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121 Amit Kumar

What the hell he should be in at least to 20

It is a shame for music lovers to rate Amit Kumar so down in the list.
He is far far better than Kumar sanu, Abhijeet and rest imitators of great Kishore.
I think he should be in top 20 list.

I definitely think amit is in the top 20 of singers off all time.he was far better than kumar shanu, vinod rathod and abhijeet.

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122 Kavita Seth
123 Yo Yo Viky Jazz
124 Sheila Chandra

She is awesome singer

125 Anup Mishra
126 Shankar Sahney

He is a great singer watch his videos on YouTube

127 Madhu Balakrishnan
128 Chaitra H. G.

Hi... Your voice is so sweet... I m mad of your voice and keep singing... I've almost all songs of urs... Your minchu bally song from the movie seena s really nice to listen... Giv much more better songs to the kannada industry... Wish you all luck in future... Lvu...

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129 L. R. Eswari
130 Bhal Singh
131 Vaishali Samant
132 Anushka Manchanda Anushka Manchanda Anushka Manchanda is an Indian singer, model, actress and former VJ. She came to prominence as a member of the Indipop girl group Viva!.

Love her voice! It's just amazing!

133 Dawood Hafejee
134 Mynampati Sreeram Chandra
135 Jeet Ganguly
136 Jency Anthony
137 Atish Harit
138 C. Ramchandra
139 Usha Uthup

New trend brought to Indian music.

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140 Anup Jalota

My view he should be in top 3 among all singers

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