Top Ten Best Skateboard Bearings

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61 Bones Black Swiss

Bones Swiss...need I say more? These bad boys are lightning fast, practically silent, and extremely strong. I launch ramps, ride pools, and bomb hills. Try these!

62 Almost
63 Abec 7 LiteZpeed

It last much longer than abec 9, its cool too

64 Jart White Abec 7
65 Sick Six Abec 9

Fastest and most durable bearing ever

66 Agace
67 Destructo Sendai
68 GMN

They are more then best

69 Shake Jaunt Triple OG's

They're all around great bearings and you roll in style and 7th fastest bearings

70 Modus

Love them super fast

71 Hard Luck

The best bearings I have ridden in a long time

Only 6 ball option that is not expensive bones swiss

Very fastie like fast plant

72 Sunday Bearings Abec 7

These are the best bearings I've ever had

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73 Independent Black

Roll fast last forever, I've never had to do maintmence. As fast as bones swiss maybe faster but for 25$

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74 Penny

Reds bones brings are awesome they spin forever and last long I hade them four 9 years

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75 Velocity
76 Lunatic Abec 7

Best bearings around

77 Spitfire Classics

I love them they

78 Element Swiss

Bought them a year ago and loved em! Still super fast!

79 Shake Junt Abec 5

They amazing I have owned around 4 pairs and they have all been perfect.

80 Alien Workshop Super Sonic

This company likes to make the bearings for your past and furrier

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