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101 Sarah Geronimo Sarah Geronimo Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo aka Sarah Geronimo or Sarah G. is a world class and multi-talented Filipino singer, actress, dancer, record producer, model, host, coach/judge, commercial/product endorser and tv personality . She can also draw and plays the piano. Sarah is popularly known as the one and only more.

She can dance perfectly, at the same time, can reach very high notes with full devotion and sincerity.


See her videos... shes extraordinary by the way

She must be on top.

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102 Serena Onasis V 3 Comments
103 Sheryn Regis Sheryn Regis

Sheryn regis is the best singer.. Try to compare Sheryn Regis to other singers. Even highest note, she even reach it very relaxed.

She is a singer that is having a whole and earthy voice but when it comes to high notes it became firey..

She is the a super power belter. Hitting high notes effortlessly

104 Jessica Jung Jessica Jung Jessica Sooyoun Jung was born on April 18, 1989. Known professionally as Jessica, she is an American singer, actress, and businesswoman currently based in South Korea. She is a former member of South Korean girl group Girls' Generation. In 2014, she established her apparel fashion brand, Blanc & Eclare. more.

She is very good in high notes. If you don't believe you can listen to SNSD songs. Jessica can sing the high notes very well. She has the highest vocal in SNSD and she Can even imitate Dolphin voice

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105 Hayley Williams Hayley Williams Hayley Nichole Williams is an American singer, songwriter and musician. She is best known as the lead vocalist, occasional keyboardist and primary songwriter of the American rock band Paramore.

Seriously, I've never heard such a wide vocal range come from a small girl such as her! Listen to All I Wanted by Paramore, she hits the high notes in that song really clean and in Conspiracy which has one note higher than the ones in All I Wanted's highest note and there's not much singers nowadays that can sing like her and hit the high notes as effortless as she does.

Best singer ever live paramore are awesome live and Hayley's vocals are amazing

106 Angeline Quinto

The next songbird of the Philippines. Maybe some will think that she just can't hit the note after what's done by Ms. Regine, but it is also the management which tells her to not go over the note of Regine because they want to create a new name and mark for Angeline. Other than that, she can hit that b5 note of regine, having done at one of her rehearsals.

Angeline is a very good singer... She has the ability to touch the heart and soul of the listeners which is the most important factor that a singer should have... She has an angelic voice and her high notes are very clear, smooth and soothing... Go Angeline:0

Shes really good in high notes in head voice..
But what I'm really looking for is she doing a song with whistles..
I hope I can hear whistle notes done by her..
By the way her chest to head transition is so amazing,
But she often over sing a song.. But still effortless for her.

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107 Miljenko Matijevic Miljenko Matijevic

I think he is pure high note vocalist because his voice is so clean and strong.

He is the one that has high vocal

Very high vocal range!

Love aiint easy? Hello! His note he hits at the end is incredible...

108 Matt Bellamy Matt Bellamy Matthew James "Matt" Bellamy is an English musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and compose most famous for being the main vocalist in alternative rock band Muse.

Reapers, Micro Cuts, Showbiz and so much more shows his amazing talent and amazing voice..

WHY IS HE THIS LOW? Listen to the ending of Showbiz by Muse, then tell me he can't sing high.

Listen to the end of Showbiz and the choruses of Micro Cuts and think again. The best

It's already been said...Showbiz ending and Microcuts, as well as countless other songs. This guy's voice is incredible and he should be way higher on this list.

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109 Ailee Ailee Amy Lee (born May 30, 1989), better known by her stage name Ailee, is an American singer based in South Korea. She is signed to YMC Entertainment in South Korea and Warner Music in Japan. more.
110 Mika Mika

He is an amazing falsetto singer, and a wonderful person

He's an amazing person and singer <3 He can sing very very high! And his voice is WOW very exeptionel

111 Jonalyn Viray

She can whistle as Mariah and she has a high-ranged voice!

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112 Ziana Zain

Malaysia best singer... Even though she's old now but she's a legend.. Ma

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113 IU
114 Umm Kulthum Umm Kulthum Umm Kulthum was an internationally famous Egyptian singer, songwriter, and film actress active from the 1920s to the 1970s.
115 Sia Furler Sia Furler

Just listen to her songs like "Titanium" or "Chandelier", she can reach the high notes easily.

Chandelier and Cheap Thrills prove it

Sia is the best of the best

She is king of hooks

116 Assala Nasri Assala Nasri Assala is a Syrian musical artist that is known for her strong vocal abilities and powerhouse performances. Assala was born in Damascus, Syria.
117 Kyo Kyo Kyo is a Japanese musician, poet and singer-songwriter. He is best known as the vocalist of the metal band Dir en grey. He has been with the band since its inception in 1997 and was formerly in La:Sadie's.
118 Philip Bailey
119 Lata Mangeshkar Lata Mangeshkar

Beautiful voice excellent control at high notes

No one on this planet can sing like her

120 Changmin (TVXQ)

I think he should be no. 1 on this list, listen to his high note in TVXQ - Catch Me. It's not falsetto where most of the singers on this list are credited for..

His high notes are so high! And he has an amazing ability to hit them live and hold them evenly for a long time

His manly and powerful voice is just great.. love him

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