Top 10 Best Skateboard Bearings

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1 Bones Swiss Ceramics

I've had mine for 10! years now, can you believe it! They still run magically smooth, friction less and fast. I completely dissemble and clean 2-3 times a year, using white benzene for metal/ceramic parts and just soap, water and toothbrush for shields and plastic ring inside. 1 drop of bones oil when I'm done. I street skate, streets, concrete parks and indoors. Been skating for around 30 years now, still going strong, used to be pro-ish for about 10 years (got absolutely all the stuff I wanted and got sent to every comp around and did demos regularly) so when it comes to equipment my standards are set very high. I don't waste my time on anything that wouldn't make me perform the best I can, especially in my older days now when I cherish every skate year added. I've got money now, I wouldn't waste time on crap.
I used to change bearings every other month, so these were an investment that has saved me countless euros. I haven't seen any reason in buying anything else since. I take ...more

The only kind I get is reds because they roll for along time and they do not break that easy! The second I got the bearing people said that they did not roll easy I told them that it needed time to break in and get used so much.

Do not get if you are an amateur laugh out loud I watch my friends arm break because how fast he was going... Not putting them down.. These are some amazing bearings just be careful laugh out loud

These are the best for sure but I use reds because they're like 15$ compared to 120$, and reds are (in my experiences) as fast and last longer than the 2 sets of original swiss I've had

2 Reds

Get reds. They last longer and will do you very good in the mean time because they roll extremely fast and stay that way for years on end without special care. You can make them even better by getting bones speed cream and put it on every month and they will be like the best bearings you ever had. Did I also mention that they are the cheapest bones bearings. $15.99 for a 8 set of bones reds. Compared to Bones Swiss Ceramics which are over $100. Ya and bones reds are second on this list. Do you see. Get the 2nd best bearings in the world for $15 or get the best which aren't a big difference from reds and pay $110. GET THEM

Bones Reds are perfect last long roll quick and cheap for what you get! I recently brought some spitfire burners for the same price and where terrible! 3 have popped in just weeks! Also I spent 40 pounds on some new wheels and because of my popped bearings ruined my wheels! :( GET REDS!

Reds are the best brand of bearings I've ever used. I have been skateboarding for 10 years and my dad has since he was 16, and we both agree reds are the best. Of course these are our opinions, but many people share this same opinion.

I can't vote for the Swiss Ceramics because I don't own them and don't know how they work. But I do own reds and they are fantastic. CHEAP! AWESOME! The 2 only words that describe them. That's all I have to say.

3 China Bone Reds

Man, these last longer than bones swiss, and you never have to clean them and bones swiss are like 40$ so just get it over with and buy these or super reds!

I've got the reds and the are awesome they should be the best in the world as they last for a long time and are very fast smooth and strong!

So easy to break in and so fast and just for fun I put them in a walmart board and went so fast it wreked the wheels best bearings ever! 11

Although they aren't Swiss, the difference is that the Bones Swiss last longer for like 3 years. China Bones Reds = 8 yrs.

4 Bones Swiss Labyrinth

I notice that almost all the professional skateboarbers use bones swiss

A cheaper version of the ceramics

This is way better than reds bearings

They're great and worth the price!

5 Bones Reds Ceramic

Best bearings I've ever had. Close to the bones Swiss ceramics but you don't have to drop a hundred twenty close to the bones Swiss ceramics but you don't have to drop $120 for them. If you look online you can get a set for $40. Mine are now two years old just cleaned them and they spin for 2 minutes. Really fast and self polishing. Highly recommended. Get them.

I bought bones reds ceramics, they are amazing, they spin to 3 min and more!

Amazing bearings I have these and I was so glad I got them!

I think this is the best I enjoy this bearing a lot.

6 Bones Swiss

These are the best bearings out there. They've been around for ages and always deliver the best quality. I've tried Andale Swiss and does not match the quality and speed that Bones bearings have. Will definitely stick to Bones for life!

They are what set the bench mark in bearings but are a little on the high side price wise. You can get bronson speed or Independent 7's for half the price and be just as happy

If you clean and lube them with a 1/4 pound of force to spin them. The spin for 1.56 minutes only thing better Bones Swiss at 2.19

I have Bones Swiss in my blades and I don't skate a ton but they glide super smooth and iv'e had them 5-6 years now and they still roll like new!

7 Bones Super Swiss 6

These bearing roll forever! They go super super fast don't make any noise. My only issue is now I barely have to kick around campus so I feel like I'm getting no exercis

Favorite bearings so far lasts way longer than China reds and are faster

I've been using bone swiss rearings for 3 years now never cleaned them yet and still roll smooth

Best bang for the buck

8 Bones Super REDS

Just threw together a longboard today with old parts. So I took my old Bones Super Reds out of a skateboard I had. I cleaned them up and put Bones Speed Creme on them and they spin like new. They had been wet,dirty,and stored outside for awile and still out perform newer ABEC bearings I tried..

Bones Super Reds are my favorite all-time bearings! You have to try them! There really cheap and you can pick them up at any local skate or surf shop. Just give them a try! You won't regret it!

These Bearings are great, been looking and researching for a while then decided to get the super reds and I honestly couldn't be happier! I do personally recommend these bearings as they roll quick, fast and move very easily. They are also quite cheap as well which is great! :D

Just got these bearing and I have to say, they are amazing. If you are willing to spend the money, get the ceramics. But these are a close second. All over I love these bearings

9 Rush Abec 9

They are a great way to get bearings just as good as the bones swiss but cheaper. I got rush abec 9's and they are better than my previous destructo sendai's, and those were very very good.

If you get the weather proof versions, you're set! All you would have to do is lubricate them every so often, and they last for ages! Love mine and they roll fast!

I like how they are very long lasting. The bearings make you go so fast and they are so smooth. They are the best ever in the world!

Fast smooth long lasting especially if your a vert skater just like me! And bones swiss die fast even with lube

10 Lucky Bearings

These bearings suck. Just a little dirt and they're dead. Shields are not removable so you can't clean them very well. Get Reds instead. Cheap, reliable and fast.

The abec 5 are pretty cheap are work great,
I am looking forward to trying to abec 7.
Bones swiss ceramics are best - but way to expensive

They are the best bearings I have EVER had and I have tried heaps of different brands and these are the best!

They're awesome when my friend tried them for the first time he ended up ollieing up a curb yet he didn't know how to ollie

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11 Juju

Juju blessed silver bearings are amazing. Much better than bones reds in my opinion. Also the packaging is high quality and super satisfying to open.

I think thesis should be 4-7

That's what's up

They are great

12 MiniLogo

I'm going to get bones swiss ceramics for my skate board but I got these for a fidget spinner that I made my self. I could have gotten them cheaper but instead I went to zumiez at the mall and got them for 15$ they are way better than reds because these spin for the same amount of time exept much cheaper.(most reds are about 30$ so don't get them! )

They are the SAME as reds they are both made in the same factory, they are just cheaper! The only difference is reds are easier to clean but mini logo has better shields to keep dirt out.

Iv'e just bought these bearings and I have already noticed a HUGE difference between my old bearings (red) The only thing that could be improved would probably be: Nothing because I can't think of anything to improve on.

Mini Logo's are really good for the price and their made in the same factory as reds! They also have a metal shield to keep the dirt out and they roll pretty smooth too!

13 Bones Reds

These bearings are amazing. You can hardly hear them and they spin for a long time. This one should be number 1 because bones swiss ceramics stink.

These are coming second whoever posted this is a dumbass

I found these...up there. Will she find them and look past the waya

Best bearings for amateur skaters

14 Shake Junt

Shake junk bearings one the best bearing you get. Mine spin for 7min and 46.8 sec after 1 hour or riding. There way better then bones red and it should be worth more money then they are so go for shake junk and you won't be sorry for getting them

They are good. Especially for big drops. Its exactly what they advertise. These would probably be my choice if I was buying bearings. Very good. Lizard Kings was right! These are crispy.

These are sick. I have them abec 7 and on my regular skateboard, cruzer and longboard. They are so fast and last forever I ride down hills and around my neighborhood and I love to ride all around

I have reds and I feel like I gotta clean them every two days or so plus some seem to be better than other shouldn't they all be the same?

15 Black Panther

Black Panther bearings are super! They're great and the price makes them even better! The ceramics cost about as much as the Bones Swiss. So go get a set right now.

Man black panthers are awesome they're cheap and they are really fast I could keep rolling forever

Rode them for years, worth every penny. Next best to ceramic bones.

Good ones those help you a lot on your trucks

16 Spitfire Cheapshots

They're pretty good for a cheap price. Me and my friend had the same bearings. His spitfire rolls better than mine I don't know how but, they're worth the price.

They are very good for cheap price

There so fast and smothe these and bones reds are the fastest barrings in the world

17 Element Juice

Bought a set 6 years ago, didn't skate at all for 2 of them and had my board go through quite a bit of water. Still roll smooth and buttery, as though they were new.

Dude these spun for 4 minutes after an hour of skating!

Far by the best ones

18 Abec-1

They suck same crap on a Walmart board except slower Walmart is a bec 3

The best bearings in the world. It spun so speedy it caught on fire

Dude I was going so fast that it was faster that swiss ceramics!

Just cannot believe how fast I went. Just. Amazing.

19 Rush Abec 7

Ok. Got my board a few years ago. Almost 14 and started into boarding hard. These are pretty good for the price. I recommend to all beginners because they roll well... Decent. There's lots of bumpy riding on my road that's dirty and rocky but helps my balance a lot. Amazing on the 'routes' one right by my house and they're pretty Smooth. There are better but these are almost half redz and do pretty well.

They really made me fall over and broke with in a second of use very good bones swiss ceramic lasted 0.8 seconds recomend to scooter kids anndalleee

Ok bearings, go for Rush ABEC 9 or Reds

20 Andale Swiss

They are the only bearings that are worth the high price

These are super fast and cheap for Swiss bearings

Best bearings I've ever used

Worst bearings ever used

21 Spit Fire

They are best bearings I ever had. They spin very fast and last forever. Also they are cheap. So trust me those bearings are insane.

I have skated spit fire my whole life. I had them as my first set and loved them

They are fast and getting faster through a deal I made with the devil.

Sick bearing just getting faster and faster

22 Bronson Speed Co. G3

So far so good. The design of bearings have not changed a whole lot in the last 20 years but bronson changed a lot I can appreciate that. I feel like they are just as good as my Swiss bones at half the price. I have only them for a couple months but they are holding up good so far. They have jaws and Ben Rayburn riding them and they beat the hell out of them, they work for them so I am sure they will last me a long time.

Used the bronson g2 and they worked well. Lasted over a year... Cheap also, they spin fast. Just put g3's on... seem to be as good. Only been a couple weeks but I'm a big guy and I'm moving quick on em. Like the price

Raws with tungsten raceway design and no caps are the fastest and longest spinning bearing.

I have them they work really good they go for pretty long time

23 Toy Machine 10

Very good bearings. They go head to head with the best ceramic bearings but don't cost as much. They go super fast and last long

I've only had them once but they are awesome these are definitely good bearings

Greats bearings, very fast

Great bearings. they last a while and have a wicked freespin and they go as fast as bones super reds.

24 Andale

Its a new bearing company made by paul rodriguez and joey brezinski I have the andale swiss they are super fast and smooth lots of pros ride for them try them they come in abec 5,7, swiss

Amazing fast smooth and all around amazing bearings for cheap these should be number one only reason they ain't is cause they new

Andale Swiss is faster than bones and gives a smoother ride!

The reason they have put them so low is because know body knows them. They are way better that my bones swiss.

25 FKD

I got these a long time ago when they came in a kit with its own oil in a metal case, and they lasted for more than 3 years being beat up constantly and only cleaned them twice in that time. There are faster and smoother bearings out there, but these still got better quality and stand a beating much better than black panthers and China reds (which are still good bearings in my opinion.

They last longer and roll faster than other $10 bearings that are hyped. I got them on all my vintage cruisers and I've never had an issue.

Really fast and even if they get water in them they are nonstop... I especialy like the "Gold series signature Bearings."

Super fast and durable for something cheaper than reds! I got Blacklights and the work so WELL!

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