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Six Feet Under is a Brutal Death Metal band with Heavy Rock and Grindcore influences on some of their albums. It is originally a side project for ex-Cannibal Corpse vocalist Chris Barnes and former 'Obituary' guitarist Allen West. Vote for the best songs by Six Feet Under.

The Top Ten

1 The Day the Dead Walked
2 Lycanthropy
3 Feasting on the Blood of the Insane
4 Victim of the Paranoid
5 Silent Violence
6 The Enemy Inside
7 Revenge of the Zombie
8 Zombie Blood Curse

From last album UNBORN!

9 Ghosts of the Undead

This and Seed of Filth are the only SFU songs I like.

10 Bringer of Blood

The Newcomers

? T.N.T.
? Bonesaw

The Contenders

11 Human Target
12 Shadow of the Reaper
13 War Is Coming
14 Seed of Filth

Best Song By Six Feet Under Amazing Solo Drums Killer Best Song Modern Death Metal - Blackmetalist

That riff... is brutal - christangrant

15 Open Coffin Orgy
16 Doomsday
17 Prophecy

Awesong song from their last album UNBORN!

18 Deathklaat
19 Schizomaniac
20 Amerika the Brutal
21 No Warning Shot
22 Ugly
23 Manipulation
24 Sick and Twisted
25 When Skin Turns Blue
26 Resurrection of the Rotten

Ohh man how can't this song be on the top ten list. The best song of six feet under

27 Murdered in the Basement
28 Incision

Awesome song from unborn

29 The Curse of Ancients
30 Inferno
31 Neuro Osmosis

From last UNBELIEVABLE album unborn!

32 Fragment
33 Decapitate
34 Formaldehyde

Best Song (Undead) Killer Riffs Killer Solo Killer Song - Blackmetalist

35 Frozen at the Moment of Death

Murder Song New Classic Death Metal Song - Blackmetalist

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Top Remixes

1. Ghosts of the Undead
2. Feasting on the Blood of the Insane
3. Zombie Blood Curse
1. The Day the Dead Walked
2. Lycanthropy
3. Victim of the Paranoid
1. Lycanthropy
2. Feasting on the Blood of the Insane
3. Zombie Blood Curse



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