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Shreya Ghoshal is an Indian playback singer. She has received twelve National Film Awards, twenty Filmfare Awards and eight Filmfare Awards South to date.


You have a melodious voice and good smile. With your voice one can have relief from all tensions and pains. Each and every song is unique from the other and for every song you mold your voice accordingly this is comment able. May this Dussera bring all joy and happiness not only in your professional life but also personal life. I hope you should get more fame and name.

In future you should get more and more wonderful songs to sing. You are an inspiration many youngsters who are hoping to become a singer. I wish you would have good times in future also. Your not only making Indians proud to have you but you are also making women ' s come out and take up any field which they prefer too.

I am happy to get this opportunity to share my views about my favorite singer Shreya Ghoshal

Hope you would inspire coming generations too with your marvellous voice.

Have a great day ahead

All the best

East or west your are the best. I am your fan I listen you ...more

When one song really touches my heart, I start play that song 10 times a day. After having that song around 50 times, I search for the singer and surprisingly every time.. I get one name, that is Shreya Ghoshal. She is the best.

Thnxx fr the opportunity to vote shreya ghoshal. She is the best singer of the world. She is the melody queen. She got 4national and many local awards. She can sing all types of songs. She can sing in nany languages equally. She is the best singer of the world in my openion. She is a best mentor, she is a super performer. She has a huge fans in India Bangladesh Pakistan and even in Middle East. She is the best. GOD bless her. I love hr very much.

Shreya Ghoshal is the best and awesome singer. Her voice speaks more about the song. Her voice is unique and hardly someone copies it. I can proudly say that I am a great fan of her and most versatile singer with no error

Shreya your voice is amazing. I like it. I have been listening your songs when I was aged 12. Your song "BAHARA" from "I hate love story" I like most.

She is the only female singer who have won 4 most Prestigious National Award at such a young age... What a mellifluous voice she has. HATS OFF SHREYA JI!

Shreya ghoshal is the best female playback singer after lata mangeshkar.
She can sing all types of songs like classical romantic and also high node songs.


Good looking...

Best singer in the world...

You are beyond my thoughts..


Just superb...

Great work...

"'m a big big big big big big

Fan of you...

You are the most likeable person

After my parents, friends and vijay...

Nice going keep it up...

LOTS OF love...

She sings really well.

She is truly a best singer of India

She also receives many awards - mounish

Sweet voice every south Indian loves her voice really she is a good singer in India no female singer can beat her voice she is my best female singer

Shreya is so talented singer. She have proved that she can sing all types of songs & not only silent songs... She is great... SHE IS THE BEST... Love you SHREYA

Smooth voice sweet really she will be the best singer ever in the world and I really adore her voice and I'm also practicing to get her voice so long way... But she is the best

She is the best.. She has this mesmerizing voice and she is gorgeous just like her voice.. She is so versatile and above all she is the most humble and grounded celebrity I have ever seen

She is one of the expert female singer ever I have seen after Lataji.
Her voice is fantastic & most sweet. Moreover I m glad to see her voice improving abruptly due to her heavy practice & dedication. Wish I meet you Shreya.

I am your big big big big fan and you are my idol from the day I had listended your song I start loving music... Keep rocking.. God bless you

A person winning 4 national awards in oni 10 years... Please don't joke. Shreya Ghoshal is more than a singer. Her voice is the best gift the God has given to India.

Shreya ji is best playback singer her voice is like honey when she start singing I just feel like I have gone to heaven her voice is amazing one of my favorite song of her is"SAATHIYA" I just really love this song... We love you shreya ji... Muuaawwaahh...

She is the greatest singer and also the youngest singer. She is actually a treasure of music. We all should feel happy for being in her time.

She is super. Her voice makes me relax when I am in worries she is just super singer that I had never seen I just love her all songs she is so much talented singer and she can sing all type of languages. I just love her. We love you shreya

She is the India's best singing sensation with a melodious voice, the queen of Indian music, the real nightingale of India, the melody queen... And no one else... Is better than her... Ever

Shreya Ghoshal is not only the most amazing playback singer, she is an amazing person with a great personality! I love her voice but I'm really inspired by her personality...Shreya di is really blessed! SG Family and world adores her! Don't stop smiling di, we love you!

She is the GODDESS of music...I never hard such a FLAWLESS SWEET VOICE, with capabilities of UNIQUE VOICE MODULATION...acceptance in almost in EVERY INDIAN LAnGUAGES in such a SHORT PERIOD OF TIME..American organization adjourned her as MISS OHIO the first Indian singer in live.She performed almost all RECOGNISED PLATFORM likes ROYAL ALBERT HALL, SYDNEY OPERA..going to perform in DAR HALL in USA...amazing achievement. GOD BLEES a Indian we should proud of her...SHE is an ANGEL by defination...


Shreya must be number 1 among all singer in a short period... I love her song... I can die for her voice... She's a queen among all n we call her as "SINGER QUEEN" or "SINGER ANGEL"... LOVE you N GOD BLESS you TO WON SEVERAL AWARDS AND SEVERAL PEOPLES HEART...

Each compliment for her golden voice shall be an understatement... Her voice is beyond anyone's thoughts...
She deserves to be called 'the girl with the golden voice'

Hi Shreya, I'm your #1 fans from Philippines... Keep it up.. Though I don't understand your other songs, but I keep on listening it.. I downloaded your songs on my phone... I wish you have a concert here in my country... Love, love, love...

I know Indians hail this lady (she obviously took from Lata Mangeshkar whom everyone hailed too) but in my humble opinion her voice is way too thin and loud pitched she might have good songs but doesn't mean she would suit every single song, and only because she is one of the most popular singers in India.