S. Janaki


S Janaki, the songstress who played a prominent role in the world of south Indian film music needs no introduction, The voice which expressed deep hidden feelings of a village girl equally emoted most modern notes of urban. The Voice which expressed the pain in love expressed the sensuous notes with same ease. The anger, shy, laughter and every emotion enjoyed its very existence in her voice.

The beautiful voice has crossed the boundaries of ages and erased the limitations in singing and gave life to the thoughts of several music directors and lyricists across the country. She not only sang in various languages but also achieved unparalleled glory in every language.

I can't say in a written word that she is a good singer in the world because her voice is so sweet. She is not only a legend but also she is a good-hearted person when I spoke to her through phone that time she was not feeling well and been hospitalized for few days and she back to home, the phone was ringing she only who picked the call and talked with me in a pleasant voice (even she is not feeling well she is attending fans call and answering them in a polite. She is really a legend

S Janaki Madam has very sweet voice and unbeatable talent. She can sing any type of songs. No one can sing like her. and combination of SPB and S Janaki is awesome.. I like every songs of S Janaki. Vote for S Janaki.. She is the top 1 singer.

She is most sentimental sing in India with her voice of child its really blessing of god...

She has nice voice and I like her simplicity... Her dressing always makes listeners to like her... SJanaki is always Melody Queen of India...

She is one of the best singers India has ever had. She sings the song with right expressions and emotion. Her song directly touches your soul

She is the only female playback singer in India who can sing even in male voice

Janaki is the best female singer and I like her voice so much.. When I listen her's song. I'll be relax for that moment... Cool

No one stands in front of S. Janaki. She brings all expressions in her voice not like other singers who bring expressions in their face.

She Should be number 1. No one can be equivalent to the Great Legend... S.Janaki Pride of India and Pride of Music Industry

All time great singer... Sad because of not awarded a padma award by govt. Of india

Her voice quality and clarity is amazing... Her voice suits any kind of songs but normally some singers could sing or could be expert in some zone of songs while less expertised in other zones, but S Janaki is the expert in all zones with amazing talent and voice texture

She is the most versatile singer in India with honey in her voice

She is versatile singer, she can sing like 6year baby also and 70 years old women also. Always S JANAKI my favorite..

Most versatile singer in India. Number one for film songs

No one can become like s janaki because she is the best everything else

I have never seen a such outstanding singer She should stand first in the list of top 10 singers

Devil lady... Like you so much amma...

She is the one and only one singer to sing all variety of songs I like very very much

I like to listen your songs... I'm a big fan of U..
Really your voice is a god's gift for us

I think nobody in this group heard janaki's songs. That's why she is in 22nd rank.

She is just superb she has the most melodious voice than any other singers

Wonderful singer. My favorite singer

She is best forever... She should in number 1

The first and Best Indian singer cinema