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81 Salim Merchant

Just attended a show with salim, Suleiman and other very capable singers... Hats off to them without forgetting Paras he guy at the flute. He has no equal

Good singer I like his singing


I love his singing
He must be in top 40 at least

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82 Harshdeep Kaur

She is a beautiful singer and also very good looking. I have to rate her o sayiaan mere sayian songs to be the best

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83 Rajkumar

He was a Superstar actor cum singer, winning the national awards in both acting and singing. Recipient of Dada saheb Phalke award for his service to the Kannada film industry

No matter what the lyrics or music is a song in his voice makes it musical treat.

He is the only superstar actor cum singer to have won a National award for both acting and singing.

He should be in top 20

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84 M. G. Sreekumar

Great singer. I like his singing feel.

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85 Rekha Bhardwaj

She has peaceful classical delight voice. Her unforgettable voice touches the heart.

86 Dhanush Dhanush

I love poo-ne-poo by Dhanush

He is an awesome singer

He should nor be in top 100000!

Dhanush you are a super singer I like your Amma amma

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87 Sunitha

She is great singer in south Indian cinemas. she sings very well. she is voice is very sweet

When we see her singing that passion will be there in her voice n expressions

Sunita is good and best singer...
she's melody queen of south India..
she's voice is very cold and soft
she's number 1 dubbing artist in tollywood

88 Vani Jayaram

Extraordinary sound the way she sings the fineness of delivery is uncomparable.the way she sings classical songs you just can't forget the sound

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89 Mahalakshmi Iyer
90 A. M. Rajah
91 Bohemia

He is number 1 singer

Punjabi rap the badshah lage rho

Bohemia is best honey singh kuch nhi

Sab ka bap bohemia arjit ka bab bohemia. He is best singer for all time.

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92 P. Jayachandran

He is the best singer in the world than yesudas

Great Singer with great voice, Kerala's Bhavagayakan.

Why he is coming in the 94th postion no one can match his voice even yesudas also he should come at top 10

He is behind santhosh pandit?' s a comedy...Indians are mad?

93 Anupama Deshpande
94 Nithyasree Mahadevan
95 Nofel Izz

Nofel is the new voice of Bollywood. He sound must better than most of the older singers out there. Thumbs up for new singers that have made it out in Bollywood. Bollywood must hopen its doors to new artists from across the world and Nofel has sent an example for many who would want to be part of the industry.

96 Mano

Nice singer he change voice of actors also actor dubbing

He is one of the best voice modulating singer, like mukkala.. And His songs are really feel good

Best singer

He is also best like balu sir, his voice is same as sp balu sir

97 Santhosh Pandit

Michael Jackson II from GODS OWN COUNTRY

98 Seerkali Govindharajan
99 Ajit Gogawale V 1 Comment
100 Anuradha Sriram

Anuradha sriram very good singer.

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