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Ariana Grande-Butera, known professionally as Ariana Grande, is an American singer and actress. She was born on June 26th 1993 in Boca Raton, Florida to Joan Grande and Edward Butera. She is best known for her role as Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious and its spin-off show Sam & Cat. more.


Have you heard Put Your Hearts Up? Die in your Arms? Do You Love me? All of those songs were gorgeous without a single autotune. Even Justin Bieber said her Die In Your Arms cover was better then HIS OWN version. I was really sad that she doesn't sing in Victorious. Victoria can't sing without any autotune. The kids choice awards was a disaster for Victoria because she sucked. Ariana Grande is the best, BY FAR!

Ariana Grande never get appreciation or notice she deserves. She is never allowed to sing enough on victorious. She has a huge musical gift. Her range is extremely wide. She can belt opera high notes and low notes. She is also veritable in her music. She can sing soul pop and of course broadway.

Ariana Grande has an amazing voice! Have you seen her Die In Your Arms cover? Her live performances? Honeymoon Avenue? Daydreamin'? All amazing songs by her! I love Liz Gillies and all, but I think Ariana Grande is better. Her covers are beautiful, especially the live ones WITHOUT ANY AUTOTUNE. She's really pretty and her voice and tone is one of a kind.

Ariana is the best because she doesn't use auto-tune and has a beautiful voice. She has a lot of people listening to her music, can sing really high, and her voice is just AMAZING. Victoria and Liz have an okay voice, but Ariana is the best. Period. (Victoria isn't doing as well as Ariana because Ariana is known for her singing and Victoria is known for her acting.)

Ariana Grande is a great singer! Everyone who is saying Victoria is better is probably just a kid who actually has no idea about music. Ok you like her songs better but Ariana has a bigger vocal range while Victorias is quite limited, Ariana can hit high and low notes whereas victoria sounds like she is only good at hitting one note. Therefore, Ariana is the best. Way better than Selena you ignorant stuck up little stupid kids.

Ariana's voice is simply breathtaking. She really needs more solos on Victorious because her voice is simply not heard enough. Half of the world doesn't know what she's capable of, and they need to know. I am always blown away by her voice. She never needs auto-tune, she has such a powerful voice that at the same time is angelic. If I could vote a thousand times, I would. -(@DreamxGrande)

I'm a really big Ariana Grande fan, but she does have some issues like her technique and larynx position, and other things. Otherwise she kills her belts and high notes, and rarely needs autotune as she never goes offtune and is only occasionally flat. She has an enormous vocal range (4 octaves! ), and a really sweet and soothing voice. Her whistle tones are lovely, but she admitted that they can get out of control. But that doesn't make her a bad singer! She oozes talent and I think she really deserves her place on this list.

Ariana is amazing! Her voice is stunning! She doesn't get enough opportunities singing-wise on Victorious. She should be the main character, NOT Victoria. Victoria's voice is nothing in compare to Ariana's. Her voice is so powerful and I LOVE her song The Way, it's the big break she deserves.

Ariana grande has the perfect voice, her cover of emotions she has just done proves it. The high notes she reaches are flawlessly amazing for a 19 year old. I love liz gillies she is very talented but she could NEVER do a mariah carey song like ariana did.

I think that Ariana is the best singer in the nick! Her voice is so amazing, and her music makes me want to dance, sing and make me happy, I love ariana so much. I'm so glad she will be on sam and cat. I will watch it everyday

She has the best voice of them all, if you just listen to her sing on YouTube you will see how good she really is. Elizabeth Gillies is also very good and it is sad to say but Victoria Justice does not sound as good as these two ladies.

Ariana Grande is an amazing singer! Many of the people on Nickelodeon are great singers, but she is amazing! Her voice exceeds all others. The others are great/awesome, but Ariana's is absolutely amazing! She's very talented!

Her voice has so much wonder to it that is yet to be explored. More people have to support her! Her songs are inspiring and when you match the songs with her it's like as if it's the last puzzle piece in the puzzle.

Hey.. Whoever said Ariana doesn't deserve what she has should reflect on themselves. She is one of the most amazing and talented girls yes there are lots of other talented girls out there but Ariana doesn't deserve hate

She was amazing ever since she was on Broadway at 14 years old. Her vocal range is 4 octaves, and she even has a whistle register! She is definitely the best singer on Nickelodeon... It's good she's getting to star in Sam and Cat.

Ariana Grande is simply amazing, look up her covers on YouTube, she absolutely blows me away with how amazing she is especially without having to be auto tuned.. Her voice is simply amazing

Ari may have not been a main character on victorious but she has a heart of gold a strong voice and has become the most successful in the music industry and acting including voice acting and has the catchiest songs I love her!

Ariana's voice is so special and she has so much skill and talent, it was a close one for me between her and Liz but either way, they're both immensely more talented than Victoria.

Ariana Grande is the Best singing in years she is the only normal female singer now because Selena is in rehab, Miley I don't even want to say. Ariana Grande is and should be a role model for all. She is the next Mariah Carey!

She's so amazing! She deserves WAY more credit than she currently gets. She's a better singer than victoria justice, and she seriously needs to be heard more.

She is my role model she is amazing at singing acting and overall just an amazing person me and my friend really like her but I like her more she is exactly what I wanna be like

Ariana has got such a beautiful voice. I wish she sang more on victorious and showed her talent for music. She is amazing and a very lovely person!

She has the most amazing voice, I don't get why she doesn't have her own show. Here's hoping she get's a spin off someday.

Ariana has a beautiful voice! She is really talented! I'm surprised she can dance on those really tall high heels. She is really beautiful. On victorious, she had the best voice on the show!

Ariana has an amazing voice! Her tone is one of a kind and even on the high notes and whistle tones her voice is over the top powerful! She sounds exactly the same live as in the studio!