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Niall James Horan is an Irish singer-songwriter and guitarist, known as a member of the boy band One Direction.


Please make Nialler the number one! He has such a great personality, and a PHENOMINIALL voice! Go to YouTube and watch Niall Solos if you don't know what I'm talking about You rule, Niall!

EVERYONE says Niall and Louis are the weak singers in the group, I think of all they are pretty good. But my Niall I think is the best because he has a really powerful voice and is really different from the others like: he has blonde hair even though he is really brown and HE SHOULD BE #1 or at least not the last... Most of all he is so good at doing solos, he should do more! I met him once at a concert, IT WAS AMZAYN! He is such a cutie. FINALLY, I hope a lot of people like my opinion of Niall Horan. SUCH A SWEETHEART!

His personality shines through his voice. He can hold his solo and also very good at backing vocals, which no offense not every member can do it justice. It's definitely, because he has a very crystal clear finish to his voice (because raspy voice is strong, but doesn't match to almost everything) Niall is just very versatile with his voice and can suit to Harry's, Liam's, Zayn's or Louis' voice.

They all have AMAZING voices and there should be a category for all of them and I honestly don't want any of them 2 b at the bottom niall is so cute why? But I understand there would have 2 b someone at the bottom but it isn't fair

The others sound a little bit more generic, and Niall isn't given enough of an opportunity to shine. HE NEEDS MORE SOLOS! But he has such a soothing tone, and any solo he is given he kills it (particularly in Midnight Memories, I mean he's just WOW in that! ). When I hear a new song, I immediately recognise Niall's voice much quicker than the others, because it stands out.

Did you hear him harmonize... Their vocal coach also said that he can sing the highest in the group. Also his live solos are just amazing but I have to admit that Zayn deserves first place because his riffs are perfect and he can easily sing on key every time


Are you actually serious? People, think who you are listening to! Zayn's at the top and I don't understand. Zayn has a voice like all the others. Niall has an unusual voice and is so good looking. And a plus, he's Irish!

Niall is the best singer out of all them! What kind of person made this list? If anything zayn himself. Niall is the best one out of all of them. Plus he's Irish

Honestly, I feel really bad for voting for just one person, because they're all amazing. But, my favorite singer is Niall! I love Niall because brings out that adorable voice in their songs and puts a little happy in everything! - Directioner02

WHY IS HE AT THE BOTTOM?! I mean, seriously people, directioners should love all of them equally... I say put all of them on 1st place..

Yes! All of them should be on 1st place. If one of them were to leave the band, it wouldn't be One Direction anymore. This list is pointless, to be honest. They are all amazing singers with unique voices that blend together to make the amazing music we listen to.

No! Niall is my favourite member of One Direction and his voice is absolutely amazing! I understand he is the only member of One Direction that did not receive "yes" from all 3 judges at the XFactor, but he deserved all three! - Komain72

I personally like Niall better he's cute and can sing and has an adorable smile...

But I still love the rest of the 1ds but I love niall better!

Niall is gorgeous and amazing at singing when I finally heard him alone in the video you and I he never gets to sing alone! He is an amazing singer and he deserves way more than this! I love you niall and don't forget that

Niall has a wonderful voice and even though he doesn't have many solos, the ones which he has have been sung to the best by him... He looks cute as well... Remember this from his audition:"You've got too much charm for a 16 yr old! "

Niall is one of those people you need in your life. He's happy and bubbly and he always has a positive attitude. He hardly lets anything get to him and he has a wonderful voice. He definitely deserves to be at the top.

Sorry but there's nothing special in this voice. The texture is dark and he should sing more in his lower register but he seems to always trying to go higher.

I would also add that he barely moves from a range of 1 octave in the songs.
He may sounds good but for sure he isn't putting any special vocal passion or allegiance in it.

Sorry everyone but vocally this is it.

He is talented but I don't find his voice that manly but it is still sound good. Harry, Zayn and Liam are the best singer with the manliest voice in One Direction. I can barely stand Louis.

Niall has a lovely voice that sounds like angels. It's not the strongest voice, but defiantly the best. I don't know why people think otherwise. His voice is absolutely amazing.

The people who arranged this order from best to worst must have been drunk because they made a huge mistake in putting niall at the end of the rank he should be number one I was not always a directioner but when I heard his voice and saw how cute he was I became number on fan of one direction but mostly of niall horan KEEP CALM AND LOVE NIALL HORAN

Just because the judges almost kicked him out on his first auditions on the X-Factor, doesn't mean that he's a BAD singer. He has improved A LOT! We are proud of him and the awesome man he has grown into!

Niall is a sweetheart and even though he has an Irish accent, it doesn't stop him from being himself in his solos during songs. He deserves more since he still sounds good and cute with his accent!

Niall's voice is so incredibly unique, and if you listen closely you can hear him purposely add a little waver to it. He is unbelievably talented, and definitely needs to be higher on this list.

Niall is so inspiring and he his so nice and has a amazing voice. He is the reason why I love one direction!

Niall is a really good singer.. for me I like niall's voice the best... He should be in at the top of this list... I also like his hair... great personality... you are the best niall!
(No offense)