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1 PlayStation 2

Least favorite sixth gen console by far... - TheDelBel

Screw PS2, Xbox is way better! - myusernameisthis

It dusted the competitors, becoming the best selling system of all time... You need other reasons? I love the dreamcast, but sony had the big guns, no question.

Ps2 is the most fabulous game and I think it is the worlds best console rather than any game. It beats all the console if you think to buy a ps2 don't think just go for it.

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2 GameCube

GameCube was the best. - TheDelBel

That's why I voted for this console because I like this! My father says he want's to buy me a play station 2 or a psp but I continued saying no because I love this console even though the games aren't like games of Xbox, wii or play station yet they are good I have this console but I can't play it because I don't have an ac adapter but I will not stop searching I LOVE GAMECUBE!

The Gamecube is criticized for what reason? It's a really original system with one of the best saving techniques (memory card) so that I could play Paper Mario or Melee away from home. It also has awesome games.

It had the best graphics. Better than the original Xbox and a lot better than PS2. Google it if you don't believe me. It had great games like Twilight Princess and Wind Waker. Melee and Double Dash are really fun with friends. I wish Nintendo made the most powerful consoles like they used to.

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3 Dreamcast

The Dreamcast was definitely a revolutionary console for it's time. It was the first 128-bit console, and of course, it was the first to have online connectivity out of the box.The fact that people are keeping this console alive to this day by making games and getting it online once again shows just how much of an impact this console had on many. It was sad to see it had such a short officially-supported life, though.

The 6th generation was amazing all round but the Dreamcast had that something extra. The most perfect arcade ports from SEGA's NAOMI arcade platform ('Crazy Taxi', 'Power Stone', 'Dead or Alive 2' etc), the timeless and unique experience that is 'Shenmue', the memory unit/pocket gaming system that was the VMU, paving the way for online gaming as we know it (Xbox would pick up the trail after Dreamcast's discontinuation) and a pretty amazing library overall considering it had such a short retail lifespan. There are very few bad games on the Dreamcast and plenty of great exclusives along with superior ports of multi-platform games. It was the fabulous rockstar of games consoles that lived an incredible but short life.

Xbox built it's infrastructure based on Dreamcast. Sony failed to hit the online side as well, and Sega's output was the best the industry has ever seen (outperforming even Nintendo for quality titles). And this in only two years! Easily the best console of the generation.

The only reason this isn't higher is because most folks never had one. In addition to pioneering in so many fields with out of the box online capability, unparalleled graphics at the threshold of SD and HD, the many clever uses of the VMUs, and an absolutely stellar software library, the Dreamcast was a symbol and a celebration of the entire gaming industry.

In the era of console wars and fierce brand loyalty, the Dreamcast allowed interfacing with third party systems in a way never seen before or after. Neo Geo Pocket (and Color) systems could connect via the serial port, the VMU could be brought to arcades and unlocks shared with console ports, and it even supported running Windows CE software. And when the time finally came to accept the Dreamcast's demise, Sega went on to collaborate with Microsoft in the creation of the Xbox (its similarities to the DC are no coincidence), and even longtime rival Nintendo on the Triforce arcade board.

The Dreamcast wasn't just a ...more

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4 Xbox

I like GameCube the best, but Xbox would be my second vote. Jet Set Radio Future is the main reason. - TheDelBel

Best games, halo 2 pretty mutch defiend the next generation

How is this not at LEAST number 2? Come on, it was the best! - myusernameisthis

Okay I'll admit, this is the best of the Xbox consoles. - codgtamk34

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5 Game Boy Advance

Pokemon and the Super Mario Advance series were awesome! - TheDelBel

This was the final thing we have to a retro console. - USGC

There are 50 games released because they are aimed at girls. Kim Possible, Lizzie McGuire, Enchanted, That's So Raven, Winx Club, Barbie, Bratz, everGirl, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, The Cheetah Girls and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. - playstationfan66

6 Game Boy Advance SP
7 WonderSwan Crystal
8 iQue Player
9 Neo Geo Pocket
10 Tapwave Zodiac

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11 Nintendo DS
12 Pokemon Mini

nah - myusernameisthis

13 VTech VSmile
14 Game Boy Micro
15 N-Gage

The n-Gage is a fail. - USGC

The n-gage was awesome and while not as popular as some of the other consoles no-one can deny its great gameplay and revolutionaryness

This thing is a piece of ****. - MKBeast

16 Mattel Hyperscan

The worst console of its generation.

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