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21 Jack Kevorkian and the Suicide Machines
22 Madness

Madness must be the only ska band to remain a successful mainstream act for over thirty five years and still record and play live with all 7 original members!

One of the most successful British bands of all time, Madness have the platinum album sales and 15 top ten hit singles to their name.

More pop-ska than full-blown ska, but still one excellent band. One Step Beyond is just incredible - Britgirl

23 The Aquabats

Only their first 2 albums are ska.

Aquabats: Best Ska Band ever. Period.

They are awesome hilarious.

They had their own T.V. show!

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24 The O.C. Supertones

Just fun music, upbeat and you can never have a bad day listening to them.

I just feel Super fly listening to them. (you see what I did there? ) - LarkwingFlight

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25 The Skatalites

Just found this band and they certainly need more attention they need to be up there with streetlight!

Best ska band from the first wave

26 Mustard Plug

They're lower than I expected, but this list has some really good competition.

Farther down than I thought they'd be, but this list has so many great bands.

27 Put3ska
28 Skankin' Pickle V 1 Comment
29 The Beat

I just saw them tonight in Kent, Ohio. They are still putting out a magnificent product after all these years!

Great unique sound, great original music!

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30 Save Ferris

Should be higher, their cover of come on Eileen is one of the only ska songs that common music listener have heard.

31 Mad Caddies

Rock The Plank is their best album. After listening to it, the others are a bit disapointing

32 The Slackers
33 MU330

Should be way higher they have the musical quality of streetlight manifesto.

While scrolling threw the list I realized I had completely forgot about this amazing band. Honestly Mu330 needs more love.

Should be way higher, they have the musical quality of streetlight manifesto

34 Akurat
35 Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

They've got a sound, a history and a vibe all their own. Their music is accomplished, fun and a great foreign voice on a mostly western genre.

One of the best ska bands there is

36 Jeffries Fan Club

Come on, they gotta be higher!

37 The Arrogant Sons of Bitches
38 Buck-O-Nine
39 Spunge

Epic songs across all albums

40 The Pietasters

"Out All Night" a great song from my childhood - Concox


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