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21 Ayu OIAM
22 Sheila Majid

I'm from Japan and I only know her from the list

Sheila Majid should be the # 1!

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23 Liza Hanim

The best female singer in Malaysia. Versatile singer and too talented singer

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24 Nikki Palikat

Powerful vocal that cannot be ignore.

25 Syafinaz

I love Syafinaz's voice and her song very much..
Most of Malaysian don't appriciate what local artist have...
Syafinaz unique voices has superb power to swing your heart and soul..
Enjoy very much while listening to her song

26 Najwa Latif

So talented... Good
gogo... I like her songs like kosong and sahabat...
like her cover price tag...
like her song feat sleeq, untuk dia...
awesome... Spread of love

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27 Anita Sarawak

Anita is in her class of her own. To be able to perform at Las Vegas speaks louder than words. She is such an incredible singer and entertainer.

28 Shahir AF8
29 Diliph Varma

He got a wonderful voice

30 Ramlah Ram
31 Mawi
32 Aiman Tino

One of the famous singer nowadays

33 Phy Roslan

He so cute and handsome. I love him so much. He can sing better than Hafiz. He can rap and also can reach high notes. I love you...

You the best singer I ever seen...
I love you so much. You super cute and super handsome boy.
You can reach high notes...

He will be great singer one day
He so talented guy afterall...
But why he not on T.V.

I love you so much...

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34 Noryn Aziz

Big voice that can make you goose bumped. - thegreatavatar23

35 Sharifah Aini

Best in Malaysia, legend singer even I don't know Malaysia language but her voice are very good she copy a mohd rafi song, aaj ki raat yeh kisi raat, even mohd rafi voice in only one in this world, if he sing one song in Malaysia then people remember for ever,

Not only that...she breaks the record, the longest artist who have been with one recording company (EMI).
The first malay singer who recorded an English album in malaysia.
The first who performed at the prestiguous Victoria Hall, singapore with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO)-world class orchestra.
This living lagend also has recorded more than 98 albums to her credit with more than 1000 songs.She's versatile, able to render variety of genres like, asli, cha cha, even in arabic language.
She was given the honour to perform at Istana Budaya -Muzical Arabia, the first of its own kind ever performed by any other artist in malaysia.During her days, her gifted talent brought her to Souel, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Jakarta, Bangkok..etc.That's Datuk Sharifah aini, the "living legand".

36 Siti Sarah
37 Deja Moss
38 Azharina

Azharina is amazing singer, she put her soul on her vocal!

39 Khatijah Ibrahim

Amazing evergreen singer with powerful vocals.

40 Sam Cromok
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