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Zain Javadd Malik, born on 12 January 1993, who records mononymously as ZAYN, is a British singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Bradford, ZAYN aspired to pursue a career in music from a young age leading him to audition as a solo artist for the British reality television music competition The X more.


Though zayn may not be your favourite overall, you must admit that he has got the most vocal talent. I mean, have you heard him sing all those big notes and his solos are just perfect! He is just amazing and what would one direction be without him? Without him to sing all the hard parts?

There is something I have noticed about Zayn, he never tries and sings his parts with such ease, while Harry is screaming on top of his lungs. But, Zayn is just not cut out for fame, he auditioned for x factor just to know if he can sing, whereas his band mates wanted fame. Even though he is way better as a singer, If he wanted he could go solo, but he doesn't have the right attitude, personality and confidence. If he had liam or Harry's personality he could have been a solo singer rather than being in a band. The only reason he has stayed in the band is due to having other people around him because he is also really shy. On top of that all the racial & religious slurring he gets might make him hesitant. Which is why I doubt he will ever become a solo singer after the band disbands. It will be such a disappointment if he doesn't, because that voice will be wasted on him. I hope he does, he can do things with his voice that even most of the mainstream solo artist can't do.

I've never read anything truer about Zayn in my life. However, while I do agree that he is infinitely more introverted than any of the other members, he does have an interesting personality that emerges if you've seen enough of him. Part of his charm is that fans don't know much about Zayn even though they've been following him since 1D became a group and he gets to keep that "mystery" factor. Even if the fame scene isn't for him, I am so desperately hoping the passion for singing is strong enough for him to continue with a solo album (when the time comes for One Direction to break up). And I REALLY REALLY hope any racist or bigoted remarks don't dissuade him or influence him from pursuing a solo career. Because let's face it: Zayn's voice is one that deserves to be heard.

This suppose to be a yes or no answer and the answer is absolutely. Zayn is the best singer out of all of them.

Zayn's vocal abilities are the heart and soul of One Direction. Remember that concert when Zayn was missing because of a family members death? Well their singing wasn't as strong and was a bit weak. I love all members of 1D, but Zayn's voice is the most dynamic and versatile in the band.

Oh my god. Love him and zayn if your reading this I'm your biggest fan ever

Zayn Malik has the best voice in one direction. He has the manliest voice and he has the ability to hit high notes which others in the band don't. And only a very good singer can hit high notes and low notes perfectly. His solos are awesome too<3 He is so HOT with his beautiful smile, gorgeous eyes, perfect bone structure, amazing voice, and awesome hairstyle. He is just PERFECT! I love you Zayn

Zayn's the best singer out of all of them!
I love them all but it's the truth. I think everyone's started to appreciate his voice more because he's rocking the tmh tour!

People might say harry is the robbie williams of 1D, but zayn's definitely gonna be the justin timberlake! #truth :D

I don't get why people are whining about Zayn being first. It's obvious why he is, him and Liam have the best vocal range in the band. He can hit a lot of high notes and low notes as well. Harry has a raspy voice, Louis and Niall have unique voices too but they don't have the range Liam and Zayn have. Whereas Liam can certainly hit a lot of low notes but he can't go higher, because his voice gets strained. Every time they perform BSE he tries to go higher but he strains his voice. Range wise, Zayn is the best. On the other hand Liam has the best control. Also Zayn's voice is still developing, recently he has been working on his falsetto. He has been developing it throughout TMH tour on songs like Last first kiss and BSE.We can disagree on who looks the best but if vocals are concerned Zayn hands down is the best singer with Liam being close second.

Zayn has got it going on. He obviously has the most vocal range, not to mention, the boy is absolutely beautiful. Liam was my favorite at first and of course everyone loves harry but I gain more admiration for Zayn every day. For those of you who think zayn can't make it as a solo artist, you're sadly mistaken. I guarantee he will have a solo career. I think once he embarks on his solo career he will become more outspoken. Plus half the time the other boys don't give him a chance to speak!

I will say one thing though, Liam is hands down the most under appreciated band member in one direction. I am happy to see him as number two on this list because he deserves it. But I follow a ton of Instagram and tumblr accounts and damn this boy does not get enough credit! He's amazing.. Come on girls, get with it!

Regardless, I love them all. Can't wait to see them in august

Why is everybody whinging because their favourite member isn't at the top they are all fantastic singers but I actually agree with this list Zayn isn't my favorite but I think he should be here he has the strongest and most angelic voice just because he doesn't have blonde hair and blue eyes doesn't ruin his singing why does everybody think Harry is better I don't agree so I'm very impressed with this list well done to people who actually voted with their brains :-)

Zayn's voice is unreal! His riffs and falsetto are incredible, and I'm not just saying that because I love him, but I've seen them live and can say he's definitely the best.

ZAYNN... You are the best singer and the hottest member of 1D. You can sing those high notes which other band members can't. You have a beautiful and musical voice. We love you

I totatly agree with all the others that voted zayn if you didn't notice none of the other boys can hit the notes zayn can hit you may think harry is the hottest but I know talent when I hear it, P.S. I think zayn is the hottest! Than its niall than harry than liam than louis

He killed the bridge in tell me a lie and practically sang all of live while we're young - each

First of all Zayn has the best voice hands down! In fact he is my favorite from the group but just because he's my favorite doesn't mean that that's why I think he's the best singer! His voice is so beautiful! It so harmonical! Full pf melody! He can pull of the best high notes than any of th others in the group! I dislike that a lot of people think that harry has the best voice, I gotta admit he has a great unique voice but its not as great as zayn's! Usually people think he's the best because that's their favorite of that band & because of his looks! They don't really talk about the voice but the looks! Zayns voice is so angelic & gorgeous, I don't know how people don't notice! He pulls off the most beautiful high notes in the songs I feel that he amplifies the songs with his voice I feel that his voice is what makes you get into the mood of the songs as well as the other singers! I feel like gets less credit because of the little amount of solos he got on the latest album! He ...more

I think Zayn is the best because he has a Great wide range of Vocals and a lot more power. The others do too but Zayn just beats them all. His singing is great and it is a very good voice to harmonize with. He has a deep and a high voice. His long notes are the best and he's overall just an amazing singer. Best singer of One Direction goes to Zayn Malik. And his hair is the best too.

Definitely... zayn's voice is so beautiful.. I mean he can make high pitches as he can handle the low ones still sounding good which is something harry cannot do because he sounds good only in the high ones but not I the lows and liam sounds good only in the lows but not in the highs... zayn can do both perfectly reason for which I think that he has the best voice among the rest of them louis and niall are just two poor singers... niall is so talentless... in the future I see harry and zayn going as single singers and I believe that liam has a lot of potential to be a good actor.. I don't know but he has a strong presence in the screen...

I love zayn and he's got a really powerful voice like you love him and he's got the best voice people wanna really be with you just llike me and no offense to people who like harry his crap and he is s ugly

I love zayn... I love his amazing voice and he looks cool and if I would see zayn I'd faint and ask for an autograph.. I'm always going to be zayn's fan 4eva... Zayn is the best

He pours so much emotion in to his voice I fall in love every time I hear him sing

As what I see, almost in all of 1D songs Zayn always get the high notes part, or sometimes adlibs with his manly high voice.. You can hear it I 'I Wish', that's my favorite songs

They ALL have amazing voices but Zayn's just got that edgy urban tone which enables him to include riffs and falsetto's in his solos which the other boys can't. I think it's agreeable that if (and lets prey this NEVER happens) the band ever split up in the VERY VERY DISTANT future, Zayn could easily continue as a solo R&B artist (he's a lot more confident and experienced in the music industry than he was when auditioning for the X factor in 2010). In all honesty, he has a better voice than the majority of recording artists these days.

In my opinion all of the boys have great voices but zany's voice is like heaven

! He needs to be number one! Although I love all of them... He is the best singer! And the hottest! N he is on second?!?
Please vote to make him number one! Zayn

I think Zayn's voice is number one, but not because his voice is the "sexiest" or anything like that, but because he seems to be the most musical. (This list is about their voices, not sexiness and performances and personalities! ) In many of the songs, it seems that Zayn has the most prominent solos. While Harry can hit the highest notes, Zayn can hold them for the longest. He often does the higher harmonies, and I can clearly tell that it is his voice adding that harmonic flair to the songs. While the rest of the band have their good qualities, Zayn's voice is the best.

Zayn has blown me away with his growth as a singer. Who would have known back on XFactor that he had such a strong power tenor voice! While each guy brings something unique to the group, Zayn just has the most powerful voice, and when he hits those high notes, there's no comparison. His falsetto is also breathtaking beautiful.

I have to say that the vocal coach the guys have has really done an amazing job with all of them.