can manage to sing up until a g#7 she holds the record for having the highest range and no one surpassed her in that

I have never heard someone who sings so amazingly, with awesome execution to in the whistle register (and others too! )

Ariana try to copy mariah carey.. But mariah carey is a legend... But ariana is also very good

She can reach some very high notes that many other singers can't reach. She's got a rare 5-octave vocal range.

If Mariah Not on the top list, that maybe all voters except the one who pick Mariah, They totally Deaf.

She's an ALTO-REGISTERED but she can still hit high notes, in chest voice and in whistle register.