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61 Jazzy B
62 Sadhana Sargam

She is a awesome singer than anyone else!

Sargam has sung in many Indian languages for films, television serials and music albums. She is well known for her 1990s Hindi songs and recent South Indian songs. She is the only Indian playback singer who has sung in more than 24 regional languages. She also holds a record for being the only North Indian to have won the National Award for a South Indian song. She is also a trained Hindustani classical singer. She has ventured into the southern Carnatic classical style with ease.

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63 Armaan Malik Armaan Malik Armaan Malik is an Indian singer, previously represented by Universal Music India, and now signed on by T-Series.

You are the best amount all and your face tells every one you're the one arms an you sign too good love you!

Your voice is so sweet and love your every song

I believe A.Malik is a good singer but unfortunately no one in India appreciates their acids

He is the best singer in the whole world. And for the people who are seeing this opinion of mine, I order you to vote so that he would be at first position.

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64 Suresh Wadkar

No other singer asa perfect as he is

I really shock to see sureshji on this rank. He is most talented singer in Indian singers. God is given amazing gift to him, superb sweet voice & from my side he is perfect singer.. I request to people please vote for him.

What? Why is he so low. Lower than Pritam. Seriously?

I like suresh wadkar voice

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65 Adnan Sami


What to say of him everyone knows his voice is having a great magic. No one can sing like him. His voice gives a great relaxation and soothes the mind.

HOLY COW Adnan Sami is 58?!? His voice is amazing! Listen to it!

I like his songs very much...

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66 Pankaj Udhas

A Singer with soft heart touching voice.

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67 Shrey Singhal V 3 Comments
68 Shamshad Begum

He is definitely the best singer. No one can match his voice range nor sing like him. He sang effortlessly. He could sing at the toughest range of voice without losing melodious tone.

One of the best indian singers of yesteryear...severely underrated and never gets the credit she deserves. Her evergreen songs like Leke Pehla Pehla Pyaar, Kahi Pe Nigahe Kahi Pe Nishaana, Kabhi Aar Kabhi Paar, Meri Neendo Mein Tum, Saiyaa Dil Mein Aana Re, etc, etc will live on forever.

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69 Darshan Raval Darshan Raval

Darshan is the best and different from the rest!

Darshan is the best

He is the best..

My favourite singer and I want to see him on the top of singing
may god bless you with his blessings
don't forget your fans and keep writing beautiful songs for us

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70 Karthik Karthik

The sweetest mail singer! All his songs are super hit and all the songs are really very awesome! Vintunnava song in ye maya chesave is the best song ever! Hats off!

He is very very good singer his voice is very peculiar voice I like very much

He is my ALL Time favorite Singer...

I love you karthik... I am big fan to your voice 227 g.s

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71 Pritam V 4 Comments
72 Babbu Maan

Babbu Maan Is Best Indian Singer...

number 1 Punjabi Singer

Babbu maan is very good singer for sad songs

Babbu maan is best. He writes his own lyrics. He is the only singer who takes stand for the truth. He has the guts to speak truth.

Babbu Maan is Best Singer in India.

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73 Swarnalatha

She is the only Indian singer having a unique voice in industry.
Her way of singing itself differs from others and it was pleasant to hear
If you hear some of her songs like porale ponnuthayi, hai rama yeh kya hua
You will become one of the fan of her - guhan

Only singer who has got unique voice...
Her voice perfectly suites to sing a song which shares feeling of sorrow...
Really world s missing a legend

Unique voice.. From all females.. Her voice resembles a sharpness of a sword.. Deals classical very fantastic way... Beauty is her voice..

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74 Madhushree

She sang my favourite song very well

Her voice was like a baby

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75 M. S. Subbulakshmi

No wonder why M.S. subbalakshmi. Is treated with such contempt by giving a low ranking... It shows the ignorance of the man who prepared this chart. Also I wonder why nobody even mentioned music maestro in a higher ranking than A.R. rahman. Is an oscar a yardstick of brilliance? Did Mozart or Bach enjoy such limelight and vain praise?

I cannot understand why she is so low... She has received bharat ratna, sang in the UN and what not... Much betterthan shreya ghoshal... All time favourite of dr. Kalam and what not... This is complete bias

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76 Aditya Narayan

You are handsome and your voice is so sweet

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77 Mohammed Irfan

He is definitely the best singer. No one can match his voice range nor sing like him. He sang effortlessly. He could sing at the toughest range of voice without losing melodious tone.

He is the best singer. His voice is very attractive

He can sing all md rafi saheb modt of tallent singer can't sing but irfan can sing

I like his voice

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78 Chitra Singh
79 Bela Shende
80 Mohammad Irfan

He should be just below atif aslam.

He is definitely the best singer. No one can match his voice range nor sing like him. He sang effortlessly. He could sing at the toughest range of voice without losing melodious tone.

One of the best singers of Bollywood in 21st century should be above all

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