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1 Hedges Batti

No need to comment on that... I mean I've already sang with him and his extremely great... Gogogo hedge

"He sings from his heart.. He has a very good & distinct voice quality. The thing is, he just don't sing, he sings very well & very beautiful. Mesmerizing to describe it I think. Its like, you wanna sing with him. Just keep it up and blow our hearts over & over again.. We'll nver get tired of listening' to your craft... " #27

Nakaka-inlove and boses nya at super talented talaga!

Go Kuya Hedges Alam ko Namang Magaling Ka. :D
~ CandysBati.

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2 Marc Gil Mateo

Hi marc I know you can make it! Go go go... Goodluck and sing from the heart...

He is really good. Total performer! Prince of all genres

One of the Best Singer in Tanay- Marc Gil Mateo. He's on top when it comes to PERFORMANCE

Galing mo mak! Sana sumikat ka na. - TheRealVoice

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3 Cyrill Badong

To be honest, I've seen better singer. No to Badong because its just average.

Yes nothing special. Better singer would make it in top three.

To God be the glory, thanks muchly!

I heard u sing on YouTube and it sucks

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4 Majoh
5 Camille Ondiz

One of the most distinct voices I have ever heard in Tanay. The raspy soft texture of her vocals really touches your heart with her songs, plus the fact that she really stick to her genre... Very soulful rnb!

6 Elizabeth Dumalasco
7 Sally Dela Cruz

Sally just blew me away when I heard she sang soft songs.. Fresh, honest, and interesting with beautiful tone and delivery. She is not afraid to give her songs different interpretations which always win you over..

8 Jaysabel Obina

Sh's a total performer of Tanay... She has a look and everything sana sumikat sya...

9 Noel Velasco

Noel, super proud and we're so happy for you.
Offer all your talents and skills and your heart to our Lord and He'll surely bless you more and more and more...
Break-a-leg (closer with God)

Go.. Empoy... Bring the pride of our places..

We know you.. God bless poy :))

Go! Kuya empoy! You can do it! Alam ko kaya mo yan! Kung sa range at quality ng boses mo pasok kna ehhe god bless :D

10 Margareth Dumalasco

Maganda boses ni Margareth compare sa iba kasi andun yung feeling nya... Ibinibigay nya lahat... Even different genres... Basta sobrang galing...

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1. Marc Gil Mateo
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3. Marc Gil Mateo


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