Best Sixth Generation Video Game Consoles


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1 PlayStation 2

Ps2 is the most fabulous game and I think it is the worlds best console rather than any game. It beats all the console if you think to buy a ps2 don't think just go for it.

This console was so successful that it took 13 years until it was discontinued, is the best selling console of all time, and is also the console with the largest game library. There was little to no competition with the PS2. It had so many exclusive games on it, and even with the newer consoles out (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii) I still consider it to be my favorite.

I remember the playing games on this it was my first ever console, the controller was brilliant, it had amazing games like metal gear solid 3 and ever since I've always gotten the PlayStation ever since the PlayStation 2 its also the best selling console ever and its just amazing

hands down

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2 GameCube

That's why I voted for this console because I like this! My father says he want's to buy me a play station 2 or a psp but I continued saying no because I love this console even though the games aren't like games of Xbox, wii or play station yet they are good I have this console but I can't play it because I don't have an ac adapter but I will not stop searching I LOVE GAMECUBE!

The Gamecube is criticized for what reason? It's a really original system with one of the best saving techniques (memory card) so that I could play Paper Mario or Melee away from home. It also has awesome games.

It had the best graphics. Better than the original Xbox and a lot better than PS2. Google it if you don't believe me. It had great games like Twilight Princess and Wind Waker. Melee and Double Dash are really fun with friends. I wish Nintendo made the most powerful consoles like they used to.

It the gamecube the best

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3 Xbox

Graphics were equal to PC graphics... At least back then. Most games that were shared between PS2 and Xbox looked better on the Xbox, (examples:Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, San Andreas, Wolfenstein, Doom 3, Max Payne 1&2, Man-Hunt, the list goes on). Playing any Grand Theft Auto game on the PS2 after playing that game on the Xbox, comes across looking grainy. There was the ability to upload your music on it. Like the PS2 you could watch DVDs on it. Personally, I've owned two PS2's and they've crapped out! One stopped playing games, the other stopped playing movies! This hasn't happened with my Xbox. The S controller fits perfectly in the hands. That being said the original controller (the Fatty, or whatever you like to call it) turned me off from Xbox, for years, but lucky for me, I wised up.

I think that the Xbox is a great console because you get some great games with it even though the PlayStation 2 has a bigger game library than the Xbox. But some of the games were released for the Xbox and the PS2 so I would say this console was a ok to great console to get. The PS2 is also a good option to get.

LOVED this system. This was definitely ahead of its time with its hard drive, graphics, and online gaming. Too bad it didn't last as long as the PlayStation 2.

There has never been a console to have best of both first party and third party games. This console revolutionized gaming and is the second greatest debut console out there (best being the PS1). The XBOX showed it's strength out of the gate with amazing first party titles such as,Halo (although the newer halo's are nowhere near as good as the first 2), Fable, Fuzion Frenzy. Sega fans even view this as Sega's next console because of what Sega has done for it. - ColinA

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4 Dreamcast

This is just sad why is this so low I mean this system was so ahead of its time and it had a screen on your memory card in which you put on your controller and this system invented online and basically started the new modern gaming cause it invented online gaming its disappointing it wasn't popular cause it was deadbya the ps2 the dreamcast was the first console in the sixth generation the Xbox copied the controller and gamecube copied its project without this system their wouldn't be any online today the ps2 would suck it would be a 64 bit system and Nintendo would keep making games on cartridges and Xbox wouldn't exist the graphics in the other hand were so ahead of their time like Tony Hawk 2 for example the dreamcast should be first cause if what it did R.I. P DREAMCAST WITHOUT YOUR GAME SYSTEMS WOULD BE TERRIBLE SO please VOTE FOR THIS I'm CRYING

The dreamcast is a beast console virtual memory units crazy good graphics and could play movies without any material. Dreamcast is great xbox sucks. Just kidding bout the xbox thing. The console is so great even if sega unplugged it in 2002. Other people like nintendo or some people in japan are still making games for it. Which is outlasting all the 6th generation consoles even the ps2.

Definitely one of my favorite consoles. I was amazed when I first saw the graphics back in 1999. It was ahead of its time. It had some of my favorite games, Crazy Taxi, Grandia 2, Sonic Adventure, Jet Grind Radio, Blue Stinger. It shouldn't of died out so fast.

The dreamcast was a truly brilliant console. It may not seem like much today but it was using some hardware that was very far ahead of its time. The Xbox may have had better graphics but Sega had the better hardware. Everyone was so exited about the PS2, they didn't see the how the dreamcast was any better. Of all these consoles, dreamcast is number one.

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5 Game Boy Advance

This was the final thing we have to a retro console. - USGC

There are 50 games released because they are aimed at girls. Kim Possible, Lizzie McGuire, Enchanted, That's So Raven, Winx Club, Barbie, Bratz, everGirl, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, The Cheetah Girls and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. - playstationfan66

6 Game Boy Advance SP
7 WonderSwan Crystal
8 iQue Player
9 Pokemon Mini
10 Neo Geo Pocket

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11 Tapwave Zodiac
12 VTech VSmile
13 N-Gage

The n-Gage is a fail. - USGC

The n-gage was awesome and while not as popular as some of the other consoles no-one can deny its great gameplay and revolutionaryness

This thing is a piece of ****. - MKBeast

14 Mattel Hyperscan

The worst console of its generation.

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